The Walking Dead has become a hit phenomenon and is one of the most watched TV shows in the entire world. The original series reached an average view counter of over 5,000,000 which is unheard of for a new TV series. Since then it has reached its 6th series, the 5th series producing an average view count of over 14,000,000. In the show, zombies are referred to as walkers and they make life hell for those who have managed to survive. There are millions of walkers but some have been killed by the show’s stars, here’s a list of the 10 characters who have killed the most walkers in the show’s history!



10. Tyreese

Walkers killed: 32

Debuting in season 3 and lasting until season 5, Tyreese was a much-loved character who would prevent any bloodshed if possible. He was an ex-NFL player which showed as he often used his brute strength and hardiness to get through tough situations. He was overall a gentle soul, as shown when he forgave the person who killed his girlfriend. Despite this, he still reaches the list for the most walkers killed at 32!



9. Abraham

Walkers killed: 33

Abraham has only been in the series since season 5, he’s managed to rack up 33 kills which has put him in the #9 spot. He had a wife and a son who were killed by walkers while fleeing, he had a primary mission to protect a scientist who lied that he had a cure. After all of this, he has pretty much lost all hope and is just a broken shell of a man. He’s desperately seeking for a purpose, something to aim for, a mission. Overall he’s a likeable character who fits in and contributes well.

Also, dat epic horseshoe mustache!



8. Carl

Walkers killed: 37

The kid who has managed to survive, Carl started off as an 11 year old kid but has quickly adapted and learned the vital skills you need in the Walking Dead universe. After the death of his mother, he had to step up and look after his sister, which he has done a fine job of so far. He’s now 16 years old but is mentally much more mature and is arguably one of the most sane characters in the entire group. Capable of murder and fighting when required but not letting such actions take over him. Even though he’s so young, he’s managed to kill a total of 37 walkers over the course of his Walking Dead career.



7. Andrea

Walkers killed: 42

The death of Andrea’s sister (Amy) in the third episode of the first series gave viewers the first taste of what it’s like for a group of survivors. Since that moment, Andrea had become very emotionally distressed, even suicidal to the end of the first season. After season 1 she becomes more independent and feels like an outcast, she learns how to use a weapon and eventually finds herself in Woodbury, where she met her death. During her short time on the show, she managed to kill 42 walkers.



6. Maggie

Walkers killed: 45

Unfortunately, Maggie is the last member of the Greene family left. Her father and sister were important characters and it’s a shame they both didn’t make it. Maggie has lost so many loved ones, with her only her husband left. Despite this she still hangs on and aims to make a new life in the horrible world they live in, rather than trying to survive in it. She’s become a very competent fighter which has led to her killing 45 walkers!



5. Sasha

Walkers killed: 55

Sasha is the last member of the newcomers who came to the prison from Woodbury and hasn’t responded to her losses very well (understandably). Her brother Tyreese was always there for her until his death, she then went on to form a relationship with a friend until he died as well. This has caused her to become borderline insane as she struggles to let any kind of hope, social connections or chance of living a normal life in. Her hardened attitude have helped her kill 55 walkers.



4. Michonne

Walkers killed: 87

Introduced at the end of season 2 and revealed in season 3, Michonne has become one of the most skilled and important members in the series. Wielding a powerful Katana, she’s amassed 87 walker kills total. At first she seemed really reluctant to open herself up and show her true self but over time, she has shown she is a kind and honest person who just wants a normal life. She also killed perhaps the biggest villain in Walking Dead history so far in The Governor.



3. Glenn

Walkers killed: 129

One of the most beloved characters to grace the series, Glenn had become responsible for the happiness, wellbeing and safety of many of the people he would be around. He would constantly put his life at risk for others, doing runs and collecting resources for others to use. After time and horrible experiences, such as nearly being eaten by cannibals or surviving being tied to a chair with a walker in the room have made him a hardened, resourceful and quick thinking survivor. Unfortunately, due to someone else’s incompetence he was eaten alive by walkers in season 6. Before his death, he managed to accumulate a whopping 129 walker kills.



2. Rick

Walkers killed: 137

The main protagonist of the comics and the TV Series. Rick Grimes is badass as hell, doing anything to protect his family and group. When he first started to understand the world he now lives in, he believed people shouldn’t kill other living people. This all changed over time as he found you need to kill anything you think will cause a problem if you want to survive. A lot of people don’t agree with him on this but he always proves them right eventually. His fighting abilities and length of time on the show have allowed him to rack up 137 total walker kills!



1. Daryl

Walkers killed: 142

It’s pretty much confirmed that if Daryl is ever killed off, there will be rioting in every major series in the world. He’s one of the few surviving members of the original group and has become the member with the best survival skills out of all of them. This has led to him killing the most walkers out of any other major characters in the series!