Fallout 4, the newest installment in the series is full of new things, from the re-designed power armor mechanics to gun-crafting. One of these is the new town building mechanic. But with its novelty comes some confusion, so here’s a list with 10 building tips you just have to know. No matter if you’re brand new to the game, or haven’t even slept since its release.


10. Be on the lookout when looting out of town!

Certain items, like gears or copper are uncommon even within the buildable area. It is thus recommended to keep an eye out for these components when exploring. The scrapper perkvery recommended for this.



9. Recruit residents!

The few starting residents you have can’t do everything! In order to make plants grow, someone needs to tend to them, and the small group you recruit from Concord is quickly overwhelmed when you plant more than a certain amount of crops. This means that they won’t grow until someone new is assigned to help them.



8) Pay attention trying to power your lights and machinery!

Fallout 4’s power mechanics are finicky, and ‘wireless’ items like lamps will require a certain proximity to powered power conduits or switches in order to work. This can be a quick drain on your copper supplies if you’re not careful.



7. Be careful what you scrap!

Sometimes, tables or other objects may have something else on top of them. Scrapping the item below will make these disappear. This can range from something as mundane as a box of folders, to a radio or TV.



6. Special buildables are in a different ‘special’ menu!

When asked by Mama Murphy to make her a fitted chair, many players are confused as to where to find that chair. You may notice, however, that there’s a new menu once she gives you this task, in which this chair may be found. Extra tip: Make sure to think about where you put that chair, she will never leave it again!



5. Don’t underestimate the importance of well-placed defenses!

Turrets can’t shoot through walls, and it’s easy to forget that the defense rating isn’t everything. Placing turrets in strategic positions allows them to kill as many raiders as possible.



4. Pay attention to your workshop’s inventory!

Things like water purifiers and farms will occasionally drop their produce into the workshop, allowing you to reap the benefits.



3. Move items!

You can select items when editing your town, like that cooking station all the way near the bridge in Sanctuary, and move it to another place to save you the hassle of walking all the way. This also allows you to move things like radios to more desirable areas rather than having to build them from scratch.



2. Scrapping is important!

You can scrap all sorts of things, from old broken down cars to trees, anything you can select in the workshop menu can be scrapped to its individual components. Typically these stationary scrappable items provide more components than anything you can carry. Scrapping light poles is an easy way to get copper, for example!



1. If you’re low on wood, try metal building!

You can’t build everything out of metal, like doors, floors or stairs, but if you have a surplus of steel they only take a little wood for things like walls and ceilings.


Author: Reddit user Daveboy2000