A list to help you get through life much easier. Not necessarily in order but none the less all great ideas. Please comment below and show us your best life hacks!



10. Two bowls one microwave

Everyone has had this problem at some point and if you haven’t, you don’t love food like I do! Simply Get a mug, put it in the microwave and place the bowl on top. Now you can eat till your heart’s content!





9. How to clean your microwave

Kinda follows on from the last one. It’s a pain when this happens but  it’s easy to clean. Take a clean bowl and fill it with water, place it inside your microwave and turn it on for 2 minutes! All the dirt inside will loosen from the steam.






8. The only way to have a bacon butty.

criss cross bacon

The 8th wonder of the world, bacon. You’ll never have it any other way once you try this. Fits on the bread perfectly and lets you fit more rations on than your usual bacon butty. Genius!






7. Use clips to separate your electrical equipment.

Simple but effective way to save you diving under your desk to find the end of your charger. Take a clip similar to the ones shown in the picture below and clip it to the end of your desk within easy reach from your chair. Lazy people find the easiest ways to do things!






6. Page divider

page divider

It’s amazing how many of these I’m kicking myself at thinking why hadn’t I thought of this! Simplistic in design but so useful. Imagine how much stress this will avoid. No more achy arms.






5. Baking soda Brings Splinters to the Surface

Used to spend hours getting splinters out when I was little. Good one for any parents out there. Apply a small paste of baking soda and water to the effected area and leave for several minutes. Like magic the splinter will appear and be easy accessible.   






 4. Ice Grapes

ice grapes



Looks pretty good and would go down well at a dinner party. Stops that disappointing watery few last sips and ads some style to your drink. Who can complain with that?






3. Food preparation


Take two Tupperware lids and place something in the middle of them such as grapes or tomatoes as shown below and cut. Saves so much time and effort. Have dinner prepared in minutes.






2. Table Hammock

Table hammock

If only I knew this when I was a Kid. Take a bed sheet and proceed to loop it around the table top. Tie it securely on the top of the table and then it’s ready for you or your child to lie in.






1. The perfect Beer

Cold beer

I know I said they wasn’t in order but this one just had to be top. Everyone enjoys a chilled beer but hates waiting around for it. Well now you don’t have to. Just wrap a wet paper towel around your can/bottle, put it in the freezer for 15 minutes and then consume that little piece of heaven.