The day is here, Windows 10 has finally been released! This is amazing news for everyone around the world using Windows. Those who are using 8/8.1 will find 10 to be a very welcome upgrade, those with 7 can happily continue if they don’t want to upgrade yet, like all of our customers will do. There are tons of new features and reasons to upgrade to 10, here’s the top 10 best reasons why Windows 10 is awesome!



10. Free Upgrade

Microsoft cocked up Windows 8 so much that they’re attempting to get our trust (and wallets) back by making 10 a free upgrade for the first 12 months. This has restored a lot of faith to the community and proves that Microsoft cares and as you will find out later down the list, they really do.



9. Latest in Performance and Security

One of the few reasons to use Windows 8 was to take advantage of the upgraded power and security. It was faster, more secure and more stable. This continues with Windows 10 which boasts performance and security that is years ahead of even Windows 8.  This will make general use like internet browsing, editing documents and viewing emails a lot more efficient. It will also give software developers more leeway in what they can get out of hardware resources, so you’ll see more options and availability in your favourite software.



8. Settings App

Control Panel has been an amazing tool for many years, it’s been the hub of all settings and the go-to place for any kind of configuration. This was until Windows 8, this OS introduced the Settings App and a lot of people found it difficult to decide between Control Panel or Settings App which was confusing. They both kinda did the same thing, maybe to allow more knowledgeable techies to stick to Control Panel while non-tech users could use the much simpler and nicer Settings App. This all changes with Windows 10, the two have been combined to create a very efficient Settings App that gives you access to edit anything you want while still retaining the user-friendliness!



7. DirectX 12

This simply means more and better graphics. While you might think this will only appeal to gamers, normal software will look sharper and perform better. For gamers, well lets just say the amazing graphics we’ve been getting recently are going to be massively improved. Some job titles like structural engineers, architects and people designing vehicles or machines will also be able to take advantage of this new resource.



6. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge (codename: Project Spartan) is the new browser that has completely replaced Internet Explorer. Edge is going to be faster, smarter, support more options and eventually have support for plugins. The intelligence is crazy when you think about it, search for a restaurant and the personal assistant Cortana will tell you opening times and directions. You can also type notes onto the page instead of switching over to Notepad or Sticky Notes. This might sound underwhelming at first but it’s just the start and in a years time, Edge will be incredible. I will be transferring over to Edge and will encourage others to do so as well!



5. What People Are Saying

When Windows 8 came out there was a lot of confusion, people were saying it’s a tablet OS slapped onto PC hardware, there was also a lot of excitement but overall people weren’t sure what to think. With Windows 10, everyone is aware that they’re getting a nice, solid OS to use on their devices. I work in the IT world and I see a lot of positive reviews and people mentioning the great features it has, rather than discussing how the OS will fit in.



4. Split Between Tablet and PC

You can use Windows 10 exactly how you want, I personally will be using it like I used to use Windows  7, simple desktop with the Start Menu in the bottom left for all my searching and manoeuvring . If for some reason you like Windows 8’s tablet layout with tiles then you can switch to tablet mode and use it that way. You can switch between these two modes at the touch of a button and will eventually be able to do this on any device running Windows 10, whether it’s a PC, tablet, phone or laptop.



3. Designed by Testers

One of my favourite things about Windows 10 and probably the reason why I think it will be so successful is the fact that every minor detail, every bug report is reported by millions of experts, non-tech home users and average users. There’s no “users might like this, users might not like this”, the only features are tried and tested by real people. This will make sure that business employees will make a lot of use out of it (compared to Windows 8 which our customers outright refuse to have installed), but also regular home users will also feel right at home.



2. Sync

Doesn’t matter what device it is, if it’s running Windows 10 and you’re on the same account, it’s synced. Image watching a film on your tablet in the kitchen, then walking into the front room and swiping the screen towards your TV, your TV then displays the movie. It works for other things too, pause that session of Angry Birds on your phone and continue on your laptop, move a document you’re editing from your laptop downstairs to your tablet upstairs etc. Things are changing in the world and Windows 10 will be making our lives incredibly easier (and more awesome!).



1. Last Windows

Windows 10 isn’t going to be just another OS before Windows 11 or 12 comes out, it’s the last Windows version ever. From now, Windows 10 will be receiving updates regularly which you must install. These updates will keep adding new things and fixing bad things, every few months there will be updates more considerable in how it affects the OS than any other update in previous Windows OS history. It’s the first step towards 1 Operating System for all devices simultaneously!


Thanks for reading, make sure to upgrade if you have Windows 7 or 8 before the 12 month period expires! 🙂



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