So many people have lived their lives reading newspapers, watching TV and are subject to propaganda that the higher powers can literally control who we dislike and who we like. Right now we like big companies, we like patriotism and the “British” way. We don’t like immigrants, Muslims or anyone from the middle-east. We don’t like anything that threatens “Britain”, so much so that we would prefer human lives be lost than let them into our communities.

You’re not stupid or a bad person if you think like this, it’s been thrown into your face since you were first born. It’s not your fault, would you rather have 5 white English people die or 10,000 Syrian Muslim refugees? I bet most will answer the latter. We give more attention to a single Lion than we do the millions of middle-eastern civilians killed in recent times. Not saying the Lion’s death isn’t a tragedy, but every life – whether an animal, a white male, an asian buddhist, a christian monk, a black female or just anyone of any race or sexuality – everyone should respect and love each other.

We need to advance as a human race, not wage war on each other over countries made up of artificial borders. Imagine if all the money, time and effort put into fighting each other went into working together to cure disease, poverty, hunger, habitats etc? The world would be such an amazing place, not just for those who are discriminated against daily but for everyone.

What is stopping this? Money, currency is actually a really good way of managing an ever-expanding human economy. But right now, the more money you have, the more/higher quality possessions you can own. Everyone wants possessions, therefore want more money and they will do so at the expense of others.

There is where your government and beloved banks come in. They’re taking the piss out of us basically, using media and propoganda they have converted humans from free-thinking mammals to braindead zombies. By making you turn your attention to whatever they put on the front cover of the newspaper one day, they’re doing something far worse.

For every ISIS beheading they report on, they kill 1000 innocent civilians. For every mass migration attempt, they level a middle-eastern city. Closer to home; bankers keep taking money off us, making it difficult for people like me and you to get more money while making the rich even richer.

I think this can easily be changed, the world can become a better place. We need someone who genuinely cares about every living being to take control and get us humans out of this mess. Of course, this won’t happen. Every time someone gets moderately close to this, they get assassinated (Martin Luther King, JFK etc)

Oh, have one of your family members or close friends passed away or is being treated for illnesses like cancer or AIDS? Heath companies earn way too much money to ever release a cure for them, I’m sorry to tell you but it’s true.


What can we do?

  • Stop believing everything you read in newspapers, TV and propaganda.
  • Stop donating to mainstream charities, if you’ve donated £100 I doubt any of that actually went to the cause they say.
  • Spread the word! So important! So many people are realizing the truth and standing up, a change is coming already!
  • Stop buying from the big companies. The most painful one, stop buying from Coca Cola, Apple etc. I would recommend Googling “company name morals” or something if you want to see which companies are good/bad.
  • If you see someone being racist or discriminating against immigrants/Muslims etc (like the Britain First regulars), they simply don’t know the truth so talk to them. Tell them how we need to be kind and that it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you’re from, we’re all humans sharing the same Earth.
  • Get rid of patriotism. I used to love my home country England, now I love Earth. Countries are just artificial creations and have no real meaning to nature. Countries aren’t bad, it’s just people only care about their own countries rather than the entire world.
  • Recycle, give our grandchildren a chance.
  • Make the entire health industry public. I have no idea how much they’re holding back from us but I can guarantee a lot of major illnesses are already curable.
  • Get the forces on our side. Right now Police have no choice but to do what they’re told, same for our armies. The fact we even have armies is sad in my opinion.
  • Be ready when the time comes. A revolution is coming, too many people know of how the richest 1% are controlling us like pawns and we’ve had enough.
  • Keep your children out of the government’s reach. I can’t stress this enough, your children need to know the wonders of the world, don’t let them fall into a life of consumerism.
  • Legalise cannabis (marijuana/weed).  I know a lot of people feel strongly about weed but cannabis has a lot more uses than creating stoners.

If we cared about working as nature intended, with animals, plants and the Earth – rather than caring only for ourselves and making money. There would be more of us, we would be happier and the Earth would be healthier. Until then, I’ll just stick to my Samsung, eat food full of shit and continue to make sure future generations destroy the ecosystem 🙂