Everyone has that one person that he/she relates with well. As they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Take time and decipher who your true friend is. Everyone comes to you as a friend but is he/she really genuine? We all need friends that can put up with our crap and observe discretion of fragile information whenever we share our stories with them. Today, it is rather hard to single out one trustworthy friend who has all the characteristics of a true friend from your friend’s list. And hence there are many friendship sites also that helps you to meet and get good friends.

Main Characteristics Of A True Friend

characteristics of a true friend

Does your friend have what it takes to be regarded as a true friend? Below are some of the characteristics of a true friend;

1. Fun and cheery

When you are with friends, you barely take note of time. Time passes so quickly and you will want to stay with them longer. Whenever you are down, they lift up your spirits and share fascinating and humorous stories that will make you laugh so hard. These are the kind of people you can do naughty stuff together without a care in the world.

Do you have that true friend whose company you really enjoy and even look forward to being with every single day?

2. Supportive and listens to you

A friend is one who will work with you no matter what obstacles may come your way just to see you succeeding. They will even dedicate their time to work with you in realizing your dream as they also perfect theirs. They won’t even think of diverting your attention away from what you aspire to achieve.

True friends know very well that this is your goal and will adhere to that and chip in whenever necessary. They also lend an ear whenever you need to let out your heart to them. Good friends are the ones you can call upon at any time of the day in case of any problem or issue that crop up unexpectedly.

3. Tries to safeguard your reputation

A true friend is one who will stand up for you in whatever case that may come up. They do not go around spreading false rumors about you behind your back. With them, you can trust your secrets. They even rebuke those with the wrong motive against you.

Whenever they feel you are going overboard with something, they will tell you right on your face and try to correct you. They do not withhold anything that they feel you should know.

4. Sets boundaries

True friend grants you some time alone to be with your other loved ones like family and other friends. They are well aware that they are not the only ones you should be hanging out with. They are cautious when it comes to personal space.

Good friends are not selfish and are understanding whenever you are not available. A clingy friend is an irritating one and you will soon be fed up because he/she won’t let you have some time alone. A true friend is one who will not be with you everywhere you go but rather be there when you need them.

5. Friends don’t hold grudges

It is so awful to have a misunderstanding with your best friend. What do you do to sort out the issue? Do you officially cut him/her off and cease to be friends? That is unacceptable.

If he is your true friend, you will probably get back together. Besides, best friends are not meant to hold grudges and this is one of the main characteristics of a true friend. Instead, they should sit down and talk about the same issue and resolve their differences. Confessing and forgiving is what best friends should do at all times.

6. Friends embrace you for you

They don’t try to make you look like someone else. They will conform to your ways and personality. If you are that shy kid on the block or the outspoken one, they will have to put up with your qualities. Do they have a choice? They will take you as you are.

Real friends look beyond your personality and accept you for who you are. Fake friends are the ones who will make you comply to their wishes and desires and in the end, losing the main essence of friendship- embracing each other’s weaknesses and strongholds.

7. True friendship knows no distance

True friends don’t let distance bar them from exercising their friendship. They are the kind of people who will not let anything take away their friendship. They will do anything possible to catch up, share their status and share good times together.

In fact, meeting after a long while to them is like they just parted yesterday. This is because they are always communicating whenever they get a chance. It is not a matter of who called yesterday so it is his/her chance to do so today. It is never that way. They are always glad to hear their friend’s voice from the other end.

8. A true friend is trustworthy

This is someone you can trust to keep your secrets. They will not any time try to sell you out. Real friends are always true to their words and always work hard towards keeping their promises. They do not let you down in terms of loyalty.

Loyal friends are hard to come by, do you know that? Therefore keep that one loyal friend you have in a special place in your heart. A lot of people have been betrayed by their best friends who they really counted on to be their ray of hope in the darkness.

9. True friends are not envious when you get a promotion

Any step you make in your life is accredited to your friends who have always been there to see you reach that height. They are the ones who should be happy for you whenever you succeed in anything you aspired to have.

Jealous friends aren’t true friends at all. Your achievement is also theirs and this itself is the main characteristics of a true friend. To what shall it benefit him or her to be covetous of your success, nothing at all? Therefore, always be happy for your friend whenever the chance presents itself.

10. Spreads positive energy

A true friend is the one who supports you and fills you with positive energy. They encourage you in your activities and motivate you. But at the same time, they will also discourage you from doing wrong things without bothering whether that will hurt you or not.

So do check out whether your best friend is actually motivating you in good deeds and discouraging you while you do wrong.

In conclusion

Friends make our daily lives adventurous and fun. They are the ones who will always keep you on check in every aspect of daily life. They correct you, entertain you, and celebrate with you. True friends also stand up for you and they are the ones to turn to whenever you feel low. True friendship entails qualities as loyalty, good company, understanding, supportive, good listeners and trustworthy. Cheers to all the friends out there that are keeping it real.

Keep up the same spirit folks. And for others now that you know all the characteristics of a true friend we wish that you get a true friend soon.