Volcanoes are a very dangerous natural phenomenon which could occur in the mountain tops. Volcanoes can erupt and flow lava which could cause destruction to a large area of surrounding. Some volcanoes are not active at present in the sense that it does not have lava currently but could possibly later on. However, the most famous volcanoes that are active around the world, have full of lava. And when erupted, lava could flow out which could cause a huge destruction all around.

Active volcanoes are generally visited and photographed from flying over the top of it by helicopter. This is due to the fact that it cannot be reached close enough on the ground due to the intense heat that is generated during the eruption.

10 Most Famous Volcanoes In The World

Here we take a look at the most famous volcanoes in the world which caused destruction. This list is identified by the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI). The gravity of the destruction which the volcano could cause largely depends on the recent history of destructive eruptions and the proximity to populated areas.

#1.  Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland

Most Famous Volcanoes - Eyjafjallajökull

Iceland is a country well known for its mountains, glaciers and also volcanoes. Iceland is for “Island mountain glacier”. The Eyjafjallajökull volcano is one of the most famous volcanoes in the world.

This volcanic mountain has a summit elevation of 1,666 meters (5,466 ft). A massive eruption of this volcano in the year 2010 caused a lot of trouble in air travel across western and northern Europe. Many airlines had to cancel the route and look for alternative routes to reach their destinations. So massive was this volcanic eruption and it had a huge impact around the world.

#2.  Mount Vesuvius, Italy

Mount Vesuvius, Italy - famous volcanoes

Italy is also another country which is prone to a lot of natural disasters. Recent earthquake was a proof to that fact. However, volcanic eruptions are not very common in this part. The Mount Vesuvius, definitely one among the most famous volcanoes, is a volcano situated just 9 km (5.6 mi) east of Naples which is known to be the most densely populated volcanic region in the whole world.

Mount Vesuvius is believed to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world due to two reasons. One being the fact that it has a well-known history of activity and the other reason is that this volcanic mountain is located in a densely populated area.

#3.  Sakurajima, Japan

Sakurajima, Japan - famous volcanoes

Japan is a country renowned for natural disasters. Especially earthquakes are frequently reported from the region. Volcanic eruptions are also highly probable in the region. Japan has many volcanic mountains.

Sakurajima is a popular volcano out of those and is active at present. Sakurajima is a former island. Due to the lava flows in the year 1914 the former island got connected with the Osumi Peninsula. The volcanic activity still continues to this day emitting puffs of smoke and ashes from the mountain top.

#4.  Mount Merapi, Indonesia

Mount Merapi, Indonesia - famous volcanoes

Indonesia is a country with one of the highest number of natural disasters in the world. Among those earthquakes and volcanic eruption are at the top. Especially due to the Java-Sumatra regions the country is most prone to environmental disasters. Indonesia is named to many volcanoes out of which some are active and have erupted in the recent past.

Among those is the Mount Merapi also known as “Fire Mountain” and is an active volcano located on the border of Central Java and Indonesia. It is the most active volcano in Indonesia and hence the most dangerous as it is also located in an area which is highly populated. This volcano has been erupting regularly since 1548.

#5.  Mount Nyiragongo, D.R. of Congo

Mount Nyiragongo, D.R. of Congo - most famous volcanoes

Mount Nyiragongo is an active volcano located inside the Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is a highly active and dangerous volcano of which the main crater is around 2 km in width and generally, contain a lava lake.

This is known to be one of the lava lakes with the most generous amount of lava in recent history. Mount Nyiragongo along with the nearby Nyamuragira Mountain are the reason for 40% of historic volcanic eruptions in the Region of Africa.

#6.  Ulawun, Papua New Guinea

Ulawun, Papua New Guinea - most famous volcanoes

Another region in the world full of natural disaster is none other than Papua New Guinea. Ulawuun volcanic mountain is known to be one of the most active volcanoes in the whole of Papua New Guinea.

Ulawun is the highest mountain in the Bismarck Archipelago standing at 2,334 meters (7,657 ft) and is located on the island of New Britainit. It is a highly dangerous volcano as it is located in a highly populated area. A total of 22 eruptions is reported to have occurred in the mountain since the 18th Century.

#7.  Taal Volcano, Philippines

Taal Volcano, Philippines - most famous volcanoes

The Philippines is another country which is most prone to environmental disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is home to many volcanoes which also includes ones that are active at present.

The Taal volcano is the second most active volcano in the Philippines with a total of 33 eruptions been reported in its volcanic history. All of these eruptions are centered on Volcano island which is an island located in the middle of the Taal Lake. This is a very beautiful location with the Taal Volcano and Lake making it a tourist attraction in the Philippines.

#8.  Mauna Loa, Hawaii

Mauna Loa, Hawaii - most famous volcanoes in the world

Hawaii is home to a large number of volcanoes and is also most prone to earthquakes. Mauna Loa is one of the five volcanoes that make the island of Hawaii and is the largest volcano on the entire Earth considering the volume and the area covered.

The Hawaiian term “Mauna Loa” means “Long Mountain” in English. The lava eruptions from Mauna Loa are known to be non-explosive and fluid in nature. The volcano consists of very shallow slopes as well.

#9.  Galeras, Colombia

Galeras, Colombia - most famous volcanoes in the world

Galeras volcanic mountain has an elevation of 4,276 meters (14,029 ft) above sea level. The volcano has first erupted on December 7, 1580, and has been erupting quite frequently since the Spanish conquest.

It is known to be the most active volcano at present in the region of Colombia. A massive eruption of the volcano in the year 1993 killed a total of nine people including six scientists who had gone down to the volcanic crater to sample gasses.

#10. Santa Maria, Guatemala

Santa Maria, Guatemala - most famous volcanoes in the world

The Santa Maria Mountain is Guatemala is also a very famous and dangerous active volcano in the world. It has a well-known history of eruptions in the past.

This volcano is known to be the cause of one of the four largest eruptions in the 20th Century due to its eruption in the year 1902. The volcanic mountain is also reported to be the cause of one of the five biggest eruptions of the past 200 years.

The above are the most famous volcanoes in the world which caused massive destruction. Some of these destructive eruptions affected different parts of the world in various ways. Such as air travel whereas some other eruptions affected the respective area, region or the entire country as a whole. Anyhow, volcanic eruptions are known to cause massive destructions to at least the surrounding areas. Do you know of any others that can be included in the list of the most famous volcanoes? Please share your knowledge with us.

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