Smart phones have become one of the most inevitable parts of people’s lives and this is true for adults as well as children. This is why concerned employers, parents and individuals look for spy apps to be able to monitor the activity and interactions of their employee, kids or partners. iPhones have, since their release a decade ago, become more popular than anybody could have anticipated.

These devices are now used by anybody. Depending on the app you choose, it is just a matter of few minutes to extract information from a person’s iPhone. Whatever your reasons, be it for spying or for iPhone tracking in case of loss, these iPhone spy apps offer an easy way to keep a watch on the whereabouts of a person.

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Top 10 iPhone Spy Apps

Here are the top ten iPhone spy apps which support all the iPhone devices to let you track the details you want.

1. mSpy

iPhone spy apps - mSpy

An excellent mobile monitoring app which can be installed on the iPhone of your child, spouse or employee, mSpy lets you monitor their messages, phone calls, social media activity, locations and more.

The app installs on the device and runs in the background discreetly to monitor the activities and sends you reports which you can access on any device. It is a reliable and easy to use iPhone spy app which offers a great way to monitor children without their knowledge.

2. MobiStealth


This iPhone app is an innovative spy software that offers an easy way to monitor a phone remotely. Parents and businesses can use this app to keep an eye on their kids and employees. The features on this app allow monitoring all the activities on the device through any other device.

The app runs in the background all the time, recording the use of the phone and the interactions. You can use it to monitor chat sessions, calls, contacts, internet history, emails, photos and videos. You can view recorded information remotely through an online control panel.

3. TruthSpy


One of the most beneficial iPhone spy apps, TruthSpy comes loaded with all the important features. It is designed to let you identify the truth about any person. It is a reliable spy app that helps you catch a cheating spouse and take the right decisions on time.

The app features GPS tracker to allow you to locate the person while enabling you to check and monitor the person’s calls and messages. You can also use TruthSpy to spy on your employees and improve their productivity. It is possible to keep track of the employees in the finance department so that nobody can make any plans of fraud.

4. SpyEra

iPhone Spy Apps - SpyEra

This app allows controlling other iPhones easily and quickly with just few clicks. Apart from the basic spying activities, SpyEra offers some more advanced features. You can listen to IM chats and use the live call recording feature to keep track of a person.

This spy app helps you obtain different types of permissions easily. This app is largely used by detectives who want to fetch confidential information about a culprit. It offers reliable tracking capabilities powered by the latest technology to monitor activities hidden by your spouse on their iOS devices. SpyEra app works on the phone in stealth mode to let you spy discreetly.

5. Spymaster Pro

 Spymaster Pro

Another popular monitoring app for iPhone, Spymaster Pro helps you secure your spouse, children and employees. It is specifically designed to improve the efficiency and potential of your employees to benefit your business.

This app provides an easy way to monitor their activities so that they do not waste or misuse the resources of the organization. The app is designed to incorporate the latest technology and can effectively detect your partner’s lies as well. You can use it on iPad and iPhone simultaneously.

6. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile

This app has all the basic features desired in an iPhone spy app. You can easily retrieve the text messages, emails and Whatsapp messages of the person you are spying on. Not only can an individual monitor the activities of a person but can also reply on his behalf. Highster Mobile app also allows blocking the sites you don’t want your children to watch.

Through this iPhone spy app, you can block the other person’s contacts as well. You can even fetch images, screenshots and other files from the person’s phone. They can be transferred to your device easily and discreetly.

7. SpyBubble


Next on the list is another good spying option which can be easily installed on any iPhone or iPad. SpyBubble is capable of tracking all the internet enabled smartphones and lets you monitor various social networking sites and apps.

It also lets you block unwanted contacts from your loved one’s contact list. You can even block YouTube links for videos you don’t want your children to view. It is also possible to block any addictive games that you feel your kids are getting addicted to.

8. Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker

This iPhone spy app is designed to serve families with busy schedules and businesses interested in tracking employees. It allows tracking the activity and location of another phone to help you follow the movements of your spouse, child, co-worker or employee.

Phone Tracker combines powerful GPS functionality with the latest monitoring features to track the other person’s interactions, internet activity and location.

9. GuestSpy


A highly advanced iPhone monitoring software, GuestSpy offers amazing spying features. It helps you monitor the activity of your kids or employees by installing on their iPhone. The app not only helps keep track of their interactions and online activities but also offers their location details to trace them anytime from anywhere.

You can use this spy app to read the content of messages sent and received by the target user, track call logs, monitor IM apps, internet browsing history, access multimedia files on the person’s phone. GuestSpy records all the calls on the phone you are spying and lets you enjoy live recording.

10. FlexiSpy

If you are looking for an iPhone spy app that performs its job stealthily and offers great value for money, FlexiSpy is worth considering. It comes with a money back guarantee of 10 days and is loaded with excellent features. It helps with texts, calls, emails, IM details, browsing history, camera pictures, GPS location and more. It offers over 150 features including activity monitoring and call interception. It is a highly reliable spying app that works on any iPhone and is accepted worldwide.

These are the best iPhone spy apps for monitoring activity on iPhone and they are perfectly legal to use. If your children use an iPhone registered on your name, it is not necessary to inform them about installing these apps on their device.

However, if you want to spy on employees and co-workers for safety or business reasons, you should notify them of the existence of these apps on their iPhone. Ethical use of iPhone spy apps ensures that you stay away from any problems in the future. We hope this list of the best iPhone spy apps help you make the right choice quickly.