Nash Grier Net Worth (UPDATED 2018) – One of the eminent Internet celebrities of the world, Nash Grier is known worldwide for his ecstatic Vine videos. Born in 1997 in North Carolina, Grier was introduced to the video sharing application called Vine in 2013 and began uploading six-seconds comedy clips. His videos reached lots of users within days and he started receiving appreciation. Soon, his videos spread across the social web and turned into a celebrity.

Grier stated that he was self-taught on making and editing videos and his ‘spontaneous’ videos are actually scripted and crafted with numerous refilming and hours of editing to achieve perfection. With about 13 million followers on Vine, Grier is one of the most popular and highest paid Vine Stars. Moreover, his YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers. Owing to such a fame and popularity, he has appeared on news shows such as The View and Good Morning America.

Nash Grier Net Worth – Richest Vine Stars – UPDATED 2018

Nash Grier Net Worth

Apart from social media presence, Grier has earned from acting. His first major role was in The Outfield of 2015. He appeared in ‘You Get Me’ in 2017. He also directed a music video ‘I Look Good on You’. Grier has launched video games like ‘Challenged’, ‘Mobli’ and ‘Cash Dash’ in collaboration with other professionals. He operates a website where he sells off his products and creations. He has also been involved in the business of Aeropostale garments ‘United XXVI’.

Nash Grier net worth has successfully amassed as huge as $3.1 million making him one of the Richest Vine Stars in the world. The self-established personality is known to have made the right use of his humor and talent and the best use of social media, due to which he enjoys such a fame and wealth.