Investing in a trampoline is not a decision that should be made based on an emotional whim. A bad investment decision will hurt your pocket and could do damage to your physical well being. The article will provide a list of the best trampoline brands that are available in the market. The list puts a premium on the safety features availed by each brand and product reviews from clients and critics alike.

10 Best Trampoline Brands OF 2017

#10. Jump Sport

Best Trampoline Brands

The main selling point of this brand is the safety. This marque’s trampolines come with a safety net enclosure and shock absorbing jumping mats to ensure that children are protected from falls that would be dangerous to their long term well being.

#9. Skywalker


The brands unique selling proposition is the patented enclosure system. The base of each interlocks to the base of each mat, this ensures that the jump area s taut, this minimizes gaps and the need to thread ropes thus ensuring that the trampoline is secure.

#8. SpringFree



This trampoline that has no springs. This was a first by industry standards whereby springs replaced rods. The composite rods produce a bounce similar to that of springs but unlike a spring a rod does not pinch the skin. The frame is also underneath the jumping surface which means you don’t hit the frame and that it bends to accommodate the pressure exerted on it without collapsing.

# 7. Ultega Jumper

Best Trampoline Brands

This sports and leisure equipment brand makes it to the shortlist because it packs a safety enclosure and u shaped legs that make it stable. This coupled with the fact that it is easy on the pocket and simple to assemble makes it a winning prospect.

# 6. Pure Fun

pure fun


This brand is a subsidiary of Pure Global Brands and the high standards that are associated with the parent company’s fitness equipment are also adhered to in the subsidiary. This is the brand that you need to pay close attention to if you are investing in a trampoline for children. They manufacture trampolines for all children’s ages and safety is of paramount importance.

#5. Upper Bounce Trampoline


Best Trampoline Brands

This brand is ideal for the outdoors; it has a powder coated steel frame that can withstand hours of bouncing, and a sturdy weaved mat. It comes with a cover that protects it from inclement weather and a safety net that hems in kids and this coupled with the ease of setting up makes this product a worthy investment option.

# 4. Airzone

AirzoneTrampoline - Best Brand

No trampoline brands list worth a mention is complete without listing the Air Zone brand. The two winning features that make this brand stand out are the diversity of products that are offered, the durability of the trampolines, and the premium placed on user friendliness and safety of their products.

#3. AlleyOop

AlleyOOP-Trampoline-Rectangular_01 - Best trampoline brand

This is a trampoline that has made a name for itself for indoor use. It is made of high density springs that can withstand high levels of bounce for prolonged periods of time. It also packs an enclosure which ensure that children do not bound out from the bouncing area. Durability and safety are the main selling points.

#2. Sky bound

skyboundlogo - Best trampoline brand

This brand makes it to list because the trampolines can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has a meshed enclosure to ensure that the children are hemmed in and the set up process is straightforward. The reviews from consumers is positive.

#1. Stamina

Best Trampoline Brands

Ease of storage, affordable price(s), durability and most of all a steel frame that houses a heavy duty rebounding surface makes the Stamina brand a winning proposition. Hence, this is considered one of the Best Trampoline Brands.

The list above is by no means exhaustive and does not list the best trampoline brands in order of rank, it does however give a balanced view of sturdy brands that rule the roost in the world of trampolines.