There are so many websites out there promising to give you tips and tricks to earning money online. I’ve compiled a list of top ten REAL ways to make money online.

The first being…


10. Surveys

Although I wouldn’t recommend it, you can easily get money online from surveys. Some sites even have games/videos to watch that will give you money. However, I’ve tried many different sites and the amount you get is so small that it’s around the equivalent of 50p an hour for work. Only go for this is you have a lot of spare time and desperately need a small income boost.

Recommended site: SwagBucks

9. Sell old items

Can you dig out your old phone? Selling items like these may seem like a bad idea since they’re old and/or broken, but certain people/companies will actually pay a lot. This is because of a variety of reasons, it may be specific parts or just because they’re a collector (there’s collectors for everything).


Recommended site: MusicMagpie


8. Write and publish E-Books

Anyone can write a short novel, using Amazon’s E-book feature you can even upload them for free. Sales can be anywhere between around £1.50 to £3 or £4 and Amazon do take a 70% cut, but once those E-books are on there, you have another small income for the rest of your life. If you manage to write and publish a couple of good E-books a week, at least one of them will explode one day and you could find yourself with a lot of money.


Recommended site: Amazon


7. Enter competitions

This method takes a lot of luck and I would only recommend doing it in conjunction with other methods. Just basically enter as many competitions as possible, you’ll be winning things from free chocolate bars to cars and even cash prizes if you’re lucky.

Recommended site: MoneySavingExpert forums (highly recommended)


6. Review music


Unfortunately, this is the only method on the list I haven’t actually looked in to. It sounds easy though doesn’t it? get paid to listen to music, this would be perfect for those who like to listen to music whilst writing an E-book or entering competitions.

Recommended site: SliceThePie


5. YouTube

There’s so many things to say about how much money is available on YouTube. You don’t need to be a good speaker, have any special talents or be funny. All you need is a good idea, guides for example, are always welcomed. Try to find a highly used product with a low amount of video guides and start making your own. You can do this in so many ways but I suggest searching Google for a better description, or look out here for a future top ten!

Recommended site: Not surprisingly, YouTube


4. eBay

This can earn you a lot if you put in the right amount of time and effort. If you can search for items that are being sold at a very low price for what they’re worth, buy them and re-sell them for a high amount then you have good profit. You will however need a small budget, to earn money upwards of the hundreds it may take weeks or even months depending on your starting off budget.


Recommended site: You guessed it, eBay


3. Buying and selling domain names



If you look here, you can see that simple words can earn you a lot of money. Recently (well, last year) was sold for a staggering $4,700,00, that much money for two letters. Of course you need a starting budget, but domain selling sites often have sales and the domains last a year, so if you spent say £50 on domain names and you choose them correctly, well there’s no limit to how much you can earn. The trick here, and it’s why I got put off, is thinking of names. ‘.com’ addresses are what you want to be looking for, high selling domains names are clear and short.


Recommended site: GoDaddy


2. Matched betting

This really is  great method, you will require a small starting budget but will get a lot of profit in return. For those who are wondering, this is completely legal, betting companies themselves have said they don’t mind it. The basics are you put a certain amount of money on a team to win, then find the odds on another site that are as close to those odds as possible but bet on the team not to win.


So for example

I place a £10 bet on England to beat Denmark on PaddyPower, odds being 5/1 so if I win I get £50 plus my money back so £60.

On another site like Betfair, I place a £10 bet on England NOT to beat Denmark for the odds of 5/1.

So I’ve placed £20, but no matter what happens I will be getting £60 back. Therefore making £40 profit. Although these odds are completely made up, but you can find similar ones. If you’re genuinely interested in this, I know of a tool that searches for the highest profit odds for you, which I will provide to you, should you contact us.

Recommended site(s): PaddyPower and Betfair


1. Make your own website


Nowadays, you can pick up a domain, hosting and all that stuff for a very cheap price. But there’s loads of tools to help people build websites even if they have no coding experience at all (like myself). It takes a lot of research though, and you really need to find your niche.


Recommended site(s): Domain/hosting – GoDaddy, web builder – WordPress



I hope this list has helped you to increase your income and improve the quality of your life. For extra information, I don’t get a penny for any site I’ve linked in this list.



List by Ryan