No one can underestimate the need for good drinking games for 2 players or more to smooth over social introductions. College parties would be especially dull and unexciting without them, most people would just stick to their own groups instead of fostering new relationships. Of course, everything should be done in moderation and we would never condone going overboard with your liquor, wink wink.

So yeah, we’ve established that drinking games aren’t just insanely fun, but also really necessary for a lot of people, helping them break inhibitions and explore new horizons. However, most drinking games are meant for large groups of people. So what do you do when you meet someone new, it’s just the two of you, and things are starting to get awkward even if you really like the other person?

What, talk about the weather, make small talk? Pfft, there’s nothing more convenient than small talk when it comes to losing anyone’s interest, especially amongst millennials. No, you should engage in drinking games for 2 people! And no that is not just regular drinking, nor is it a red herring, there are lots of games that only people can engage in while pushing each other to drink!

10 Best Drinking Games For 2 Players

Here’s a list of ten of the most fun drinking games for 2 players we’ve come across.

#1.  Higher/Lower – Check Your Luck

Higher/Lower - drinking card games for 2

The first amongst drinking games for 2 players is an insanely simple drinking card games for 2 to engage in, which is great because you can spend your time talking and drinking rather than thinking! It comprises the dealer and the player.

The dealer turns over a card in a deck. The player has to take a guess as to whether the next card in the deck would be higher or lower in value. If the player guesses correct, the dealer drink, else, bottoms up!

#2.  Monopoly – Popular Game

drinking games for 2 people - Monopoly

Monopoly is perfect from anything from 2 to 8 people. But since we’re just talking about 2 people here. Basically, you have to roll the dice and play the game as it’s meant to be played. Except now whenever you land in a tricky spot, the penalty is having to drink. While you could arbitrarily create any rules for the game, here’s some you could start with:

  • Drink if you roll doubles
  • Bottoms up if you go bankrupt
  • Drink if you mortgage a property

The rest of the rules you can just create them before you start!

#3.  Two Truths and a Lie – Guessing Game

Two Truths and a Lie - drinking games for 2 people

We all know the power of truth and dare. It can bring to strangers closer together in the length of a game, or it can bring two friends even closer. There is nothing quite as warming as bearing one’s soul and speaking the truth, or alternatively being completely bat-shit silly with the dares.

This is a variation on the general Truth or Dare. The first player makes three statements about themselves, two of which have to be true, and one a lie. The other player has to guess which is true and which is a lie. A correct guess means the first player has to drink, and the wrong guess means you have to drink.

#4.  Pokemon Drinking Game – Favorite anime

Pokemon drinking games for 2 peopleWe all love Pokemon, and there’s really something special about taking a nostalgia trip to your favorite childhood memories. However, these nostalgia trips often all they’re cracked up to be and may get sickening eventually. Which is why you should add an adult spin to it! Watch the Pokemon anime you so loved as a child, then drink whenever the following happens:

  • Pikachu says his name
  • Ash uses his Pokedex
  • Brock makes food
  • Brock hits on a girl
  • Misty mentions her bike
  • Team Rocket goes “blasting off again”
  • Meowth gets hit on the head
  • You see officer Jenny
  • You see nurse Joy
  • Ash says something obvious about Pokemon

This will make the game really fun, and will also add an adult spin to a beloved childhood game!

#5.  Power Hour – Binge Drinking

Power Hour - drinking games for 2 people

Okay, this one isn’t for the faint of heart, and you should only play it with someone you’re confident can hold their liquor and has a tolerance for booze.

It’s simple, you have to take 60 shots of beer in 60 minutes. The last one standing wins. Only, your crippling hangover might beg to differ with that status.

#6.  Never Have I Ever… Ice Breaker

drinking games for 2 Players - Never Have I Ever

This is great for parties and duos and acts as a really fun ice breaker wherein everyone leaves knowing each other all the better for having played the game. It’s so much better with the addition of alcohol.

The person who initiates the game needs to mention something he/she has never done, like “Never have I ever seen a movie.” (That is, if the person happens to be Amish, I really couldn’t come up with a better non-sexual example.) Following that, if the other person has done that they drink, else they don’t.

#7.  Quarters – Skill Test

Quarters - drinking games for 2 Players

This is a great game that requires practice and skill. The first player has to try and bounce a quarter against the table and land it into a shot glass.

If he makes it, the other player drinks. If not, and the other player shoots, and the game flows in this rhythm.

#8.  Caps – Aiming Game

Caps - drinking games for 2 Players

The two players sit across the room from each other, with a cup full of beer placed next to them. Each player has to take turns trying to land a bottle cap into the beer from across the room.

The one whose beer gets landed on has to drink up.

#9.  Truth or Dare or Drink – Classic

Truth or Dare or Drink - drinking games for 2 Players

This is a simple twist on the classic game used to get people familiarized with each other. This is a great ice breaker. You can either choose truth, dare or drink.

However, if you choose truth or dare and don’t want to follow through on the question or the dare, then you have to take a drink.

#10. Flip Cup – Silly & Fun

Flip Cup - drinking games for 2 Players

This is a game of some skill and little intellect which is perfect for those settings when you’re really not in the mood to get ‘deep’, and just wanna have some silly fun.

The two players have to drink up from a cup, each, then flip the cup upside down and place it on the edge of a table, with the rim hanging out just a little. Using that you flip the cup and try to make it stand right-side up again.

And with that, you have 10 really fun ice breaker drinking games for 2 players for whenever you come across new people at parties or are just too bored. Do let us know down in the comments section which your favorite drinking games for 2 players is, and why. We’d love to hear from you!

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