Recently, zombie apocalypse scenarios have started to sound more and more fun and their involvement with the entertainment world has increased. This is down to TV shows The Walking Dead, or video games like DayZ and Left 4 Dead. Although it would be awesome to go around crushing zombie skulls, I’ll give you the top 10 reasons why a zombie apocalypse wouldn’t be awesome.


10. Gore

Video games don’t portray this, partly because they want to make their games available to all ages but also because it’s tough to do. In most films/TV series, you do see some gore but you can’t compare it to the real life thing. Imagine you yourself splitting a head open and the contents spraying everywhere, you’ll likely vomit every time.


9. Family and friends

The one everyone sees coming. During the outbreak, you’ll be rushing to find everyone close to you, but when finding them, there’s a good chance they’re zombies already. This can be anyone, your newborn son or daughter, your parent, anyone. In that moment, you’ll have the problems of not being able to kill them before they kill you.


8. No competence with weapons

You can ignore this one if you know how to use some form of weapon (no, swinging a toy lightsaber doesn’t count). Most of us will have no idea how to use weapons and I can guarantee not everyone will pick it up quickly. Sure it’s fine to swing a sword or a machete and hope for the best, but if there’s more than one it doesn’t go down straight away then you’re dead.


7. Choices

There would be way too many choices for one person to handle, and it would make it even worse if you’re making those choices on behalf of someone else. These will often be split second choices and will bring out parts of your mind that you didn’t even know were there. Of course, if you’re going solo then those choices are drastically reduced, but still there.


6. Food and drink

Something which I would like to point out is that not only do you have to keep eating/drinking constantly to keep your energy up and your body in the best possible state, but the diet has to be perfect too. There’s a lot of food out there right now, but with millions of people raiding everywhere trying to stock up before they leave, it’d be increasingly difficult to acquire. You would have to resort to hunting, which leads me to my next entry.


5. Zombie animals

The closest I’ve seen to this in films/games are the zombie dogs/crows in Resident Evil. In the real world, why shouldn’t whatever causes humans to become zombies infect animals too? I’m talking about insects too, imagine running away from a zombie when you feel hundreds of ants eating away at your leg. Scarier than you’ve thought, eh.


4. Having to move constantly

How much do we love getting up in the morning and having a brew while watching the telly? Well there’d be no more of that, every morning (that’s if you didn’t get attacked during the night) you’d have to get your camp back into the bags and start travelling to your destination. Sure, if you’re used to this then great, if not then it’d be hell for you.


3. Never being able to return to normal life

You, any children or friends you have, anyone at all will have to spend their life surviving. Any moments spare you would get would have to be spent getting extra supplies or honing any current skills, spend time even trying to have a laugh and you will be dead first. Would that really be a life at all?


2. Diseases

Currently, if you feel something isn’t right then you’ll go to a hospital, there you will find a doctor using the best tools available to make you better. There probably wouldn’t be anything like that, you could find surviving medical staff but without their equipment they wouldn’t be able to cure everything, and even with their equipment, they’d need assistance from other experienced medical staff for any larger problems. You’d have to somehow develop a rock solid immunity.


1. You will eventually die

Obviously you would die anyway of old age or other natural causes, but in a world with millions of zombies and even more as animals, it’d be quicker and a lot more gruesome. You’d find suicide corpses everywhere, people deciding they want to end it themselves rather than watch their intestines be devoured, people won’t be able to trust eachother, leading to small wars between groups over supplies. If a zombie apocalypse did happen in your lifetime, you’ll be very lucky to have a normal death.



So there we have it, obviously if you’re part of the military, a survival expert or are just really good with your instincts then some of this won’t apply to you. Lets be honest though, very few of us fall under those categories.



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