If you’re thinking about joining Ezoic, please follow the link below as I will earn a percentage of your profits as a bonus!

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a service that takes control of your website with the aim of producing the highest possible revenue possible. It tests various ad layouts over a number of weeks/months, the layouts with the highest revenue are kept until a higher earning layout is found. This means your revenue is constantly increasing. For them to do this, you need to give them control over your AdSense account and change your DNS records to their server. This sounds intrusive but they don’t see your files, details or anything.

Ezoic testing
The different ad layouts

How has it affected you?

This site (www.quicktoptens.com) used to have its income provided by AdSense and ContentClick. I still use both of these services but the revenue was small, especially compared to my traffic. I received an email one day from Ezoic, then a smaller company, who promised that I could earn enough money to pay my server bills with my traffic. Since joining Ezoic my revenue has skyrocketed with no impact on my traffic. See image below. Unfortunately the revenue has decreased in January (no one clicks ads after Christmas)  🙁

Ezoic revenue
Revenue earned per month

I once spent hours trying to find the right ad layout and I still didn’t get it right. Ezoic did it all for me, I can now pay my server bills and maybe even start re-investing!

They also utilise software called CloudFlare which drastically increases page load times. This might not affect everyone but my page load times have improved dramatically and I believe this has led to small increase in traffic.


What are the downsides?

We live in a world where every company or individual is only out to make themselves money and will cheat/scam as much as they can to obtain it. Ezoic is a company who needs to make money but the way they do it is completely fair. To get access to their system, you can either pay them an amount depending on how much they make you or you can choose the Free option. The downside of the Free option is that they place their own ad on the bottom of your site. Yes that is it!

You know the saying “if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t”, this is not the case here, they are a genuine company who do not squeeze their customers of every dime. As far as customer service goes, I receive swift hand-written replies from my personal account manager, who is extremely friendly and helpful. No 3 day replies that seem like they’re written by generic robots like every other company does.



If you want more money, use Ezoic. Simple as that, the only reason to not use it is if you really want to keep the current layout. I’ve worked with all kinds of companies but not one of them show the level of customer care, fairness and results that Ezoic does. Please contact me if you want more info and/or help setting up 🙂


My referral link: https://ezoic.com?tap_a=6182-5778c2&tap_s=13949-bb5438