Admit it, you’ve gone through at least one phase in your life wherein you were obsessed with vampires and werewolves, witches and sorcerers and everything supernatural! That might have been the phase you got hooked to Supernatural Creatures on the never-ending TV shows. It might have been when you secretly hoped Hagrid would burst through the door, rescue your from the nightmare of an ordinary childhood, and take you on a magic carpet to a floating castle in the sky (I might have mixed up a couple of mythologies in that last.) Or tragically, this phase might have come about as a result of the whole Twilight and Twilight Fan Fiction universe.

I mean pretty much all of these is an exercise in some kind of supernatural tryst or the other, marketed to young adults who have the time to resort to escapism from their dull lives. The allure of the supernatural isn’t hard to detect – they’re mysterious, they speak of wondrous possibilities, and they are often just so dang cool! At one point people in general fervently believed in all the mythologies sold to them, stories of djinns and witches, what all have you heard. That is not the case now. Read further below to take a look at the rare Supernatural Creatures list that you haven’t heard off.

We don’t fervently believe in the existence of these creatures, but we so desperately want to believe that life could be more exciting, more eventful than it is, which is why we throng before our TV sets watching ordinary people with boring lives get thrust in the midst of an epic battle between vampires, werewolves, wizards and fairies. However, those are just some of the most common of the creatures. There are so many other cool Supernatural Creatures or legendary creatures in mythology that we haven’t yet even begun to explore in the mainstream narrative.

 Top 10 Less Known Supernatural Creatures 

 Let us take a look at the 10 Supernatural Creatures List that aren’t that well known.

1. The Black Stick Men – Walking Stick Figures

the-black-stick-men-Supernatural Creatures

These are said to be men who look like stick figurines, all made of stick, sort of if your childish stick figurine man drawing came to life and started walking about in 3D. They can take up any size, and sometimes even shape, and they constantly follow you around quietly, though never engaging with you.

The reason and cause for this is unknown, though it is suspected that they’re a kind of Grim Reaper and if you, or someone you know, can see them, your time to go might be close at hand.

2. Bloody Mary –  Folklore Legend

bloody-mary-Supernatural Creatures

No this is not a reference to the evil queen of England who burnt all Protestants at the Stake! This is a reference to the myth which in fact predates the Tudor Dynasty itself. According to legend, if you step into a dimly lit room, look into a mirror and repeat the words “Bloody Mary” thrice, a woman would appear before you and foretell the future.

Her presence has been seen as either benevolent or malevolent depending on the variations of stories. However, following the reign of the Queen Bloody Mary, legend has largely conflated the two turning her into a purely malevolent spirit that harms unborn babies.

3. BogeyMan – Imaginary Evil Monster

bogeyman- Supernatural Creatures

This is largely a supernatural creatures that’s been brought to life by the power of collective human consciousness. The great thing about this is that almost every nation, region or religion has a variation of this tale, no matter how remote they may be to each other. This is largely a tale that parents tell their children in order to get them to behave.

Children are told that if they’re naughty then the BogeyMan would come for them in the dark and take them away, or some especially twisted parents even go so fast as to say that they’ll be taken away by the BogeyMan!

4. Baby New Year and Father Time – A Personification

father-time-baby-Supernatural Creatures

This is a strange one. According to legend, every year one Angel gets the chance to come and experience life amidst the humans for the duration of the year. They come down and take up the human form as a new born child – the Baby New Year. They are put in care of Father Time, which is the previous years select Angel who’s finishing the year and thus has grown up into an old man, Father Time.

So this process continues. The Baby NewYear grows up over the course of the year into Father Time and takes care of the next Baby New Year.

5. Abominable Snowman, aka, Yeti

bigfoot-Supernatural Creatures

This is a popular myth, specifically in the norther reaches of America. Apparently these 800 pounds, 9 foot tall half-man half-beast supernatural creatures stay in the Arctic Circle most of the year but travel down to the Rockie mountains and North America during winters to wreck havoc on the locals.

6. Shala – Angel Demon

shala-Supernatural Creatures

This is an Angel-Demon hybrid who is thought to be a secretive grand ruler of Halloween. Hunted by both Demons and Angels because they see her as an abomination, she mostly remains in hiding, maintaining a balance between the forces of good and evil.

It is rumored that she is the most devastatingly beautiful supernatural creatures in heaven and earth, but no one can ever know because she never shows her true identity.

7. Mr. Roarke the JinnAngel

FANTASY ISLAND- Supernatural Creatures

This is a discreet legend that turned into a famous show. Mr. Roarke is a hybrid between a Jinn and an Angel. As such he wield control over Fantasy Island, an Island where the one percenters of the world can come, spend a fortune, to briefly experience their wildest fantasies.

However, the fantasies, once initiated cannot be stopped, not even by Mr. Roarke and thus often take up a life of their own and turn into a nightmare.

8. The Loch Ness Monster –  An Aquatic Being

the-loch-ness-monster-Supernatural Creatures

This is said to be a monstrous proportioned aquatic being that swims in a lake in the Scottish Highlands. People have often reported sightings of the Loch Ness, lovingly dubbed Nessie, and some have even taken vague photographs, but it’s actual presence is a mystery.

While some claim that it possesses a demon soul, others claim that it’s so friendly it would even let children ride atop its back.

9. Slender Man –  Fictional Supernatural Character

Supernatural Creatures

This is said to be a very slender man with a grey complexion, always impeccably dressed in a suit and tie. He is said to have many tentacles, with long fingers, and sometimes blade like extensions on his skin. He also has the ability to take someones life with telepathic powers.

However, he can only harm someone if they attack him first, in which case he is compelled to kill them.

10. Krampus – Half-Goat, Half-Demon

krampus-Supernatural Creatures

This is an evil demon-like creature that appears during Christmas as an anti-clause figure. He has a dark furry body, great big horns, and red eyes. He comes with a chain and bells that he smashes about, along with a bag of whip sticks intended to whack naughty children.

Hope you had a great time reading about the above 10 less known Supernatural Creatures list. Want to shape the store of any supernatural creature that is your favorite! Please get back to us through the below comments section.