Archetypes in card games, also referred to as ‘series’, are a group of cards with something in common, like the same artwork or design. Though players of the Yugioh card game normally play with whatever hand they’re dealt, using a deck of Yugioh archetypes could give you an advantage over your friends.

Archetypes come in especially handy if you’re the sort of person to favor a specific type. There are over 8000 cards playable in Japan and over 7000 playable outside, which can be pretty daunting to choose from for the more serious collectors. Are you into fish monsters? Or do you prefer the dinosaur types? Collecting cards from an archetype can help you collect more of the same.

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Top 10 Yugioh Archetypes

The added advantage, however, is the element of surprise. At the inception of the Yugioh card game, there weren’t nearly as many cards in circulation as there are today, which meant decks were pretty much based on just types and attributes.

Now, with Yugioh archetypes, gameplays can be better strategized, and what a shock it would come to your friends when you whip out a card from an archetype they’re guaranteed to never have heard of! Though it wouldn’t exactly be too surprising considering there are hundreds of archetypes, it still seems like a fun bit of knowledge to keep on hand.

10) Koa’ki Meiru

Koa’ki Meiru

The Koa’ki Meiru archetype consists of monsters with Earth, Wind, Water or Fire attributes which makes them immune to their own effects by manipulating the ‘Iron Core’.

This archetype was released in 2009 and is chock full of high-level Attack monsters. These monsters particularly affect other monsters with Light and Dark attributes. Though normally you could use individual “Koa’ki Meiru” monsters to help out other decks of the same type, it’s most powerful when using a fully dedicated deck.

9) Gimmick Puppet

Gimmick Puppet

As far as archetypes go, this one is pretty obscure considering some of its better-known cards. This archetype is for Machine monsters and is probably so unknown considering its hideously horrific designs, which have even been cut out from the dubbed version of the Yugioh ZEXAL anime.

The Gimmick Puppet archetype is full of level 8 monsters, used to swarm and inflict damage upon other rank 8 monsters. Using one of these cards is bound to get you at least a few looks from your friends.

8) Magical Musket

Being one of the most recently released archetypes, it comes as no surprise that this deck hasn’t made the rounds to popularity yet. This archetype was released in the Spirit Warriors set and consists of Light Fiend monsters.

The monsters of this type are linked together on their basis of the German opera, Der Freischutz, of which they are based after seven characters and are inspired by the designs of notable Western idols. They are also especially skilled at negating or destroying your opponent’s monsters, spells or traps which makes it a great surprise trick.

7) Maliceverous

This is one of those decks you can get a kick out of while you destroy your enemy. This archetype is made up of only three cards, Fork, Knife, and Spoon.

Not the most inventive trio, but certainly one of the lesser known ones. (At least as far as Yugioh cards go.) These are level 2 Dark Fiend monsters that all have effects summoning second rank Xyz monsters, and are a fun little addition to your plays.

6) Triamid

The Triamid archetype definitely has some of the better looking cards out there, filled with Earth Rock monsters, these cards made their debut in the Dark Illusion Booster Pack.

True to the name, (tri from ‘triangle’ and mid from ‘pyramid’) the pack seems to be Egyptian influenced visually and focuses its effects on Field Spells. Considering the likelihood your opponent is in possession of a card with spell or trap removal, it’s probably for the best that you don’t rely on cards of this type too much.

5) Alien


Dedicated to a pack of reptilian monsters, this archetype focuses on the use of A-Counters, also known as the ‘Alien Counter’, which can weaken the defense of opposing monsters.

After weakening their enemy, support cards then take control and ensure a swift defeat.

4) Super Defense Robot

With the ability to quickly summon Xyz rank 8 monsters during a pinch, these Earth machine type monsters could quickly grow to be a well liked edition to your deck.

Considering just how many rank 8 Xyz engines exist (which is very many), this Yugioh archetypes could be just what you’ve been needing.

3) Vylon

The majestic looking monsters under this archetype have the Light attribute and fall under either the Fairy or Machine Type. According to the story, the Vylon are holy weapons designed by the Constellar, which make it a rarity for any player to have.

Some of these cards have the ability to summon up big monsters with some pretty powerful spells, and are overall a card set we need to bring back.

2) Star Seraph

Star Seraph - Yugioh Archetypes

Yet another archetype for Light Fairy monsters, this archetype, also known as ‘Holy Lightning’, focus on swarming the field and center their powers on summoning other powerful monsters.

It can certainly be hard to gain attention when there are just so many Light attribute archetypes out there that look awfully similar in design (see Vylon).

1) Worm

Best Yugioh Archetypes  - Worm

No, this reptilian type set made up of Flip monsters is not the most powerful Yugioh archetypes you will come across, but it is most certainly the most obscure.

Even some of the more hardcore players would have a difficult time placing this specific archetype.