The great series of Red vs Blue has so many talented fighters that it’s tough to decide on the best 10, as someone who has watched every episode many times over, I test my extensive knowledge to bring you what I believe are the top 10 best soldiers in Red vs Blue.




10. Caboose


A member of the Blue team and arguably the most recognisable character in the series, Michael J. Caboose has been described as “the only one who knows he’s in a video game” by the series creator’s. Caboose has gone from slightly stupid in season 1 to being unable to comprehend anything around him by season 3 (even going as far as thinking he is blind when really he just has his visor down).


He’s nearly everyone’s favourite character, spewing out hilarious lines such as “Time isn’t made of lines! It is made of circles. That is why clocks are round.” and “Why are there six pedals and only four directions?”.  So by now I bet you’re wondering why someone like this has made it on to a list like this, aren’t you?


Well, Caboose has an abnormal amount of strength which two of his fellow team mates describe as “God’s way of compensating”. He can lift all sorts, jeep? Check. Large bomb that no one else could budge? Check. When putting that strength into combat he can take down enemies just by charging at them. As well as this, he possesses a surprising amount of engineering skill. He manages to craft an entire working guard robot equipped with rockets from junk found lying around. This is what gets him on to the list.



9. Tucker

Another member of the Blue team, Lavernius Tucker is a wise cracking womaniser as well as the highest military ranking member of his team. He uses a sword dubbed the “Great Weapon” by aliens and that sword ends up with him getting impregnated by one of the said aliens. He has a fond dislike of work and combat despite having arguably the most potential. You can, however, sometimes see his serious side when it’s needed and he’ll always be there when an extra hand is needed.


In combat, he’s far more competent than the rest of the Reds and Blues. He’s been known to somehow survive extreme damage that would kill anyone else, such as a direct hit from a rocket. Against the much stronger foes the Reds and Blues have faced he’s seemed to be the closest that gets to deliver the killing blow. His comedic yet effective swordsmanship places him this high up the list.


8. Agent Florida/Captain Flowers

Butch Flowers/Agent Florida was a Freelancer turned Blue after he was given an assignment to protect some important equipment. This guy doesn’t seem to be mentioned a lot because he’s never really featured in many episodes, but I can tell you this guy is incredibly underrated.


Being the only one out of all of the Freelancers to be given one of the most important missions in the entire human history you might be surprised why he’s so unknown, and the reason is because that mission required him to get absolutely everything regarding him and his past erased from history.


In combat, he’s proved he’s not the strongest by failing to throw a simple tomahawk type axe at enemies a mere 40 yards away (that is bad for a Freelancer). Instead he’s an extremely tactical fighter who uses his awareness to outsmart enemies. He’s managed to save his whole squad of Freelancers from being pinned down my mini-guns with one sniper round, and it didn’t even hit an enemy.


He was only killed by a comedic event of being injected with the wrong vaccine when he was already really ill. His tactical awareness and resourcefulness gets him 8th, but lack of screen time can’t get me to put him any higher.


7. North/South Dakota twins

I’m sorry, I know there’s two of them but you never really see just one of them fighting alone.


North Dakota and South Dakota were twin brother/sister as well as Freelancers. North (the male in purple) favoured a sniper rifle and was known to be patient, calm and sturdy. He would get the job done properly. Whereas South (female in pink) was known to be reckless, impatient and quick tempered. She would get the job done quickly, but not tidily.

In battle, these two would use both of their strengths to benefit eachother. North would watch over her back with a sniper rifle whilst South would be on the ground carrying out the mission, however, if things turned bad (which they usually did with South) he would go down to help her. Together, they produced a very fine team in which they would execute flawless combos to blow their way through any opponents.


Unfortunately it is South that lets them down. During combat she would be great but when fighting an uphill battle she’d be more of a burden than a help. Also, South eventually sacrifices North just so she can survive, showing she’d rather run than fight. If South would have been more like her brother I’m positive these would have been higher!


6. Agent Washington

Agent Washington was a Freelancer mostly known as “Wash”. He preferred the normal Battle Rifle and it was his Freelancer symbol, proving his bond with the weapon. He was known as a real good guy, friends with everyone and always after justice, but after he was implanted with AI things went wrong from there.


Firstly, the AI contained memories from a past human, which means he got them all, good and bad. This caused him severe pain and he ended up being sedated and taken into a recovery room. After this he finds it hard to trust anyone let alone see anyone as a friend. He starts recovering Freelancer equipment and battles many tough opponents on the way which gives him experience and increases his combat abilities.


5. Agent York

Although he wasn’t the most skilled marksman or hand to hand combat fighter, he had an incredible knack for survivability. He managed to take a grenade from no more than a foot away, got sent into a space junk yard to be lost but managed to find his way back to his team and managed to survive for years after the Freelancer Project came to a close.

He utilised his AI, Delta, to unlock doors and mess around with security systems. He’s a smart fighter, relying on tactics and his surroundings more than his strength. He was a good guy, friends with all, enemies with none and it’s a real shame he had to die, I’m sure all of us fans would have loved to see him live indefinitely. He was ranked 2nd in the Freelancers rankings at one time.


4. Agent Wyoming

Reginald Wyoming is the only British freelancer and is more of a mercenary. Some freelancers where there because they thought they were doing good, he was just there because he was getting paid to do something that he was very good at doing.

He’s showed his competence by reaching the 3rd highest rank on the Freelancer leaderboard, before being injured and taken off the list, to coming back to 4th place. He managed to kill Agent York in a firefight as well as a whole team of Reds (a different red team than the main characters).


3. Agent Maine/The Meta

He never says any words, but you always know what his intentions are. Agent Maine brings a whole new meaning to the word badass. Using his Brute Shot weapon as a melee weapon or a grenade launcher he kills many enemies or uses it to disable objects in his way (such as cutting a rocket launcher in half, or shooting a jeep at his enemies).

He’s arguably the strongest freelancer, being able to lift all sorts of vehicles and just throw them like they’re nothing. He managed to defeat Agent Washington without any AI at all, and would actually be first in this list (in his Meta form after collecting all of the AI) if it weren’t for the fact that he was defeated by the Reds and Blues joining together with Washington.


2. Agent Carolina

Agent Carolina was the boss of all freelancers, she held 1st position for the longest time and she was called in to get people like Agents North/South out of trouble. Her best abilities are her speed which is exceptionally fast and her armour that can change colour. She utilises a whole bunch of weapons, from dual Plasma Rifles (shown above), grapling hook pistols, normal pistols, knives or just hand to hand combat. Speaking of hand to hand combat, she’s been shown to take down an entire regiment of troops with just her fists and one grappling hook shot.

She’s shown to be incredibly competitive, proven by when other people were getting AI’s and starting to improve their game, she requested two. Right from when you first see her you know she’s close to the ultimate badass. She’s sentimental though and very close to her friends, which is shown when Agent Maine was shot several times in the throat, she reacted straight away. Agent York and her were very close, they apparently met in a nightclub before the whole Freelancer project started.

Not much was known about her before recently, for most of the first 10 series or so she was only mentioned a few times and even though we know a lot about her now, I still find her very mysterious. Besides maybe Caboose (I still think he’s Agent Utah), she’s the character I’m most interested in.


1. Agent Texas

In my opinion, the single most badass character to have ever existed in anything. A lot of people who are familiar with the series know she’s good but they don’t realise how good. I’ll list some points below.

Obliterated Agent York, Maine AND Wyoming in a series of tests involving guns and martial arts.

Ended up killing Wyoming.

Killed C.T :'(

Absolutely demolished the Reds and Blues

Fought against The Meta and Agent Washington at once and barely losing after a huge fight (any other freelancer would have lost within seconds)

The owner of Project Freelancer would often send her on rogue missions that where mostly unknown to the rest of the Freelancers. Shortly after her arrival in the project she immediately became 1st in the leaderboard and stayed there indefinitely.

I can’t really write much about her, as there’s just not even words in the English language to describe her badassary, so instead I’ll leave a video link for you to watch here






Agent Connecticut/C.T

I really wish we’d have seen more of her, her armour ability was so cool and she was a really likeable character.

I’ll leave this here for you to watch, I can’t guarantee you won’t cry though.




I actually wrote half of this list about 5 months ago, hence why the first couple of entries have massive descriptions. I decided to tone them down on the other entries as I feel there was way too much information and no one will want to read all of it.


List by Ryan


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