Super Mario is a very popular video games among kids and adults. It has been an all-time favorite among many. The Italian plumber with a mustache is very commonly found jumping on top of his opponents. Different types of super Mario games have been introduced during the past years. But still, it remains a popular video game up to this day. If you browse the net you may find so many Super Mario games online to be downloaded which support the latest video game platforms. None of the video games that are released at present can beat this legendary game.

We all have owned or at least played a Super Mario game at least once in our lives. Mario first appeared in the year 1981. It is close to 40 years since its introduction to the gaming world. As stated, different variations of the game were introduced time to time including some super Mario online games. Each with its own storyline and adventure.

Top 10 Best Super Mario Games Online

Rounded up below is a list of the top ten best Super Mario games online.

#10. Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Bros 2

This may not be appropriate in the list because it is not real “Mario” game, however, it is no doubt amazing. The game was slightly modified and introduced in the name of “Doki Doki Panic”.

This game allows you to play as Mario, Toad, Luigi or the Princess. Each of the characters can perform different things. It is a very much slow game and gives more prominence to adventure and to learn and inspect and focuses less on the action. Hence it may not be ideal for the fast gaming fan.

#9.  Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Super Mario Games Online - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

In “Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seen Stars” Mario teams up with his friends to take on his enemies in more classic RPG manner. It is not a game solely based on jumping on top of the enemy. Rather is allows you to topple over the enemy and crunch him down.

Its successors are “Mario Luigi” games and “Paper Mario”. It is known to be a game with amazing music, awesome graphics, and unforgettable characters followed by a great story line.

#8.  Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land - super mario games

The famous “Super Mario Land” is the first mobile version of the “Super Mario” game to be introduced to the world of mobile gaming. It starts from the left side of the level and gradually moves on to the right, destroying the opponents on your way while ensuring you stay alive.

The game was available in Game Boy and 3DS Virtual Console. Also the game includes planes and submarines as part of all the action where shooting takes place.

#7.  Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World - super mario games online

The “Super Mario 3D World” game is named as one of the most popular games of all time. It especially blends with the modern era. Some of the negative points of the game are that the characters cannot move in any direction, no actual conversations take place in the game and the game takes much longer than anticipated.

“Super Mario 3D World” has four player action. It can be stated as the best Nintendo made for the Wii U. The game simply blends in with modern times so it’s a perfect fit for all.

#6.  Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - best super mario games

“Super Mario Galaxy 2” is well known to be the highlight of 3D “ Super Mario” games. The game is based on a space theme taking on a galaxy for adventure and action hence the name states so. This has made it very popular among the particular type of players.

However, the action continues and this time you can feel the heat of it outside of Earth! It provides a much harder challenge toward the final stages of the game. But all in all, it is a very different but great Super Mario experience.

 #5.  New Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros. - super mario bros games

The New Super Mario Bros game arrived on the Nintendo DS in the year of 2006. It is a game where the multi player mode is where you can use teamwork. The “New” series does the same thing for 2D which the “Galaxy” series of “Super Mario” did for 3D.

The game is built on the core of “Super Mario” adventures. It includes wall jumping which has become a common feature in Super Mario games. It features some of the best level design in any “Super Mario” game.

#4.  Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 - super mario online games

The “Super Mario 64” game was  introduced in the year 1996. It trains the players on how to use the analog stick in a gamepad and to a 3D character.

This is no doubt one of the best “Super Mario” games of the era. Many people swear by it. The game introduces you to things you have not seen before in a “Super Mario” game such as flying levels and real scary ghost levels.

 #3.  Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 - super mario bro games

The “Super Mario Bros. 3” game was released in the year 1990. It includes a huge amazing map that keeps moving constantly. The game also includes many colors in contrast. This was an era where a game usually consists of three to four colors at most. Hence this was a major milestone for the world of gaming.

The game outcasts its predecessor “Super Mario Bros. 2” by introducing Many types of worlds to explore with varying themes, a magical flute which could go around in this enormous world and new power-ups to collect with the unusual effect such as a raccoon tail to fly.

#2.  Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. - super mario bro games

The “Super Mario Bros.” game was released in the year 1985. Even though it is a game released more than 25 years ago it is still playable and remains fit in the game world today. This is an excellent game which offers precision not seen in any of the other games at the time.

The game focuses on teaching the player basic skills while gradually building on those skills. It is a simple game but full of mystery, adventure, and action. This is the first game to give power-ups to your character to continue playing the game as well as the first game to offer warp zones to omit certain levels.

#1.  Super Mario World

Super Mario World - super mario games online

“Super Mario World” introduced in the year 2013 becomes the top in the list of the best “Super Mario” games of all time. This game bridges the gap between 2D and 3D gameplay. It has a large number of power-ups and amazing color contrasts and visuals.

This recently introduced “Mario” game is full of secrets and includes bonus power-ups which are a great plus point for the players. It truly gives a feeling of adventure when playing.

These are the best of all time Super Mario games online in the “Super Mario” world. Mario remains to be in all of our hearts forever as a dear friend. Each individual’s opinion on the best Super Mario games online will differ vastly. Hence we would like to know what your personal favorite Super Mario game online is from the above list. Are there any other Super Mario games online that you would like to play more than the one mentioned in this list? Please let us know of those by leaving your comments below.

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