Logan Paul Net Worth (UPDATED 2018) – An American internet personality, actor, director, rapper, screenwriter, and boxer, Logan Paul initially gained fame through his videos posted on former video sharing service Vine. Born in 1995, Logan Paul had attracted 361,000 followers on Instagram, 105,000 Twitter followers and 150,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel as in 2014. (Check Here On SocialBlade)

Soon after the launch of Vine, Paul managed to earn 4 million followers on Vine and started creating paid vines for big brands like Pepsi, HBO, Virgin Mobile, and Ritz. Today, Logan Paul has over 8 million followers on YouTube and his videos have been watched more than 1.2 billion times. TheOfficialLoganPaul’ is the YouTube account Paul uses to upload comedy sketches and short videos. He also posts a daily vlog to his channel ‘Logan Paul Vlogs’.

Logan Paul Net Worth – Richest Vine Stars – UPDATED 2018

Logan Paul Net Worth

Paul had appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2015. He has also appeared in Weird Loners, the Fox TV series. He also appeared on two episodes of the Freeform series. Paul has also written a screenplay for adult comedy ‘Airplane Mode’. Paul is currently involved in an amateur boxing career. Logan sells merchandise and also has a digital TV series with Comcast ‘Logan Paul V/s’.

Logan Paul net worth accumulated through acting and social media is estimated at about $1.6 million. He stands as one of the richest Vine Stars of the world and a renowned internet personality.