Amanda Cerny Net Worth (UPDATED 2018) – A popular social media celebrity, Amanda Cerny is a Playboy model and one of the most followed and the richest Vine Stars today. Born in 1991 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Amanda started modeling at the age of 15. In October 2011, she became the Playboy Playmate and this was the beginning of her career. She also became the cover model for Health & Wellness magazine.

After this, Amanda started utilizing every opportunity to catch audience attention and become popular. She began getting famous through hot photo sessions, acting, TV appearance, and funny Vine videos. She created a lot of hilarious Vine videos in collaboration with the famous Vine star Rudy Mancuso. Having discovered the power of social media, Amanda regularly posts funny videos and sexy photos on Instagram, Vine channel, and YouTube. Her funny Vine videos have attracted about 5 million followers.

Amanda Cerny Net Worth – Richest Vine Stars – UPDATED 2018

Amanda Cerny Net Worth

Amanda Cerny has earned a huge net worth for being a Playboy model and from her highly popular Vine videos. She has also appeared in music videos created by popular stars. Cerny has also worked in popular TV series ‘American Idol’ and has hosted ‘Dirty Dutch Entertainment’ on YouTube.

She has also acted in the American comedy series ‘Adam Devine’s House Party’ and in the movie ‘The Bet’. All these activities have steadily added to Amanda Cerny Net Worth of about $650,000 that makes her one of the richest Vine Stars in 2018. She is currently posting entertaining videos on her YouTube and Instagram accounts.