Gone are the days when we could see celebrity pictures on the magazine covers showing how they were caught cheating on their spouse. Extra-marital affairs are getting more popular than ever among normal married couples nowadays. It has become almost socially acceptable to have an affair.

Infidelity is perhaps as old as marriage itself and the increasing use of social media networks and extramarital affair dating sites make things easier for those who find their married life monotonous. Though an extra-marital affair is considered to be a curse for a marriage, there are some surprising ways or reasons to have an affair. Actually, an affair can sometimes help mend the relationship.

Top 10 Reasons To Have An Affair

10 Reasons To Have An Affair

There are some new revelations when experiencing an affair and most of these are directly associated with the marriage and affect it positively. Here we list the top ten reasons why having an affair can actually be beneficial for a marriage.

1. You become a happier person

Chances are that you were fed up with the monotonous, boring life and wanted something exciting and new. You might have got involved in an extramarital affair to experience new things and charm of a new relationship. Such a relationship definitely helps you be happier than before as you experience new and exciting things that you were missing.

This would naturally make you happy even when with your partner and you stop arguing with and criticizing him/her. Your daily fights decrease in number and you enjoy peace at least for some time. It is also possible that being happy around your spouse may reduce the stress between the couple, making it a peaceful marriage again.

2. You get new ideas to revive your marriage life

Once you indulge in an affair, you get new experiences giving you a lot of new ideas and perspectives of relationship. It is possible that you implement some of these ideas into your marriage relationship too. This can actually convert what you believed to be an end into a new beginning.

An affair gets you a fresh outlook which can make you realize that there is a lot that you haven’t yet tried. Bringing the new ideas from the affair into your marriage life could help you get back on track and actually save your drowning marriage.

3. New emotions direct you towards your partner

We all believe that cheating is wrong from moral aspects. Doing something behind the back of your partner is a sign of weakness. You may indulge in an affair to satisfy your fantasy and desires at one time. But once the fantasy gets boring, emotions like guilt start discouraging you. Eventually, you realize that it was a mistake.

Emotions emerging out of the affair and your realization can help you get closer to your partner and give a new direction to your marriage that lost the track. Once you feel the guilt of engaging with somebody else and cheating your partner, you may never want to repeat it again.

4. You become more conscious of your actions

Out of the frustration of your monotonous married life and the need to be loved and desired, you get involved in an extramarital affair. But as you proceed, you start being aware of your actions as you realize that you are doing something which breaks the rules of marriage. This realization makes you more and more conscious of what you do.

You start thinking about the repercussions and you feel the need to deal with it at the earliest. This can even lead you to talk about it with your partner or you may stop indulging in the affair.

5. You become more confident

With increasing time of your marriage, the frequency of your sexual inactivity increases, thus lowering your confidence and incorporating a concept that your partner does not desire you any longer. As a result, you start ignoring your look and remain dull most of the time. An extramarital affair has the power to bring back all that you have been missing.

The feelings and spark come back and you feel the pressure of a new relationship again. You feel that you are being desired again and this boosts your confidence to a great extent. You become highly energetic and confident. Your partner would certainly like to see this new vibe in you. He/she would be happy to see the new you and things may probably change in your marriage, giving it a positive effect.

6. You realize where your relationship stands

Involving in an extramarital affair actually puts your marriage to test. As you shift from your partner to the new person in your life, all the promises and vows that you made start flashing in front of you. They seem to be at risk and call you back.

You go through a rollercoaster of emotions at this time and it makes you realize the meaning of your relationship in a true sense. The new indulgence helps you identify where your marriage stands and how important it is for you. You can find out whether the relationship is the end game or dead end.

7. There is more space to breathe

Most couples suffer from the frustration of not having a breathing space. There are times after a few years of marriage that life becomes monotonous and restricted. You start feeling suffocated for no reason. Negative emotions for your partner arising out of this suffocation start piling up. If at this time, somebody new enters the life, the negative emotions get a break and eventually subside.

You get a chance to see things more clearly and somehow positively. The frustration vanishes due to the affair and the new feelings. And you are able to find some breathing space again, strengthening your marriage unknowingly.

8. You can identify problems in your marriage

Most extramarital affairs result from a lack of sexual and emotional intimacy in marriage. You may or may not be aware that there are some of these problems in your marriage life. Once you have an affair, you naturally start looking for the thing your marriage was lacking. You start realizing why your marriage was not working well.

When you indulge with another person, you find the importance of understanding in a relationship. You recognize the void and you can even work on it if you really want to save your relationship.

9. It helps you realize that everything is temporary

In most cases, an affair is a way to escape from the marriage to get a better feeling. Consider an example when you fall sick. You visit a doctor and he heals you; once you are healed, you don’t visit him again.

In the same way, when you get tired of the marriage, you indulge in an extramarital affair to fill the void and get the attention. Once the void is filled and you start feeling better, you may not like to continue the affair any longer. You start realizing that the affair had an expiry date and is no longer needed. You may also realize that the only permanent thing was your marriage and you should stick to it. This is one of the good reasons to have an affair and how it can help to save your marriage.

10. You can bring back the spark in your marriage

An extramarital affair livens up the hidden desires and sexual cravings that vanished with time in your marriage. You crave being desired passionately again and this can help you get sexual desires aroused again with your husband/wife.

You also get inspired to try new techniques that you learn from the affair. The spark that was missing from your marital life could come back and the frequency of your dry days can decrease. It is possible that your marriage was missing the desires of one of the partners and an affair could help get more from him/her towards the relationship.

These are some of the reasons to have an affair and can consider an extramarital affair to be beneficial for the marriage. Let us know in the comment section your thoughts and suggestions about this. We appreciate your valuable comments.