You’ve all heard that the dark web is the creepiest place on the internet and that we all should avoid it. The truth is that there are some extremely creepy websites on the ‘normal’ web, too. Here are few of the weird websites on the internet that would freak you out.

Before you start reading, beware! The content on these websites is not only scary, but it can be pretty disturbing. Now, if you still want to continue, let’s start to take a look at these top ten weirdest websites.

10 Most Weird Websites On The Internet

1. Rate My Poo


crappiest websites - Rate My Poo

This might not be the creepiest websites on the internet, but it’s certainly the crappiest. The website title pretty much explains everything. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, people actually upload their poo to be rated by other internet users. So, if you’ve ever wanted to check out how other people’s waste looks like, this is the perfect place to do it.

You can also get additional info about the particular piece of poo, such as the date when it was made, the gender and the age of the pooper. If you ask me, the world went into the pooper.

2. Skyway Bridge

weird website - Skyway Bridge

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge actually brings darkness to many families because it is the fourth most popular suicide bridge in the United States. The idea behind the website is actually good as it has the goal of preventing suicide jumps from even happening.

However, it still offers a detailed statistics of the number of suicides, as well as a very graphic description of what happens to jumpers. No, they don’t die at once, but they break their bones and end up drowning in incredible pain. More details on the website.

3. The Fifth Nail Blog

creepiest websites - The Fifth Nail Blog

The Fifth Nail consists of several blogs that are allegedly handwritten by a serial rapist and convicted serial killer Joseph E. Duncan III. It is a great way to get an insight into the mind of a psychopath.

Duncan had been raping children ever since he was a teenager, so expect some extremely weird stuff. When he was captured, he decided to write letters to a fan, who is apparently a computer freak because he turned his letters into this scary online journal.

4. Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost - creepiest websites

You might think that there is nothing wrong with art, regardless of how creepy the graphics in it are. However, the Bongcheon-Dong Ghost is an online comic that is extremely disturbing. I dared some friends to visit the website and read it, but they didn’t last for more than a minute.

Now, I dare you! Please note that the website itself warns you before you start reading the comic, so even the authors are aware of the extremely shocking scenes and creepy stories and advise the faint-hearted to stay away.

5. Texas Death Row Info


Texas Death Row Info - weirdest websites

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice regularly updates their page with information about the people that are or ever were on Death Row. Aside from getting info on scheduled executions and the weird statistics, the archive of offenders is the most disturbing thing on the website.

You can list all the offenders on Death Row throughout history and take a look at what they did to deserve the death penalty. On top of that, you can read their last statements, where some of them still claim that they are innocent.

6. Death Date

weirdest websites - Death Date

Ever wondered how much time you have left in your life? Death Date will answer this question after you fill a simple form. You only need to enter your general info and be honest whether you consume alcohol, cigarettes or drugs (or all three).

The weird thing is that it’s not random. I tried to refresh the page and it gave me the exact same date! The website also shows the percentage of your life that has passed, just to remind you not to waste your time browsing some creepy and weird websites on the internet.

7. Death Map

Death Map - top ten weirdest websites

While we are on the subject of death, one of the weird websites called Death Map offers you world births and deaths, simulated in real time. Fortunately, there are more births than deaths throughout the world, but the website still gets pretty disturbing if you only check the “Show Deaths” box.

Not only it will show only people that died, but the dots will even indicate the religion of a person (cross marks a dead Christian). Do that and just imagine all the creeps and religious fanatics worldwide that enjoy the fact that people across the globe die. Freaky, huh?

8. Best Gore

top ten weirdest websites - Best Gore

The website depicts real life gore events with no censorship whatsoever. That means that you get to see real beheadings, dismemberments and other disturbing images and videos. The website’s owner is from Canada, where he was arrested for violating public morals and obscenity laws.

Despite that, different contributors still add new content to the website. Oh, and if you’ve stumbled upon this website searching for “best of Al Gore” it’s equally creepy you even performed that search.

9. Plane Crash Info

Weird Websites - Plane Crash Info

Plane Crash Info offers a comprehensive database of all the plane crashes across the world from the beginning of the 20th century. While you might think this is just a statistics website, the authors tried and succeeded to make it extremely disturbing.

They singled out the worst and the most unusual accidents, as well as famous people who died in plane crashes. The creepiest part of the website is without a doubt the one with MP3 transcriptions of planes crashing. Ever wanted to hear the last words of people dying in a flight accident? I hope not.

10. White Enamel

Weird Websites - White Enamel

We wanted to include the simple Maze Game which is a classic scare, but then we found White Enamel. It is less of a game and more of a horror movie. You will have to click your way through an abandoned insane asylum which, you’ve guessed correctly, is haunted.

The graphics, sound effects and music are all perfect and add to the extremely creepy experience you will have during the White Enamel game. Beware of one thing though – once you finish playing it, you might need to head to a psychiatric hospital yourself.

So these are few of the weird websites on the internet. What do you think about these websitess? Do you know any other website that is equally weird? Do let us know your feedback through the comments section below.