Have you ever thought what the world will be like in 100 years? what about 1000 or even 1,000,000 years?

I’ve managed to research a lot of crazy things, some are exciting and some are really scary but none of them will happen in our lifetime, at least not the ones mentioned here. Here’s the Top 10 crazy things that will happen in the future



10. 2099 AD, 80% of the Amazon rainforest has been lost

It’s saddening to think that one of the most beautiful creations of nature will almost be completely disappeared so quickly, because of us humans. Because of this, many of the tribes living there will be wiped out, whole species will be wiped out and all because we need the wood and land to fuel developing cities/towns.

No matter how much you dislike “tree-huggers” and wildlife activists, you can’t be happy with this. It’s like if someone removed 80% of the stones in the Pyramids but this is worse. Here are some of the endangered animals we’re killing so we can build another town: Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey, Gorilla, Manatee, Orang-utan, Jaguar, Grey Mouse, Harpy Eagle and the Poison Dart Frog.


9. 2110 AD, terraforming of Mars begins

The terraforming process of Mars is due to start soon. Although it will take an extremely long amount of time, people are already debating about how it will look and the actual amount of time it will take. Mars is one of the more well-known planets in our solar system so for humans to colonise that before any others is actually a good idea.

The main problem is who takes control of it, should it be an independent planet? I can see countries fighting for this (space battles?).



8. 2110 AD, Forcefields in use by the military

It was only a matter of time really, being able to utilise force fields would turn an average military into the fiercest in the world. These force fields will be able to prevent bullets, missiles, laser weapons and any projectile you can throw at it. Satellites will also utilise this technology, as will rich people around their homes and government buildings.

The idea is that the force fields have different “layers”, the first being a plasma window that is shaped into a dome by electromagnetic fields. It will be hot enough to melt incoming metals instantly.

The second is underneath and it contains millions of small curved laser beams that produce a web. That web catches projectiles mid-flight.

The third is made of trillions of carbon nanotubes that stick together to create a shell-like material, this is extremely strong and can alter the strength depending on how much space it covers.



7. 2130 AD, colonisation of the Moon begins

I’m not talking about a few people setting up a lab on the moon, I’m talking about thousands of civilians finally making the moon their home. By this time, the technology will be so great that civilians will have easy, affordable travel to space. Since the Moon has no atmosphere, telescopes set up there will be far greater than those on Earth, robots will handle all of the dirty work leaving research to humans. This will be the start of a huge boom in humans getting out into the galaxy.

The Moon doesn’t really have much to offer to us, if you think though, it controls the tides of the seas on Earth. That should be our concern, imagine if one country controlled the Moon and they’re at war with another country, if they could find a way to use the Moon to control the sea on Earth then we have a very bad situation on our hands.



6. 2150 AD, Robots are physically indistinguishable from humans

This technology is actually already here, but in the very early stages. Around 2150 AD though, these robots will not only look the same, but will act the same, have personalities and you’ll never be able to tell who is a robot and who is real unless you peel the skin off. This will make our lives as humans a lot easier, as biological beings with real minds, our thoughts and ideas have a better effect on our surroundings than working on a desk does.

Humans will now have so little to worry about that they can focus on other things like any wars, space travel, medical help, robot/AI research, and the list goes on. Sure, a lot of us wouldn’t like a load of robots walking with us and maybe even being treated like humans but it’s the bigger scale that counts. The aspirations of the human race are so high that it’s hard not to applaud when we reach them.



5. 2110 AD, Humans can control earthquakes and tsunamis

By now, scientists will be able to calculate exactly when and where any natural disaster will happen, days and maybe even weeks before it arrives. They’ll also be able to more accurately calculate the size and power of these disasters. With this understanding, countless lives will be saved, billions of pounds of money saved around the world and humans stick a huge middle finger up at Mother Nature.

Just the general increase of understanding will allow us to manipulate the Earth in ways we’d never think possible today (as well as putting the hollow Earth conspiracy to bed). New materials and elements could be found and if we found new fossils, which would be an even bigger bonus. It’s a piece of technology that is very welcome to us humans, we can’t conquer space if we haven’t conquered our own planet.



4. 3100 AD, Humanity becomes a type 2 civilisation

Type 2 civilisation is a way of saying we’ll be into the next stage of civilisation. There will be a structure called the “Dyson Sphere” being built, it will be larger than the sun and built by automated robots/ships that us humans have created. It will be built around the sun to harvest the energy quicker, because we’ll need it. These spheres will start popping up in the galaxies we now reside in.

Our civilisation now has millions of robots, various AI and ships. We’ve reached a landmark in space exploration, have probably contacted other alien life forms and humans themselves are far more advanced. Humans will have been implanted with AI (as explained later) and in terms of just genetic advances will be almost immune to disease. Hopefully we’ll have resurrected long extinct species too, cloning will be a possibility to help those species that are going extinct.



3. 30,000 AD, Sub-light space ships reach galactic core

Around 28,000 light years away lies the galactic core, a supermassive black hole and the largest in our galaxy. The ships that reach it won’t contain any humans, but automated robots that are now extremely advanced. On the way to the galactic core, any reached systems/planets will have been colonised by these robots, and they too would spread. The galaxy would eventually become completely under control by human kind (who, by this time wouldn’t be very organic themselves). There wouldn’t be any governments, countries etc and in turn, wars going on. The human race would all be united as one.



2. 2300 AD, Superhuman powers available to everyone

If you’re not aware of nanotechnology, I suggest you go research it straight away. Scientists are already very close to being able to control matter at an atomic scale and by 2300 AD we’re expected to be godlike compared to how we are now. Things like super speed, super strength, ability to walk through walls, 360 degrees vision, control of fire, control of magnets (produce EMP waves), invisibility, levitation etc will all be possible by every human.

Immortality will be very close at this point, but such a thing is extremely difficult to do, even with all the resources in the solar system (which we will have at this point). Earth would be completely different, having turned into a huge computer grid for humans to use if they want to leave their physical bodies.



1. 1,000,000 AD, Computers the size of planets now exist, humans now godlike

By now, there would be very, very few purely biological humans (what we are now) left. Humans have now reached type 3 colonisation, basically having billions and billions of gods everywhere. We’ll be able to create planets ourselves, the entire milky way galaxy would now be under our control and faster-than-light travel is very possible. The majority of humans would have left their biological forms for machinery, granted immortality and the ability to bend time and space at will.

There would be no war, no need for it. Energy will have reached an unlimited amount and the only thing left for humans to do is colonise the rest of the universe. Communication would be instantaneous between anyone and anything, anywhere.

All information from the website Future Timeline, I can’t tell you enough how interesting this website is.