Halloween has got to be one of the most fun festivals out there, right? You get to walk around the streets looking funny and strange and basically just letting your freak flag fly, and no one even blinks an eye! It’s also quite fun to scare the living hell out of all those annoying neighborhood kids, right? Any other day and doing so would be frowned upon, you might even land up in serious trouble for going after them. But on Halloween day, use Halloween animatronics scare away!

However, to do so you need to have an epic Haunted House prepared for when they come trick or treating, or for anyone really. You should aim to be the biggest trick master of them all! If you follow the popular TV series Modern Family you might be aware of the episode in which the Dunphy Family decides to go overboard with the Halloween preparations because of Claire’s overbearing, almost psychotic, Halloween tendencies, which resulted in them being so successful that no one would ever visit their house again!

10 Terrifying DIY Halloween Animatronics Props

These are a couple of really cool DIY  Halloween animatronics props with which you can scare the living bejesus out of your entire neighborhood in a way that would put the Dunphy’s to shame! Go ahead and do your haunted house decorations.

#1.  Tombstone Fingers

Halloween Animotrics

These are creepy and long fingers with curvy nails that creep just out of your tombstone which has been branded with your name. As the wind blows later at night, or with the help of a fan placed out of vision range, they dance about the grave as if grappling to get out.

You could even install some LEDs at the bottom of the hollow tombstone so that they eerily glow in the dark. While Red is the uniformly hailed ‘scary’ colour, you should also try green. Check here for the instructions to Do it Yourself.

#2.  Jack in the Box

Jack in the BoxAs you go anywhere near this box discreetly placed in a shadowy corner of the porch step, a 7 foot tall Clown would come bouncing out right at you. However, be certain to place the box near the porch and in a corner where it can’t be seen so the kids can’t anticipate it.

Anyone who dares come and ask you for candy should have to wade through hell first. LEDs installed just under it would again work wonders giving it a grim dimension. Here are the instructions for doing it yourself.

#3.  Peeping Goblins

Peeping Goblins

While under natural light these hand-sewn goblins would be almost adorable in their  sheer grotesquerie. But with the help of a few loose cobwebs and some strategically handled lighting, these can scare the hell out of anyone who happens to sit on a sofa only to find that someone or something is creeping up on them from behind! This is surely one Halloween animatronics that you can surely give a try in this Halloween season.

#4.  Dropping Spider Silhouette


This is a classic, and pretty much everyone is bound to have it. But it’s a classic for a reason, it works every time, despite everyone knowing what they are. This is partly because everyone hates creepers, without exception.

But it also depends on where and how you place it. For example, a tiny spider descending from behind the plate glass of a door can be creepy, but not as much as the one which slowly descends upon your visitors as they wait on the porch step for you to answer the door. If you are looking to buy this, check out the price here.

#5.  Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

You can erect a simple cardboard wall just parallel to your actual wall, leaving only a few inches for a computer to fit in between. Turn on the computer to a screen saver of a talking face. This is sure to freak people out, if not in fear then at least in awe as everyone tries to figure out just how you could put on such a grand illusion!

This beautiful decorative mirror easily serves as the core piece in any haunted house setting and appears to be very innocent enough, until the mirror’s reflection suddenly transforms into a ghost originating from one’s deepest nightmares.  This will be a great addition to your Halloween Animatronics.

#6.  Graveyard Fence


I know, it sounds silly and not in the least scary. But despite its simplicity, it’s a must. While it won’t scare anyone in and of itself it will set up the environment. No haunted house should be welcoming. People should be led to go there despite being warned, at their own peril.

Or better yet, get a cemetery gate instead. This should go really well with the tombstone fingers as well. And common there isn’t really anything scarier than a house built over what was once a graveyard, is there?

#7.  Yarn Spider Webs

Yarn Spiderwebs

These are easy to place and abundantly found but work like a charm. However, to make them really terrifying you need to know how to go about them. Sure, you could have thick cobwebs that look decent but clearly look like props, or you could actually get really thin strings, ones that can’t even be seen at night, only glimmer occasionally under the silvery moonlight.

These look creepy every time they catch the light, and you should place plenty of them along the path to your porch so that even as the kids enter your kingdom they get terrified at the idea of having real spider webs on them! This, coupled with the slowly descending spidey? Phew!

#8.  Climbing Halloween Skeletons

Climbing Halloween Skeletons

This worked sort of in the same concept as the fingers from the tombstone. While the skeletons should be firm enough that they can latch on to your window sill or drainpipes, they should also be light enough and disjointed enough that they rattle with the wind — real or artificial.

It also wouldn’t hurt if one of their bones happen to come off, don’t try fixing that.  You can as well Buy Skeletons.

#9.  Styrofoam Mausoleum

Styrofoam Mausoleum

While styrofoam isn’t necessarily an eery device on its own, when done well they can have quite a nice effect on people. Their tendency to shine and glimmer under the moonlight, coupled with a couple of LEDs of colors like red and purple.

This should about do the trick of making your graveyard seem about as spooky as possible. Go ahead and try it out making yourself.

#10. Wolf Head on the Wall

Wolf Head on the Wall

I know, werewolves are the go-to devices for Halloween, being supernatural and all. But sometimes, real dangers are far scarier. Get a fake wolf head and mount it on the wall and make people who visit freak out thinking that they’ve entered the lair of a taxidermist! Check out the price here if you want to buy. Or DIY with instructions.

Use all of these Halloween animatronics, and scare the hell out of everyone! Happy Halloween!