Now that E3 has passed and we got to see some great games which are going to be released we are able to look back and decide which games we should all be looking out to get. People are excited to see fresh new ideas and spectacular graphics and personally I think that was showcased well enough at this years E3. I have put together a list of the top 10 games at E3 2014 in my opinion and would love to hear what you think!


10) Civilization: Beyond Earth

Unfortunately this game is only coming out for PC but it is definitely worth buying. Beyond earth offers a great story line along with the features that people from Civilization 5 loved. It’s new features will make it exciting for the player because not every game will be the same because of how the technology web works. This game will bring something new and deserved a spot on our list.





9) Witcher 3

This game had a very good opener which led on to show the games mechanics which look quite exciting. It looks like it’s set in a large open world and if it is anywhere near as good as Witcher 2 then this is a game to look forward too.





8) Forza Horizon 2

With this explosive trailer it clearly offers amazing visuals and like the first one it is another open world game. You can expect the gameplay to be fast paced with the multiplayer being just the same. Unfortunately this game is only for Xbox so this may upset a few people.





7) Star Wars Battlefront

With the game running on the frostbite 3 engine this already gives you an idea of the potential this game has. With the extreme detail they are putting into the game you can almost guarantee it’s going to be spectacular. This game is expected to be released in 2015 and hopefully it will definitely be worth the wait.





6) Uncharted 4

With the creators of The Last Of Us taking over the Uncharted series you can certainly expect an absolutely amazing story line given The Last Of Us was voted one of the best story lines of all time. With it being on a new engine you can expect great things from this game and like all the rest of the Uncharted series this is a PlayStation exclusive game.





5) Rainbow Six Siege

After many years of in my opinion very disappointing string of Rainbow Six games they look like they have really stepped it up a notch this time. Making all of the surroundings fully destructible opens up some exciting opportunities for creativity. Like in the clip shown blowing the ceiling off to drop in on the enemies is just one of the things which makes this game really appealing.





4) Evolve

Destiny is a hunter vs alien game which looks very exciting to play. As the game progresses the ‘Kraken’ evolves and becomes stronger so it is important that the hunters try to kill it early on and as you can see in the demo it is a very fast pace game which is seems like it will always be action packed.





3) Destiny

With a budget of $500 million dollars this is claims to be the “next generation” of games. With what seems like a great story line mixed in with great gameplay this game is definitely one to watch out for. The game is an MMO on an open world based on 4 planets and the moon so there will be room for lots of exploration.





2) Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon age right away draws you in with how amazing it looks. Giving users the ability that choices from their last games make your gameplay different from all the rest is a really great feature and people who have never played the Dragon Age series before can do it all online and learn about the story line to help them get a better understanding of the game.





1) Metal Gear Solid 5

This is my opinion was the best game at E3 2014 and with all the features explained in the video as well as the fantastic demonstration of the game I’m sure you could agree with me on that. This game looks very promising as they have introduced a lot of realism with a dynamic environment and day/night cycles and with a game which is based a lot around stealth this makes it very ideal for creativity which means you can have a lot of fun while playing this game!


Honourable mentions: Far Cry 4, Dying Light, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,  Battlefield Hardline.


As I mentioned this is completely based on my opinion and you may have a different top 10 based to your gaming taste