League of Legends has become one of the most popular games of all time, in June of 2014 Riot Games reported they had 27,000,000 daily players. One of the highest contributing factors to such success is the business model that is in place. Instead of paying real money to access gameplay content or increase your character’s stats, you spend your real money on skins that do nothing except change the look of your favorite champion. Because of this, skins are very popular but which are the most popular? Find out below!



10. Headhunter Nidalee

Nidalee is a very popular champion and this shows as the first entry belongs to her. This awesome skin was released in 2013 but is already gaining on the other skins higher up in the list. At 975 RP it’s expensive but Nidalee is loved by so many that they don’t mind. So much so that 110,653 accounts own the skin!



9. Spirit Guard Udyr

A ton of people will see this as the most awesome skin in the entire game and although I’m not too familiar with Udyr, it’s difficult to not see the awesomeness. One of the few skins with an animated splash art, this skin was purchased by 110,970 accounts!



8. Shockblade Zed

Ask any League of Legends player who the most badass champion is and they will reply with Zed every time. His pure killing ability is very enjoyable, rewarding and requires skill to use which has made him a hugely popular champion. However, barely any skins have been released, there has been SKT T1 Zed which doesn’t look too awesome and the PROJECT Zed skin has only just been released. Shockblade Zed looks amazing and has been there for a while so it’s what most Zed players have been using.



7. Battle Bunny Riven

Riven was recently ranked as the most used champion by toxic players, we’ve all faced a toxic Riven player at some point in our League of Legends careers so this comes as no surprise. However, what is positive is that this is the only Riven skin to make it into the top 10. We all know why it’s so popular…THAT ASS!



6. Traditional Karma

This skin is no longer available but is owned by a whopping 139,750 players! This skin was given for free to players who owned Karma before her skin/splash got changed and I doubt you will be able to obtain it unless there is some kind of legacy sale on in the future.



5. Mecha Kha’Zix

For me and for most LoL players, the mecha/battlecast/PROJECT skins are the best in the entire game. Any futuristic robot-like skins get the nod in my book. This skin showed the community how awesome (and how much money) these types of skins can be. Because of this, the skins sales went through the roof and to this date, 147,303 accounts own it!



4. Judgement Kayle

This skin helped to boost the community by being awarded to players who played at least 10 pvp games back in season 1. Players also got the champion too, not a bad reward for just playing the game! Unfortunately it is not available anymore as it’s a “I was here for season 1” skin which I think is fair!



3. Dreadknight Garen

You can obtain Garen and this skin for free by simply following the League of Legends twitter account. Their twitter has 2,600,000 followers with 173,809 of them obtaining this prize. I think it’s cool for Riot to give away such an awesome champion and skin!



2. Riot Girl Tristana

Tristana has become an amazing AD carry champion and I would highly recommend her, I haven’t mastered her myself but I have friends and watched her at worlds and she always performs. You can get her and this skin for free by simply liking the League of Legends Facebook page!

This champion is owned by just 300,000 players which is a crazy amount!



1. Unchained Alistar

The most owned skin in League of Legends is Unchained Alistar! You can obtain this champion and the skin by subscribing to the League of Legends YouTube channel! It’s owned by an enormous 311,218 players. Alistar is still going strong competitively so don’t think it’s not worth your time because he definitely is!


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