It was just lately when the Pokemon craze has become rather popular among users. With the emergent use of mobile gadgets, and the GBA Consoles the evolutionary form of this game has made it possible for the same application to be fully effective in getting the attention of gamers from all over the globe. The campaign was rather extensive especially in terms of getting to influence a lot of individuals including the non-regular gamer’s who once used to think that Pokemon GBA games are merely a game for kids.

What makes Pokemon rather interesting to a lot of gamer’s is that it shapes the thinking of the gamer as he goes on from one challenging stage towards the other. Distinctively, this form of a setup of the story allows gamers to become more involved in each stage. The challenges and the battles redefine each platform of gaming that a particular group of gamers are able to appreciate.

Top 10 Best Pokemon GBA Games

As of now, there are 10 primary Pokemon GBA games that are distinctively sweeping the attention of gamers around the globe.

#1 Pokemon Emerald GBA

A game with a distinct setup that operates in different platforms including Gameboys and android phones and tablets, this Pokemon game is highly addictive as the control belongs completely to the gamer. With a playing gadget, this version of the Pokemon game takes a role playing option that puts the player in the place of control of the situation that their player characters get through.

With goals specifically set to define a distinct stage in the game, it is rather important to take note of the fact that the addiction that gamer’s experience comes from the capacity and the pride they get from passing on from one stage of the game towards another. More Info here.

#2 Pokemon Platinum GBA

Pokemon Platinum GBA - Best Pokemon GBA Games


Though the  basic mechanics of the Platinum Pokemon are the same as those found in Diamond and Pearl, It features a  two-dimensional gameplay with more adventurous elements. Platinum also has ‘WiFi Plaza’ that allows 20 players to be present in it, and a Vs Recorders that allows to record battle’s as and when needed. Check here for more information.

This version of the game includes more stages making it more addictive. The tricks and strategies needed to get to another stage are easier yet each stage presents a different challenge that increases the interest of each gamer as he puts in more time and effort into attaining the set goals.

#3 Pokemon Fire Red GBA

Pokemon Fire Red GBA

Pokemon Fire Red GBA is a remake of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Leaf Green with quite a lot of improvements like enhanced gameplay, updated graphics and improved animations.  This is one of the best Pokemon GBA games that brings excitement for both adult and children alike.

What gamer’s seem to be outstanding about this version of the game is that of its music and its quality when it comes to the crisp colour of each character presented in each stage. However, being part of the fourth generation remake of the original Pokemon games, this version is most often than not compared to the third generation creations of the same program.

#4 Pokemon Soul Silver GBA

 Pokemon Soul Silver GBA - Best Pokemon GBA game

Pokemon Soul Silver GBA was released in the year 2009 and  is an enhanced remake of Gold and Silver. The main goal of this Pokemon GBA games is to become the best Pokemon coach in the Johto and Kanto regions, which is done by nurturing and categorizing Pokemon and defeating other trainers.

Top of the craft graphics, this is what captures the attention of the gamer’s who take into account the possibility of choosing this version of Pokemon GBA games apart from the others. Featuring the traditional scenic views of the Chinese Johto, the adventure that this game offers is improved with such graphic additions.

#5 Pokemon HeartGold GBA

Pokemon HeartGold GBA

This again is a enhanced remake of Pokemon Gold and Silver. Harder but more exciting especially that it challenges the gamer to put in more effort to reach the stated goals in each stage; this is the general reaction of most gamer’s who have tried this particular version of the Pokemon set games. Look here for more information.

#6 Pokemon Diamond GBA

Pokemon Diamond

Pokemon Diamond GBA features adventures of a young pokemon trainer battling and also preventing the schemes of a criminal organization. This game has various other new features such as play over internet using WiFi, increased time periods in a day from 3 to 5 times, Pokemon moves categorized into 3 moves, Physical, Special and Status. Read More..

This version introduces to the gamers the most interesting monsters that were not introduced in the other older versions preceding its creation. Sinnoh is noted by gamers as the largest region in the game which features expansive graphical presentations making it easier for the gamer to be relatively connected to the game.

#7 Pokemon Black GBA

Pokemon Black - game for GBA


The storyline in this version of the game is likely one of the best among all the other versions of Pokemon GBA games. Getting the gamer into the picture is the best feature of the story. Sequels in each stage serve as a hooking element that puts gamer’s stuck with the desire of getting from one stage towards the next one.

There are three main screens in this, the ‘menu’ where the player configures their party, the ‘battle’ screen and the ‘overworld’ through which the player navigates the main character.

As of the specific features goes, the graphics have been improved, the dialog of the previous games are changed allowing many character to speak simultaneously, During battles, one can see the elves of the Pokemon being completely animated and with the camera changing position specific parts of the battle gets highlighted. Read More..

#8 Pokemon Yellow GBA

Pokemon Yellow - Best Pokemon games for GBA

This being the enhanced version of Pokemon Red and Blue and has Simple interface and straight to the point; this is how the gamer’s describe their experience in completing this version of the Pokemon game series. With the closest resemblance to the original setup of the first Pokemon game, this version is not only enjoyable but also challenging to most of the users. Check out here for more information

#9 Pokemon Silver GBA

Pokemon Silver

Extensive stories from every victory gives this Pokemon game a better form of control on how the gamer’s are directed to become highly effective in viewing their chances of winning. Unlike all the others, this version features the most original characters that came from the first pokemon game packs.

#10 Pokemon Crystal GBA

Pokemon Crystal

This is the updated version of Pokemon Gold and Silver. The animated feature of this game makes it rather interesting and enjoyable for new gamer’s. Mostly fitting the android platform, this version of the Pokemon game adds a different light to the whole culture of gaming that Pokemon recognizes. Read Further..

The reason behind creating a lot of versions of the game is to design one that would fit the expectations of each target gamer has regarding the setup presented to them in each version. Hoping to cater to an array of attitudes and characteristics of each individual gamer, these versions were expected to make a definite impact on how each interested individual connects with the game and the characters present in each scenario.

Pokemon game creators, no matter how many they are and the versions they create, all have one thing in common, they desire to bring to life the images that they have in their minds. Cute monsters have a distinct impact on the playful thinking of each gamer. Somehow, it is this fact that puts the Pokemon game at the top of the list of many basic to advanced gaming enthusiasts around the globe.

Bringing to life a childhood fantasy has made it more possible for gamer’s to relate well to the scenarios featured in each version of the game. This fact has made it more interesting even for non-gamer’s to consider playing it and proving a better picture of engaging in completing each stage victoriously.

The challenges designed to create the goals even more enticing plays with the gamer’s capacity to strategically pass through every requirement in the game for them to get to the next stage. The goal of the game is to help the gamer’s decide on matters and strategically see through each of their step in order to get to the next level. For many years, this approach has kept loyal gamer’s within the reach of creators as each of their demands and expectations are met in each release of a new version of the game.