In 1993, Ty Warner decided to launch a line of toys called Beanie Babies. Initially, he created only nine of these little stuffed animals, Legs the Frog, Squealer the Pig, Spot the Dog, Flash the Dolphin, Splash the Whale, Chocolate Moose, Patti the Platypus, Brownie the Bear, and Pinchers the Lobster. Which nowadays are referred as ” The original nine” by collectors all over the world. On the day of their release, you could buy them for only five dollars. That’s a pretty good price for a stuffed animal, but since the world went crazy over heels for them all over the 90’s. The Beanie Babies worth nowadays is high.

These pretty little toys nowadays hold a very high value if they are rare beanie babies. When I say rare I mean that some of the originally manufactured beanie babies that survived the test of time and are still around in mint conditions and with their original tags can be worth quite a lot of money today and hence the beanie babies values have gone up.

You may not like them, I certainly don’t, but we can think of it as a potential investment. Think of it, you are visiting a garage sale or an antique bazaar and low and behold one of these little stuffed animals is sitting there, in good conditions and with the tag on it. I  may not like them, but I would definitely check if these Beanie Babies worth selling? Although, you are not going to get rich buying and reselling these little Beanie Babies, right? Mmm… Actually, I’m not too sure about that. How about we take a look at the top ten most valuable Beanie Babies and see for ourselves what kind of money we are talking about.

How Much Are Your Beanie Babies Worth? – 10 Most Valuable Beanie Babies

#1. Strut the Rooster Beanie Baby – Listed for $19,500.00

Rooster Beanie Baby Worth

Strut the Rooster may not be one of the original nine, but oh boy does this little guy in mint condition can be able to get you a new, Ford Focus 2016, notice the word NEW here, and still leave you with some money to go and buy a decent computer. This little rooster toy Beanie Babies worth $19,500.00 is listed on eBay.

Oh yeah, believe me, I know what you are thinking, and this is the one that is worth the lowest on the list. You might be in for a couple of hundred thousand surprises.

#2. Iggy the Iguana Beanie Baby –  Listed for $19,999.95

Iggy Iguana - beanie babies worth

Iggy the Iguana… Because they couldn’t be less creative, well, maybe Guana the Iguana would be a little bit more lazy thinking, but hey, don’t mock Iggy, she is rocking those rainbow colors and more than likely she is presumably worth more than your monthly paycheck. Some of these Beanie Babies worth a lot of money as you will notice while you keep reading.

For this particular little Iguana the price listed on eBay for her is $19,999.95. Granted, just a couple of hundred dollars more than Strut the Rooster, but still, isn’t it amazing?.

#3. Curly Beanie Baby – Listed for $33,900.00

Curly Beanie Babies Worth

Curly lives the simple life nowadays, he is retired from the manufacturing plants and now he just sits in a comfortable chair passing his days being covered by dust, don’t we all wish we were already retired and be covered in dust?, I certainly do, but all of this is what gives him his value, you see, being out of the market means that no one can buy one new anymore, therefore, the people that seek them have to get them from other people.

The ones that managed to survive until now and are in top conditions will have a much higher value than its original issued price, for example, this Beanie Baby is worth $33,900.00 as listed on eBay. Vacations around the world in a span of 4 to 6 months or Curly? Your choice.

#4. Valentino Beanie Baby – Listed for $44,999.00


We start to see a trend here for the fun and creative names for the Beanie Babies, Valentino, I think, although I’m just guessing here, was created inspired by Valentine’s Day, again, I’m just guessing, maybe he is Italian, you never know.

On eBay, he is listed for $44,999.00. Look, aside from getting one of these rare Beanie Babies, you also get a nice piece of paper that say it is authenticated and it comes with the box in which he is sealed, so it is not a bad deal, is it?.

#5. Claude the Crab Beanie Baby – listed for $50,000.00


Introduced to the market on 1996 this little crab caused sensation amongst the Beanie Babies lovers. If you bought one of these to your children or your parents bought it for yourself when you were young and you did what every child does with their toys, played with it, named it and had fun and memorable moments with it, you might regret it.

You might think to yourself ” Oh, I should have just stared at it through a glass box” when you hear that is listed for $50,000.00. You might understand the beanie babies worth and might also be thinking maybe you could buy a house with that money, and you would be absolutely correct.

#6. Peace Beanie Baby – Listed for $56,777.60


Although you might think that he comes from an era of peace, love and The Beatles, this furry guy was introduced to the market on 1997. They say that there are no two of these hippie bears alike, and that is because of the manufacturing process, which included tie-dying each and every bear, which of course resulted in many variations of the same bear.

He is furry, he is colorful, he has a peace symbol on his chest and his name is also Peace, what’s not to love? I would pay $56,777.60,  wouldn’t you?.

#7. Hippity Beanie Baby – Listed for $59,999.99


This long eared fellow hopped into the market on 1996. He is the most popular of 3 brothers. His brothers Flippity and Floppity were a slight variation of him, the only differences were the colors that they were made of, which were purple and pink. I think that this fellow is one of the plainest Beanie Babies around.

I don’t see anything special on it, no special feature or even a sigil on his chest, it doesn’t even look like he’s fun or anything, he seems to have an attitude like ” Yeah, I’m a rabbit, what about it?” Nevertheless, my hat’s off to this little guy because these Beanie Babies worth a lot of money as per the listing on eBay for $59,999.99. That is a lot of money for a stuffed bunny born in the 90’s, although some collectors may disagree. Some of them would pay top dollar for something if it is exactly what they are looking for.

#8. Bernie Beanie Baby – Listed for $149,999.99


This cute little puppy was introduced to the market in 1997. For once I see a name that is kind of normal for these toys, I honestly would’ve thought that the name for this dog, given the history of names for the Beanie Babies, would’ve been something along the lines of Doggo the dog.

I’m glad they decided on Bernie, plus, it’s the first one that I might be tempted to buy it if I saw it for $3 to $5 dollars, just because I love dogs, but I would never buy this particular one. This Bernie in particular is listed on eBay for $149,999.99. So, yeah, I’m good without it, but if you want it, just look it up and it could be yours today!.

#9. Piccadilly Beanie Baby – Listed for $249,000.00


He is the only one of the Beanie Babies family that is a clown, that is pretty cool in my opinion, although some coulrophobes (phobia of clowns) might strongly disagree.  Imagine if you are afraid of clowns and also a collector of Beanie Babies and the only one left to complete your collection, would you buy it and complete your collection? I get why people have fear of clowns, some of them are downright creepy, but this particular Beanie baby is actually cool, so I don’t think it might trigger your coulrophobia.

And even if it does, would you have it in your house if you knew you might just have the chance to sell it for $249,000.00 ? Let me tell you, I could be the number 1 most afraid guy of clowns and everything that has something to do triggered my coulrophobia every single time and I would still have it in my house, even in my room next to my bed if I knew that he is worth that much. He is currently listed at that price on eBay.

#10. Princess Diana Beanie Baby – Listed for $507,000.00


The Special Edition Beanie Baby that was made as a memorial for Princess Diana’s death. A collector set it’s not complete without it, it’s the most sought after of the Beanie Babies at the moment. This special edition Beanie Baby has two variants, the one that is shown in the photograph above and another just like it, same color, same ribbon, only it has no rose on the chest, commonly referred as exactly that, Princess Diana no rose Beanie Baby.

I have to say the color on it looks great, I love that color, the thing I don’t like about it is that the price listed on eBay it’s just way too high, Alps mountains high. It’s listed for $507,000.00. Maybe you didn’t read it quite correctly, so I will spell it out for you here. Five hundred and seven thousand dollars. Is this Beanie baby worth buying? You could buy a private island with that kind of money! And you would still have $7,000.00 to spend on a fishing boat, no joke.

It’s surreal how much money people expect to get out of a stuffed animal toy, but then again, we live in a world where if you had the money you could buy a golden iPhone with a diamond encrusted on it for only $48,000,000.00, so I’m not really surprised that people would actually pay those asking prices for Beanie Babies. People can ask for a set price all they want and as high as they want, the problem is to find someone that will pay it, and that is a truly hard task when your asking price is $507,000.00,  I am sure everybody will atleast once think are these Beanie Babies Worth the moneyI just wish the best of luck to all of those people, especially the person selling the Princess Diana Beanie Baby, that guy or girl is gonna need a lot of it.

There are a million other ways to spend the money that, presumably, these rare Beanie Babies worth, but as I said, if you have the money and you are a collector, and you find yourself the exact thing you are looking for, with the perfect mint condition, you might just find it reasonable to part with some half a million dollars for a Princess Diana Beanie Baby. That’s just not me though, I don’t think I would ever part with half a million dollars that easily, let alone for a toy, whatever the condition or features, but then again, that’s just me.

One thing that I would like to point out is that, apparently, the more defects the Beanie Babies have, the more these beanie babies are worth. Now, don’t think these defects include tear and wear and start tearing your Beanie Babies collection just yet. The only defects that pump up the Beanie Babies worth are those which you may find on tags or the body, for example, a misspell or error that you may find on these tags, a different nose or weird sewing on the face, so, if you actually have one of these rare Beanie Babies laying around in your house, covering in dust and mold, get it to a dry cleaner, right now, and check for any of those kinds of defects, they may just get you a private island, keep an eye open, you never know.

In conclusion, yeah, you might just get rich, given that you have a couple of Princess Diana Beanie Babies in mint condition with lots of fabrication defects and errors. If you do, get a nice piece of paper that authenticates them and just list them on eBay. You might just get the attention of some hardcore collectors and finally climb out of that financial hole, all thanks to a toy, just imagine how amazing it would be.