There are reported to be 110,000,000 cases of STDs in the US alone. For most people have an STD, they will feel sad, alone and depressed. They have a million questions going through their mind, will anyone ever accept them? How can I tell people who I am being intimate with? Will my family and friends treat me the same? Well don’t worry, there’s plenty of reasons why you can still live a healthy and normal life, even with an STD. And here’s how.


10. It’s not the end of the world

So you have an STD, whether it’s herpes or syphilis, things could always be worse. Think about those in other countries who either die of thirst or die from the diseases inside the water they drink. Think of those who are fighting for their countries against terrorists. Think of those who don’t have a roof over their heads. You still have a lot and an STD cannot change that!



9. Loads of people have them

You’re not the first person to have an STD and you won’t be the last. As mentioned at the start of the article, millions of people have all kinds of diseases and they are coping with it, why can’t you? - the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site! – the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site!

8. Now you have it, you don’t have to worry about getting it

You’re now educated about it and are now dealing with it, hopefully. You know it’s not as bad as you thought when you were first told and this can help you achieve peace of mind.



7. You can help others

You have experience with your condition so if anyone, especially anyone close, is diagnosed then you will help them. There are a lot of people who could do with just being told that everything is ok and being supported, you can help people to become comfortable with themselves and their condition.



6. You will become healthier because of it

A lot of people are tired with tax-funded medical research not getting anywhere so they turn to natural remedies. There have been plenty of cases of herbs, plants etc soothing symptoms and giving everyone a chance to fight back. While doing this, you may also lose weight, find new things you like and generally become healthier.



5. Cures Are Coming

This one is kind of a lie. Well, the cures ARE coming, just not any time soon. The funding for cures of less-serious STDs like HSV are very small because HSV doesn’t really do anything bad to you. Privately owned companies and governments get way too much money from more serious STDs so there’s not much incentive for them. However, real scientists who care about our evolution as a species understand that these need to be cured and they are working on it.



4. We’re still human

So many people consider themselves as freaks when they find out they have an STD. They get the mindset that they’re inferior to those who are clean and they start to treat themselves as such. If you have this mindset then you need to understand you are no different to someone who has a cold or a flu, we’re all still human no matter what and we’re all equal!



3. Community

One of the greatest things about STDs is the fact they drive thousands of people to communicate and help eachother. There are a ton of websites, support groups and communities where you will find help and guidance from people who have been through the same thing. Without these, a lot of people who suffer from STDs would be very depressed and lonely.



2. Filter out the bad people

So you’ve told your partner that you have an STD, they get checked and they don’t have it. If your partner leaves you then that shows that they don’t deserve you, sure it might be heartbreaking but overall it is for the better. If your partner stays, knowing you have the STD, then that shows their dedication and love for you.


1. Dating for those with STDs

By far the biggest worry for those with an STD. If they’re single, they’ll worry about how they may never find anyone who will accept them and sometimes even give up completely. Support groups and communities can’t help too much because it’s true. If you were clean, would you be okay being intimate with someone who wasn’t? In rare cases the answer can be ‘yes’ but for the majority of people, they will have to find someone with the same or related condition. There’s nothing wrong with this (as I said, we’re all human) and a partner like this can understand you more than someone who has no STD would.

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