If you have been tasked with planning a bachelor party for your best friend, you may already be feeling the pressure start to build. Planning a super awesome event, that will herald the end of single life for one lucky guy, can be a stressful process.

10 Of The Best Tips For Planning A Bachelor Party

However, by following the 10 key tips below you should end up with some solid plans for what will be an occasion that is remembered for a long, long time.

1. Who to invite

First things first, you need to plan a guest list. The groomsmen are a shoo-in for sure, but you may need to extend your circle further.  Best way to ensure no one is missing? 

Ask the groom!  Seriously, you are not throwing a surprise party and he will know that plans are afoot, so be upfront and ask who he wants to be there with him.

2.  Working out the budget

Working out how much people in the group can afford to spend is import
Working out how much people in the group can afford to spend is import

You may well have an eclectic mix of attendees, who have different tastes and more importantly differing budgets. Aim to make it affordable for all.  No point planning a shindig that is only suitable for the high rollers, if some of your party crowd haven’t got the pennies to pay for it. 

You don’t need to ask for their bank statements, but do consider their own work commitments/lifestyle restrictions in the initial planning stages.

3.  Picking a date

Diary bingo is always fun – not!  You may need to go back and forth between everyone before you can find a suitable date that everyone can make.

But persevere – there will be a mutually convenient time to celebrate, even if it ends up being well in advance of the wedding itself.

4. Deciding on a location

Choosing the right place for a bachelor party is crucially important. Once again, you will need to consider the budget of those who will attend and then decide on a long weekend, somewhere far away or one night of hell-raising closer to home.

With cheap airfares often the norm these days, many groups are opting to head further afield for bachelor parties – but just as much fun can be had by staying closer to home.

5.  Daytime fun

Pick some fun daytime activities to participate in
Pick some fun daytime activities to participate in

Aside from recovering from the night before, make the most of every moment away by planning activities for the slightly more sober daytime hours.

A round of golf could be a good option or perhaps your group would be interested in attending a sporting event. Alternatively, participate in some adrenaline-fueled activities like go-karting, paintballing or even bungee jumping.

6.  Evening plans

Partying into the small hours is the corner stone of most bachelor party celebrations. Don’t spoil it by not planning well in advance. Research your location, choose your venues and book tickets, tables or extra little surprises well in advance of your arrival if you want it all to run as smoothly as possible.

This is your big chance to book the best bachelor party ever – don’t blow it by being poorly prepared.

7.  Dress code

Bachelor parties are fueled activities opportunity to consider fancy dress costumes and this is a sure fire way to make the occasion even more memorable.

The guys over at Last Night of Freedom have a section on their website dedicated solely to bachelor party fancy dress costumes and accessories – a great source of inspiration if this is the route you want to go down when making your own plans.

Whether you go all out with themed costumes, or simply opt for the easier, but still impressive personalized t-paintballing, make sure everyone’s on board and garments are purchased and ready to wear well in advance.

8.  Guest lists

Imagine planning the perfect night out, only to be turned away by the bouncer – oh, the shame!

 If you are planning on retiring to a venue that has an entrance policy, consult with them in advance about dress-codes as well as any other restrictions and try to get your names on the guest list if you can.

9.  Consider the groom’s wishes

10 of the Best Tips for Planning a Bachelor Party
Make sure the groom will enjoy himself

Don’t get so carried away with your preparations that you lose sight of the man at the middle of it all.  While it’s all well and good to throw in the odd visit to a  strip joint or make your man drink beer from a shoe, completely ignoring his preferences is a no-no. 

Keep his interests and desires in mind while planning a Bachelor Party and also when you get there.  A happy bachelor makes for a memorable event.

10.  Keep in touch

Touring somewhere different can present it’s own problems in terms of logistics, as can making plans with people that may live many miles away. 

Solve potential communication problems using the awesome power of your phone. Set up a bachelor party group to bachelor Messenger or Whatsapp to make life easier for everyone and to stay in contact in real-time. This may also be useful if someone strays from the pack during the course of the events.

Finally- try to enjoy the experience of planning a bachelor party ever for your buddy.  After all, he may need to do it for you someday soon too.