We all know that Girls are big fans of Barbie! Every single girl dreams to be gorgeous like Barbie, and every girl admire stunning and stylish beauty of Barbie. Barbie is as popular fashion portrait as she always was! She is always keen to try out new styles trends, and in fact she is glad to model anything you put her in without grumping, that is the good thing about a fashion style doll like Barbie. Here we have selected the Top 10 Barbie Dress up Games, these are the best dress up games for girls, where you can dress Barbie and sometimes you can dress her with her friends and her sisters too. And her on and off boyfriend Ken sometimes makes an appearance.  We tried to choose only games where the model looks like the real Barbie doll, we have provided the game description and the online link below the so that you can click on the link play and download for free.

We hope that you can find a good collection of Barbie Dress up games here, Go ahead and play Barbie dress up games and have great fun with Barbie!

          10) Barbie Job Interview-Best Dress up Games


Barbie is going to give an interview for a new job, you wonder what it is? She is giving an interview for a president post in a large company, as she has had rich job experience over the years!

How you dress for an interview creates an image of the type of person you are, so choosing the right attire is critical to presenting yourself as the right candidate to hire.

Please dress up Barbie for her new job interview so that she gets hired.


          9) Barbie in Countryside – Cool Dress up games


Barbie Occasionally wants to stay over at her country farm. She likes to dress up in clothes that reminds her of the romantic countryside! Flower print summer dresses, cowboy boots, hats and straw baskets. Isn’t that Lovely!?? Help her with dresses that is easy to wear, comfortable fit, can be long or short, sandals that are comfortable to walk with, hats and sun glasses to make her look more romantic, this indeed is a cool dress up games !!


          8) Barbie Gadget Dress Up Game


If you know Barbie very well, you’ll also know that she always has her fingers on the pulse of the latest technology. She loves her electronics Gadgets and is rarely seen without one of them! Here you can dress her up and choose today’s latest gadget, will that be her iPhone, iPod or a camera!


          7) Barbie fashion dress up games as Flight Attendant 


Barbie has a new job, now she is a flight attendant, jetting from coast to coast and making sure that her passengers are happy and safe! Help Barbie to put together a flight attendant outfit to wear on her new job, That could be like some pants and maybe some flats for comfort but she should look very glamorous! Play this fashion dress up games and dress up Barbie as flight attendant so that she looks amazing in her new job.


          6) Barbie Best Dress up Game for this Summer

4956-Summer Barbie

Barbie wants to enjoy the nice summer weather, her wardrobe might be filled up with very casual clothes, you may want to keep away all the winter clothes and get the fashionable, cool and stylish clothes for the summer season. Choose clothes such as a denim jeans, sleeveless shirts, floral prints, bright skirts. The floral tops and cropped skirts are a great option if you want your Barbie to wear skirts. You can also make her wear colourful accessories over your top for a refreshing and funky look. Bring a little diversity in dressing Barbie so that the clothes don’t look boring. This way you will change the look and at the same time it will look great on Barbie, Go ahead and play Barbie dress up game, dress her up in dresses that will keep her cool, casual AND in style!

          5) Barbie new dress up games with her Sisters


Barbie has three sisters, Barbie is planning to go out with her sisters as they have planned their vacation, Barbie wants herself and her sister well-dressed, they are planning to go with to a beach or a restaurant, this is first Barbie new dress up games with Barbie and three of her sisters! You can dress Barbie and her sisters Stacie, Skipper and Chelsea for a tropical holiday. You can get them ready for the beach or other holiday activities like going to a restaurant.


          4) Barbie Nightlife Shopping

5592-nightlife barbie

Barbie is going for night shopping in New York City, the city that never sleeps! She’s had a wonderful shopping with her friends and now she’s heading home to unpack her bags and try on the things she bought! Help her to try out her dresses.


          3) Barbie games to play-Barbie at School

2097-Barbie at School

Dress Barbie from her amazing wardrobe full of all types of clothing, from evening gowns, street outfits, to chic school clothes. Some of the outfits are definitely more for the school dance than the class room! Play this Barbie Dress up game, to help dress your Barbie to go to her School.


          2) Fashion dress up games -Barbie Childhood Style

6203-Barbie Childhood

Lots of things inspire fashion designers and childhood toys and characters are definitely one of them! Style Barbie from a closet full of clothes inspired by favorite childhood colors, styles and characters – also check out the Mickey Mouse tee!, Play this Fashion dress up games to dress up barbie in her childhood style.


          1) Princess dress up games -Barbie and Ken Night Party


Barbie and her boyfriend Ken are going for a Party, Dress up Barbie and her boyfriend Ken for a party! Click on Barbie to dress her and on Ken to dress him. With some cool fittings to create the party look, like hats, sunglasses and necklaces!