A show known and loved by many, Impractical Jokers has been ruling the air networks since December of 2011. The main premise of the show includes four best friends from Staten Island, New York, namely Joseph Gatto aka Joe, James Murray aka Murr, Brian Quinn aka Q and Salvatore Vulacano aka Sal, collectively known as ‘The Jokers’, coercing each other into doing outrageous dares and pranks that are caught by hidden cameras. Often, the ‘Loser’ or the Joker doing the dare, has an earpiece that is connected to a microphone through which the other Jokers hurl dares and commands.

The funny pranks and witty humor has garnered the show millions of fans who have dedicated entire subreddits to the show. Often debated amongst these fans is the list of the 10 best episodes of Impractical Jokers. In this article, we try to resolve this matter by giving you a comprehensive list of the 10 best episodes of Impractical Jokers.

10 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes

This list has been compiled by hardcore fans of the show who have looked at every half decent list already in existence and have used this informed opinion to create the list that they think is best. The list is not in order since these 10 episodes are all funny and considered equal (except Permanent Punishment. Everyone knows Permanent Punishment is the best episode.)

Now enough with the talking and on to the list of best impractical jokers episodes.

1. Permanent Punishment

As mentioned before, this episode of the show is widely regarded as the best episode and for good reason. This episode shows the Jokers dressed up as security guards in a medicine store and the main premise of the prank is that they need to clip balloons on to strangers.

Air Date – 2nd October 2014

Best Impractical Jokers Episodes - Permanent Punishment

2. Elephant in the Room

With this episode, you’re in for a laugh riot as the Jokers go head to head by telling strangers their deepest, most humiliating thoughts.

Air Date – 6th September 2012

Funniest Impractical Jokers Episodes - Elephant in the Room

3. Look Out Below

In the first episode of season three and arguably one of the most memorable episodes, Murr loses the challenges and as a punishment has to skydive out of a plane. This is the iconic and one of the  best impractical jokers episodes where we see Murr’s ‘Ferret Face’ (The real fans know what that means)

Air Date- 2nd January 2014

Best of Impractical Jokers - Look Out Below

4. Enter the Dragons

Ever heard of the band Imagine Dragons? They make an appearance on this episode. As a punishment, Sal and Joe must open for the band Imagine Dragons. You can imagine how that went.

Air date- 24th October 2013

Funniest Impractical Jokers - Enter the Dragons

5. Nationals Disaster

In this episode of the show, the Jokers need to give away ‘mystery bag’ items to shoppers at a grocery shop amongst other dares. The Loser of the episode is Joe and his punishment requires him to perform tricks in front of pro gymnasts and try to not look like a complete failure. Let’s just say he doesn’t do well.

Air Date- 23rd January 2014

Impractical Jokers Episodes - Nationals Disaster

6. Welcome To Miami

This episode has the Jokers chilling on the beaches of Miami until they need to ride on scooters that are controlled by the other Jokers and see how long they can last. Q is the big loser of this episode and he needs to retrieve ‘his’ backpack from the back of an alligator. Except, Q doesn’t know that the alligator had his mouth taped shut the entire time. And as it turns out, the backpack wasn’t even his!

Air Date- 29th January 2015

Welcome To Miami

7. In Poor Taste Buds

The Jokers turn into tennis coaches for this episode with each Joker needing to do as he is told. Murr loses this one because he refuses to ask his client to play a game of strip tennis with him (although the client might’ve said yes, who knows?). Because of this, Murr needs to face his punishment which is him posing as a culinary expert who needs to taste different dishes; except his mouth his filled with novocaine, rendering his taste buds all but useless. Let’s just say it’s a good thing he had his apron on during the punishment.

Air Date- 25th September 2014

In Poor Taste Buds

8. Parks and Wreck

One of the best impractical jokers episodes starts off with the Jokers having to complete different tasks in a swimming pool and then asking strangers to review their emails. Although some of these were quite strange, it was Sal who received the loss and as punishment, he was asked to present a slideshow created by the other Jokers to a City Council. The slideshow was very anti-senior citizen although the park itself was made for senior citizens. That must’ve been awkward for Sal!

Air Date- 9th October 2014

Parks and Wreck

9. Down in the Dump

For the challenge, the Jokers need to slide as many pencils as they can into the pockets of unsuspecting strangers without getting caught. At the end of the day, Sal takes a big loss. And what a big loss indeed. The punishment puts Sal aboard a ship full of massive piles of garbage with his brand new phone hidden somewhere in there. The challenge will only end if Sal finds his phone, which he does, but to his dismay, the other Jokers reject all his calls keeping him aboard this stinking ship for God knows how long. This is best impractical jokers episodes where we get Sal’s iconic ‘I will never forgive you!’ scream which is now part of the opening sequence of the show.

Air Date- 1st August 2013

Down in the Dump

10. Supercuts

The final episode of season 1 and the final episode of our list begins with each of the Jokers trying to get hired as party entertainers. After this, there is a whirlwind of challenges which include everything from putting your nose on someone to asking random people to join their ‘White People Book Club’. And to end the season in fantastic fashion, the Jokers give us the first ever 4-way punishment where each of the Jokers receives a gag haircut. These haircuts include a mullet, red curls, bleached horns and an entire shaved head save for a little tuft in the front.

Air Date- 12th April 2012



Now that you have a compiled list of the ten best impractical jokers episodes of the show and there is no excuse to not go on a binge of all the seasons at once. Sure, it may take a while but it sure will be worth it.