Plastic surgery has become more common these days among the celebrities and rich circles as this surgery helps to change your appearance to look younger and this will be life changing for many.  The total cost of cosmetic and plastic surgery varies with the type of hospital you choose, Lab fees, medication, and additional costs for body garments and the geographic location. It will usually be a long term investment. Most people tend to invest as they achieve results that they feel worth it. Read further below to know the most expensive plastic surgery procedures performed.

The main concern with the practice of plastic surgery is that it is not regulated. Laws do not restrict doctors to get the expertise. In most of the countries there are no regulations which govern what type of medical practitioner can perform plastic surgery procedures. So the best way to know your surgeon is qualified is to choose a surgeon who underwent training and certified.

10 Most Expensive Plastic Surgery Procedures

Now lets have look at the most expensive plastic surgery procedures that are commonly performed.

#1 Rhinoplasty – Nose Reshaping

Most Expensive Plastic Surgery

It is evident that you would want to get irregular nose (larger, smaller or crooked) fixed than any other body part because a face is the first thing that anyone in front of us notices. If you are determined to improve the appearance of nose, then you will obviously outweigh the cost of surgery and risks associated with the procedure.  However fixing nose always might not be due to cosmetic reasons, sometimes due to breathing issues nose problems are fixed through plastic surgery.

Unfortunately, rhinoplasty almost always requires a revision surgery, and it also increases the overall cost of surgery. Hence this is the one of the most expensive plastic surgery. It would cost anywhere up to $15,000.

#2 Liposuction – Unwanted Fat Removal


Liposuction is a popular plastic surgery procedures. It is not for the overweight or obesity. It is for the people who have stable body weight but would like to remove the unwanted body fat in specific parts of the body. Getting rid of stubborn unwanted fat in localized areas of the body, be it a celebrity or not, sounds appealing to most of the people.

Liposuction procedure permanently removes a limited fat cells from different parts of the body. This surgery has possible risk associated like infection, lumpiness in the skin, scaring and numbness depending on the amount of fat removed. The cost can vary between $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the fat removal from different parts of the body.

#3 Rhytidectomy – Full Face Lift

Most Expensive Plastic Surgery

As we go through our lives and grow older, it is obvious that we don’t look young as we were in our teenagers. All of us, apparently, age differently; some people start showing signs of aging in their twenties while others at the later ages. Awkwardly, our facial skin is the first place that shows signs of aging.  Facial skin starts sagging with wrinkles appearing on the face. Our skin undergoes lots of changes as the time passes. Facelift surgery is the answer though it can’t fix all the problems.

Facelifts are usually combined with eyelid surgery and other facial procedures. The result of a facelift is more youthful look. The procedure removes and tightens flabby skin. The drop of the cheeks around the jaw line is reduced.The corners of the mouth are raised and the lines between the cheeks and lips are reduced. The results usually last between five to ten years. A full face lift can cost approximately around $15000 – $25,000 depending on the surgical technique (laser, endoscopy, liposuction) used and the extent of the procedure

#4 Mommy Makeover – For Moms


Mommy makeover is becoming more and more popular these days. As the name shows, mostly moms undergo this procedure after gives birth to children to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. Mommy makeover includes multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. Mostly, tummy tuck, breast surgery, and liposuction are performed . This is one of the most expensive plastic surgery procedures and can cost approximately $20,000 to $25,000.

Though this surgery helps you in getting a more youthful looking body appearance but sometimes weight gain following these surgeries may compromise results. However discuss this with your specific plastic surgeon before getting into Surgery.

#5 Full Body Lift – After Weight Loss


A full body lift is one of the most expensive plastic surgery procedures. It is mostly performed on obese people who have lost a lot of weight, and significant weight loss has left layers of excessive skin behind. Unfortunately, human skin does not return to normal after losing significant weight, but the full body lift is the solution to this problem. It involves removal of excess skin from back, stomach and buttocks resulting in improved contours of the body.

As a full body lift is a complicated  procedure. The approximate cost for this surgery  is between $30,000 – $40,000 depending on the upper, mid or lower body lift. It also involves lot of risk of infection due to full body curing after surgery.

#6 Abdominoplasty – Traditional Tummy Tuck


Traditional or complete tummy tuck, having a high satisfaction rate, is an ideal surgical procedure for removal of excess fat and sagging skin in the abdominal area. The traditional tummy tucks contours the belly and waist and re-tightens the abdominal muscles. It is a useful option for those women also, who have gone through multiple pregnancies resulting in excess fat on the tummy area. A traditional tummy tuck is no doubt among the most demanded cosmetic surgery procedures and it would cost around $5000 – $7000

Tummy-tuck surgery will restore a flat tummy and you will look more young. However the Surgery will end up leaving a scar in the bikini area and also any weight gain following the surgery can have negative impact on the surgery results.

#7 Hair Implant – Hair Restoration


Is hair thinning or going bald really bothering you? We all are experiencing losing hair every day. But there are some people who lose their hair more vigorously and tend to go bald and hence they are forced to undergo hair implant procedures. Hair implant is a type of surgery where healthy hair follicles are taken from the back or the sides of the head and moved to balding or thinning area. This can be done by removing a single strip of skin and hair or removing the follicles individually.

The number of implants needed depends on the size of the area being treated for each individual. Usually it involves 1000 to 3000 grafts and would cost around $5800 – $7800

#8 Mammaplasty – Breast Reduction


Having very large breasts can lead to health problems in the long run. The main aim of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size of your breasts and restructure them so that they are proportional to the rest of your body and they cannot be a source of discomfort anymore.

As a result of the surgery your neck, back, and shoulder pain will be relieved and this will make you easier to breathe and exercise. However Breast feeding may be a problem for few of them. The average cost for the Breast reduction would be around $6000.

#9 Face Transplant


We know about some of the celebrities going over the face-lift surgery to look younger. This is mainly for the vanity reasons. Whereas, Face transplant is the surgery done when the face is completely destroyed. The procedure involves replacement of all facial tissues, teeth, upper and lower jaws and tongue, completely from the scalp to the base of the neck. The surgery usually requires a donor, as some parts of the face are too hard to replace, so his new face comes partly from a different person of different age.

The face reconstruction is extremely complex, time consuming and is one of the most expensive plastic surgery procedure. It costs around $350,000 including the post operation care.

#10 Thigh and Knee Lift


As we keep aging the skin of the inner and outer thigh start slagging and lose tone. A thigh lift procedure actually tightens the inner or outer thighs by removing excess skin and fat. The procedure can help reduce the appearance of lumpiness. It comes with a steep price tag around $4,000 – $5500 for an average patient.

All the above mentioned most expensive plastic surgery procedures were once only done by the celebrities. But now it is available and affordable to all wealthy people all around the globe. Please note that cost listed in this article are only averages and they don’t include operating room facilities, anesthesia and other associated expenses.

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