King Bach Net Worth (UPDATED 2018) – Popularly known by the online alias King Bach, the American Internet personality Andrew B. Bachelor was born in 1988. Bachelor got a huge fame for earning 16.9 million followers and more than six billion loops on the video-sharing app Vine. This ranked him first on the app for the highest number of followers. He got the title of the most-followed person on Vine in 2015.

Though highly renowned for Vine, Bach is also famous for his YouTube channel. Many online publications have covered the channel. Owing to his Vine stardom, Bach got a recurring role in ‘House of Lies’. He also got roles in the series like ‘Black Jesus’ and ‘The Mindy Project’. He has also played a role in a comedy film ‘Fifty Shades of Black’. Bach has also appeared as his own fictional character in the 2015 film ‘We Are Your Friends’.

King Bach Net Worth – Richest Vine Stars – UPDATED 2018

King Bach Net Worth

King Bach was introduced to Vine by Brittany Furlan and uploaded his first video in 2013. He has also starred in several music videos. He has written, directed and produced the TV series Dead House in 2017 in which he himself starred.

Bach has also executive produced the 2017 film ‘Where’s The Monkey’. King Bach has been nominated for three Streamy Awards. His social media fame and activities have helped him accumulate a huge net worth of about $2.8 million making him one of the richest Vine Stars of the world.