The Yu-Gi-Oh competitive community is still going strong, plenty of players are using decks made by others and some are using their own creations. It would be nice for everyone to be unique but if you want to do well, you have to use what is currently powerful.  I’ve made lists about lesser-used decks or the most fun decks but what are the best decks? Here’s a list of the 10 best decks as of 2015!



10. HERO

Average deck price: $246

Elemental/Destiny heroes were released a long time ago and although they were decent at the time, they simply aren’t anywhere near as good as the archetypes of today. Some more Elemental Heroes were released that had great effects and were easier to summon but they were still lacking a bit. Then Konami released the Mask Change card and with it, a ton of Masked Heroes. These new monsters have powerful effects and are really easy to get on the field which has seen HERO monsters rise into the top 10 best decks.



9. Infernoid

Average deck price: $512

These epic looking monsters have very specific summoning rules but their effects make up for it. Their first effects are powerful, the level 3 monster Infernoid Harmadik can target and destroy one monster on the first, the only cost being it can’t attack. The second effects require a tribute but they are even more powerful, you can see why if used correctly, this deck is among the best in the world.



8. Volcanic

Average deck price: $281

Another archetype that was released way back in Gx, Volcanic decks have made a comeback as people have realised the power of Blaze Accelerator when combined with powerful XYZ monsters. I recommend looking up a deck profile as the decks are full of cards from all kinds of sets such as Star Seraph, Monarch and even Masked Hero.



7. Beast

Average deck price: $232

This deck revolves mostly around Ritual and Spirit Beast monsters but it can have loads more different archetypes incorporated into it. Gladiator Beasts, Nordic Beasts and even some Dragons can be very helpful. There are a surprising number of powerful Beast type support cards that can provide all sorts of benefits, there may still be a lot of hidden strategies that no one has found yet so dig out those Beast type support cards and have a crack at finding a new one!




6. Yosenju

Average deck price: $333

These monsters have some nice effects and are really easy to get multiples of the same level for XYZ summoning on the field. Each card has some kind of way of either normal or special summoning a monster when they are summoning, basically guaranteeing a quick XYZ monster. They linkup well too, Kama 2 can attack your opponent directly and Kama 3 gets to add a card from your deck to your hand when you inflict battle damage to your opponent. Furthermore they have a support card called Yosenjus’ Secret Move which negates a spell, trap or monster effect. This deck allows for a number of playstyles so you can always have a chance of catching your opponent off-guard.



5. Satellarknight

Average deck price: $329

These monsters have good ATK/DEF points and can easily summon their friends with their effects. You can get XYZ monsters on very quickly but also rely on the basic monsters as they can swarm and hold their own against powerful enemies. Being Light attribute they can take great advantage of cards like Honest and being Warrior type they have a ton of excellent support cards like Reinforcement of the Army to keep them coming. There is an XYZ monster called Stellarknight Delteros which can stop your opponent from preventing your summons, providing a good supply of monsters!




4. Shaddoll

Average deck price: $412

These cards are all about fusion summoning, using Shaddoll Fusion and El Shaddoll Fusion you can summon some very powerful monsters. If your opponent controls a monster that was special summoned from their extra deck, you can even fuse monsters from your deck! The Shaddoll fusions have great effects that shut down most things your opponents try to do and if they get destroyed, you can get your Shaddoll Fusion card back. The non-fusion cards are mostly Light/Dark attributes so you can incorporate some strategies from Twilight decks too, such as Chaos Sorcerer.



3. Burning Abyss

Average deck price: $358

Burning Abyss monsters have re-defined what it makes to look completely badass and destroy your opponents at the same time. Each monster has two great effects, although you can only use one per turn. They can easily be defeated by having a monster other than a Burning Abyss monster on your side of the field so your opponent can use cards like Creature Swap to give you their monster and destroy all of yours but you can get around this with support cards. These monsters are exceptionally good at summoning 1 XYZ monster at a time as you can literally special summon 2 monsters and XYZ them. If you get Virgi and Dante on the field you will be really difficult to defeat.



2. Qliphort

Average deck price: $414

First and only deck on the list that makes great use of Pendulum cards. These monsters are incredibly unique and rely on tributes with Pendulum effects to have powerful monsters on the field. You can also add extra cards to summon powerful XYZ monsters or Pendulum monsters like Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. Spell cards such as Summoner’s Art are very useful and the field spell Laser Qlip is a necessity. Overall these are an awesome archetype and great deck to use.



1. Nekroz

Average deck price: $507

I’m sure you saw this coming, Nekroz have been dominating the scene for a while now and that’s no surprise with how powerful they are. It’s great to see Ritual monsters  making a return, all of the Nekroz Ritual monsters can be summoned using one spell called Nekroz Cycle and it can even summon monsters from the graveyard. If you use cards that can bring this ritual spell back to your hand like Magician of Faith or Magical Stone Excavation, you can have a constant flow of powerful monsters. You can also use old Ritual support cards like Sonic Bird and Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands. This deck is one of the most expensive but the rarities, awesomeness and power of the deck justifies the price.