Riot Games have done an amazing job with bringing old and dead champions back to life. A  few changes to abilities combined with a visual update can completely ignite a jump in popularity, such as the recent Poppy changes. There are quite a few old champions who are in dire need or could really do with an update. Here’s the 10 champions that need an update!

Excluded champions due to them being confirmed to be reworked soon: Warwick, Taric & Urgot



10. Evelynn

Evelynn is still a good champion that sees play in solo queue as well as the pro scene but her visuals are outdated. Her splash art, model and abilities need completely re-doing. Her stealth could also be reworked to make her more balance friendly as whenever she does get really strong, she is obliterated by nerfs. The visual update is the most important part though.



9. Galio

Galio is one of the least played champions in the entire game which will justify him being left in the dark for so long. With the upcoming mage update, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s chosen to counter whatever mage is made OP at the time. I think it’d be a welcome change if he could be updated at the same time, all he needs is new visuals and we have an interesting & unique champion. He can slot into most roles which makes him versatile, an update will see him become much more popular.



8. Kayle

This champion is one of the oldest and most recognisable in the game. The age is quite obvious as the model, textures, skins and abilities are massively outdated. She has some interesting resources in her kit and is not bad of a champion but she needs bringing up to today’s standards. Visual and gameplay update is needed here.



7. Kog’Maw

Despite receiving a big update in the recent Marksman update, Kog’Maw is in dire need of a gameplay update to put him back where he belongs among the top marksman. The original idea was to create a late game hyper carry who could deliver tons of damage from range and carry entire games with a decent team protecting him. What they produced was mediocre to say the least and the void puppy has fell way down the pecking order. Some kind of gameplay update to alleviate Kog’s pain is well needed.



6. Swain

Swain is an interesting champion, he deals tons of damage with his AoE attacks, his ultimate is arguably right up there with the best in the game and he has good CC. He is however incredibly immobile, he can get caught out easily. What you have here is a well balanced champion that is fun and interesting to play, he really needs a visual update to accommodate his gameplay. Give hima  new splash art and model as well as new textures and animations!



5. Malzahar

Like Swain, Malazahar is another immobile mage who is balanced and fun to play. His abilities have particle effects similar to pre-visual update Kassadin which, being blunt, suck. He needs a visual update and maybe even a slight rework to his abilities to make him stronger. He’s got the potential to become a very healthy and popular champion!



4. Jax

Jax is a much loved fan-favourite who has also been part of the Rift for a long time. His gameplay is very good at the moment, if anything it can be considered OP by many players. What really needs updating is Jax’s character model, that’s it. It is so bad right now and an update would be a godsend for Jax mains!



3. Warwick

As you can see from the image above, Warwick’s new splash art has been teased for a while. Normally I would exclude him as there’s clearly something in the works but there has been no official word on him. He has a really interesting kit, particularly his E, which makes him unique and adored by many players. His point and click stun is perfect for ganks too, but besides that he doesn’t really offer much other than an attack speed buff in team fights. He needs to be reworked completely or at the very least, give him a big visual update!



2. Kennen

Kennen has seen a ton of success for a long time, even in the pro scene. He has a ton of things you want in a champion, such as poke, CC and a ton of damage. However, he needs a complete visual overhaul to compete with the thematics of the newer champions. I expect a Poppy level visual update for him and it will be glorious!



1. Fiddlesticks

The number 1 entry for this list is Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom! Although he doesn’t really fit that title anymore. He’s still seen every now and again in the jungle but his abilities are just not up to scratch in today’s game. His kit used to be very strong, he’s one of the first champions I was recommended to play many years ago, but he’s no where near as viable as everyone would like him to be. He needs an update the most because of how long he’s been sitting in the gutter, waiting for the thousands of players who love him to give him another go. Lets hope he’s part of the Mage update!