If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to become a student at college or university, these can be some of the best years of your life. I am not about to give a lecture about hangovers, drug taking and missing lectures but here are is some useful advice from somebody who has been there and have done that!

10 bad moves for students

1. Avoid taxing study /using your laptop too much in bed.

Your bed should be a restful place for sleep and relaxation. If you get into the habit of working in the place where you sleep it can cause problems with stress and poor sleep. You should have a designated desk or workspace which you associate with work and then when you have finished at the end of the day you can close down your computer, move away from it and take time out. According to the experts of bestonlineassignmenthelp another reason why it is not particularly helpful to work in bed is because of the temptation to doze off. If you are sitting in a chair at a desk you are more likely to be work focused.

2. Do not try to over cram your brain.

There is only so much the human brain can take in at a time and it is not healthy to stay up late every night with a textbook or work without breaks.

3. Poor time management

Will hold you back. Rushing around, turning up late for classes and skipping meals is a recipe for disaster. If you are leaving the house at the last minute and panicking about busses you are not preparing your brain for study. It is better to leave earlier and then you will have time to think about what is expected of you in class and which books you need to take etc. The brain doesn’t perform at its best if you have missed meals, so stoke up for study with decent regular food.

4. Do not spend on credit cards.

While you are a student you will be able to get a loan and therefore you do not need a credit card. Of course you may not always be able to do the things that you want to do but at least you won’t end up in unnecessary debt. Card companies charge enormous rates of interest on credit and you don’t need the stress of trying to afford repayments.

5. Working too hard in a part time job.

You need to get your priorities right. Your qualification should come first and any work that you do should preferably be short hours and non-taxing. You can earn money from your writing skills through these websites topassignmentexperts ,essaywriter4u .

6. Being inefficient with your paperwork

It is a killer. If you are given handouts and you lose them or get them wet nobody is going to be impressed. You wouldn’t make a coffee ring on a management report would you? So why do when you are at college? Keeping books in order and essays etc. in a folder is the key to success. You will know where to find things when you want them and you won’t find yourself in the embarrassing situation of having to share. The same goes for stationary, carry a good supply of pens and paper. For paperwork you can take help from students’ help websites like thanksforthehelp and paperdoers.

7. Leaving everything till the last minute.

Do as much as you need to do on your projects every day and then the deadline won’t creep up and bite you.

8. Allowing fall outs and relationship problems to get on top of you.

These can really drag you down. Try to work things out or distance yourselves from those concerned as your grades will suffer if you are upset. Some students prefer to leave dating and relationships until after they qualify.

9. Getting passionately involved in political college activities.

The obvious example is protests. By all means join the union and offer your support to the college community but don’t go overboard. Take a lesson form the young student who threw a fire extinguisher off a building. Protests can become heated, even with the best of intentions and is it worth injury, death or a two year prison sentence? Even in your free time you are representing your college or university and I am sure you would rather give it a good reputation than a bad one.

10. Plagiarism.

I was very surprised when I was at college that people I knew got hauled up for unlawfully copying something. Colleges take plagiarism very seriously so make sure you do cover your back before you hand in your coursework by double checking everything is quoted correctly. It is so easy to forget. For Plagiarism check refers  onlineassignmentwriting.