The killstreak system, has undergone a major overhaul in the latest Call of Duty game. Some scorestreaks can now be customised to how you want so there’s plenty to choose from. If you can’t decide which ones you’re going to use, check out this list as I go through the best scorestreaks in the game!

I will take into account the streak required, available modules (used to customise) and overall badassary.

(Note: Pictures may not be accurate as there’s very limited images available)


10. DNA Bomb

Streak Cost: 30 kills

The DNA Bomb is just like the Tactical Nuke from Modern Warfare 2, except you need 5 more kills. It destroys all enemies then leaves green smoke around the map that can disrupt your vision. It is the strongest scorestreak in the game but it is ranked so low because of the insane amount of kills you need. You won’t be seeing this scorestreak very often.



9. Remote Turret

Streak Cost: 550

It wouldn’t be a Call of Duty game without the classic Sentry Guns, they’ve been a staple since Modern Warfare 2. This version is well improved with 2 possible module options including rockets and the ability to rip off the turret and use it as a primary weapon. However, the high streak costs don’t justify including this in your line-up when there’s far better alternatives.


8. Aerial Assault Drone

Streak Cost: 450

A new arrival to the series, this drone is a small hovering powerhouse packed with machine guns to decimate your enemies. It can be upgraded to include rockets or extra machine guns too, very useful for the low cost.




7. Bombing Run

Streak Cost: 725

This streak is a combination of many favourites in the past. The default is like the airstrike from COD4, you can upgrade it to be like the stealth bomber or drop multiple care packages. Not the best for the cost but certainly not a bad choice.



6. Care Package

Streak Cost: 500

Good ol’ care package. Arguably the most reliable scorestreak in the game as it is easy to obtain and can give you a chance of earning something really good. I don’t know the RNG rates but in previous games, it tends to give out lower tier scorestreaks a lot more often that the ones that are actually worth the streak you earned to get the Care Package. Luckily, it’s the second cheapest scorestreak available so there must be other things you can earn (like ammo).


5. Paladin

Streak Cost: 950

Judging from the small amount of gameplay I’ve seen, the Paladin rips through the maps. You control several laser-like weapons and rain death down on the map, what makes it even stronger is the modules available. For an extra 200 points you can add laser guided rockets, for 300 you can add an extra 105mm cannon or another player to use an MG turret. It is very expensive but the cost is completely justified.



4. Goliath

Streak Cost: 775

Titanfall may have something to say about this!

I joke, the XS1 Goliath suit is, in my opinion, the most badass feature ever seen in a Call of Duty game. Rather than have an abnormally high cost, the suit has its own disadvantage whereby it reduces your movement speed considerably. This balances out the fact that you’re a walking juggernaut (from MW2) with a Minigun. You can add further firepower with modules and it has an in-built self destruct system if you’re about to go down.



3. Warbird

Streak Cost: 850

I would highly recommend you use the Aggressor module with this scorestreak, the miniguns are very difficult to aim with so allowing the AI to do it would be very beneficial. Alternately, you can equip the Warbird with rockets but this killstreak wouldn’t be this high without the modules. The cost is high but the kill potential is higher.


2. UAV

Streak Cost: 400

The UAV has been one of the best scorestreaks in the entire Call of Duty franchise. The cost is very low so you can potentially have a UAV up for most of the game, it allows you to see where enemies are located on the mini-map which is a huge advantage. Sure, a lot of people run UAV-evasive perks nowadays but not 100% of the players and even then there’s the modules. Using a module, you can prevent these things from happening – For 200 you can convert it into the Blackbird from Black Ops, for 300 you can make it Orbital or even allow your allies to see the enemies through walls.


1. System Hack

Streak Cost: 600

This scorestreak looks so powerful to the point that it seems overpowered (to me anyway). It disables the enemy HUD, radar and reticles so it basically forces the enemies to play in hardcore-like style temporarily. This provides a huge advantage, especially in combination with the UAV. Combine this further with the module to disable one of the enemy scorestreaks, equipment or exo-suits and you have the best scorestreak in the game!


Hope you enjoyed the list.