Whenever there is the talk of video games, Halo is very often, if not always in the conversation. This futuristic, first-person shooter series started releasing in 2001 and has captured the hearts and minds of gamers all over the world since. Many gamers cite Halo to be their very first video game experience and have credited the series for turning them on to gaming.

The story and lore behind the Halo series are complex and expansive. It involves alien races, different galaxies, parasites, and a lot of different weapons. The weaponry contained in halo, just like everything else in the game, is futuristic and detailed. The character that you control wears a suit of armor which helps you stay alive in the game, much like any other armor.

Top 10 Best Halo 5 Armor

There’s a lot of different types of armor that you choose from; hundreds of them actually. And it can be quite difficult to choose from so many options. That is why this article is going to try to narrow it down to the best 10. So now, on to the list of best Halo 5 Armor.

1. Mark VI Armour

Mark VI Armour

The Mark VI is made with overlapping layers so as to give you extra protection while you move around and the risk of being attacked is high. The helmet of the Mark VI is made out of titanium and is one of the key components of the armor. The titanium alloy that covers the outer shell is quite thick and covers most of the body including the chest, legs, arms, etc.

Although the armor is not completely averse to attack from the outside and will start to disintegrate after a few heavy blows, a few grazing blows here and there will not do much if any, damage. The bodysuit that is layered between the inner and outer part of the bodysuit is also made of titanium and is vital for the survival of the owner of the armor.

2. Soldier Armour

Soldier Armour

Similar to the tactical gear that the Marines wear, the Soldier Armour from Halo 5 is a low power usage armor set that is one of the most comfortable to use and wear in the game. The armor is made of both composite and fixed layers and has a shield emitter and high endurance, heavy plated design for the boots.

The armor had proved to be so adaptable that its features have been used and fit into the newest ODST ensembles made for combat.

3. Scanner Armour

Scanner Armour

One of the rarest and best Halo 5 armor to find in-game, the Scanner helmet was made for general use in combat. Although it has a very high range reconnaissance, the ‘Scanner’ part of the helmet can be slid back and the rest of the armor can be used as a regular armor.

The armor contains several sensors and other features which can be used as per the players liking.

4. Argus


The Argus suit is a hyper-connected suit of armor with threat awareness sensors and a Cyberlink for all types of information collection.

It’s classified as the best human-centric armor systems in the game. The armor was named after Argus, a mythical giant from Greek mythology who had 100 eyes.

5. Void Dancer

Void Dancer

The Void Dancer is an experimental armor suit that was not ‘set for release’ in the game as it did not meet all armor standards.

It’s used mainly by the special forces of the UNSC but the unique design it has raised eyebrows.

6. Wrath Armour

Wrath Armour

Containing one of the coolest designs on an armor we’ve seen in the entire Halo series, the Wrath armor is extremely rare and hard to find.

Containing the easily recognizable skull mark on the helmet, the armor is great for tactical use and has plenty of additional features, such as the knife attached to the shoulder.

7. Achilles Armour

Achilles Armour

The infamous Achilles Armour, named after the Greek hero who fought in the Trojan war in the Greek classics, The Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer, the Achilles Armour is a rare find and is extremely hard to control.

With an AI embedded into it which disrupts the mind of the wearer, only experienced Spartans, who have the capability to keep the AI’s mind games at bay, can use this armor. Otherwise, if used by an unskilled wearer, the AI can make the user way more violent in combat than necessary and make it impossible for them to regain control.

8. Mark IV

 Mark IV

Similar to the Mark VI, the Mark IV too has a gel-filled layer on the inner skinsuit that helps control the temperature and prevents overheating of the suit, leading to more efficient and comfortable use.

The airtight pressure seal that comes with this suit makes sure that it has no leakage whatsoever from anywhere so that there is no way for water to leak in or air to go out when you’re underwater, in a vacuum or any other hostile environment. The helmet and the outer shell are made of titanium like the Mark VI and the additional features held within this armor make it one of the most sought-after armors in the game.

9. Hunter Armour

Hunter Armour

One of the best-designed armors in the game, the Hunter armor comes with the latest technology in armory and threat awareness sensors all over the suit.

Made for tactical use, the suit is great for any kind of combat, although the suit is more suited for sneaking purposes and not full frontal combat. Another variant of the suit comes with glowing stripes across the body of the armor.

10. Commando Armour

Commando Armour

Last on our list is the Commando Armour which is one of the most complete armors in the game.

With high tactical awareness gear integrated into the armor and its ability for excellent protection while not compromising on movement makes it a great and best halo 5 armor to choose!