Dollar bill secrets and conspiracy theories start from the Founding Fathers and all the way to the Freemasons, and others. In fact, the dollar bill secrets include hidden symbols and letters that people don’t generally care for, or notice, even though they see it on a daily basis. Some of the symbols on the Dollar Bill are fairly obvious, if not in meaning then in intent at least.

For example, in the front part of the bill you can see the seal of the United States Treasury along with the scales of balance. No ciphering there, it’s a balanced budget. You can also see a Carpenter’s T-Square which is a tool which is generally used for an even cut, and immediately underneath it lies the United States Treasury Key. Again, these are fairly non-controversial symbols.

However, there are other symbols (some discreet, some not so much) which are either more obscure in their meaning or are more controversial. Well, here’s unpacking some of the biggest secrets of the dollar bill that are hidden within a dollar bill. You might wanna’ have a bill handy so you can corroborate it all.

10 Amazing Hidden Dollar Bill Secrets

Here are some of the amazing hidden dollar bill secrets.

1. The Eye On A Dollar Bill

Dollar Bill SecretsThis is a fairly obvious image on the 1 dollar bill. There’s the Pyramid with 13 states as a representation of the founding colonies, which is incomplete to represent expansion. However, there’s an eye just over the Pyramid surrounded by rays of light. Which — if you believe conspiracy theories — is supposed to be the symbol of Freemasonry, which lends credence to the belief that a majority of the founding fathers were Freemasons themselves.

In case you don’t know Freemasons are commonly held to be a cult of leaders in the upper echelon of society who sought world dominance with the help of Satan (though that is just a ‘popular’ conception not necessarily corroborated by actual fact).

However, it behooves me to inform you that the eye doesn’t, in fact, have anything to do with the Freemasons — not necessarily — it’s the all-seeing eye which is a symbol for Divinity. This is further backed by the fact that the latin above the Pyramid reads “God has favored our undertaking”, and below it reads “a new order has begun.”

2. Branch Letter On A Dollar Bill

Letter in the Dollar BillOn the front of the dollar bill, over to the left, you can probably see a small encircled letter. That letter actually connotes with the Federal Reserve Bank that printed the number. For example, Boston is A, Atlanta is F, etc.

In the above picture the letter C  represents – Philadelphia. These numbers appear 4 times on the face of the dollar bill.

3. MDCCLXXVI On A Dollar Bill

1776 on the dollar billThis is another hidden dollar bill secrets. The printed date at the bottom of the one dollar bill connoted the date 1776 in Roman Numerals. This year is significant as it was when the United States gained its independence from major European Power.

This was a landmark moment in history as the values of Democracy could now truly be held up and it offered great encouragement to other colonies to also break free from their colonial master nations.

4. Star On A Dollar Bill

Star next to serial numberSome bills might have a little star right next to the serial number. Now this is a very rare occurrence, and it means you have a “replacement note”.

Basically, no two bills can have the same serial number, however, if a bill has been printed as such it is followed by a star. These bills can actually prove quite valuable when sold online.

5. Malta Cross On A Dollar Bill

Maltese Cross on One Dollar BillBehind the number and the word “ONE” on the top left corner of the dollar bill, you can faintly notice the outline of a Maltese Cross. This correlated to the Knights and the Island of Malta and has been in use since the Crusades.

You can see this this criss-cross pattern in all the four corners of the bill.

6. The Number 13 On A Dollar Bill

13 on dollar billYou might have heard some conspiracy theories about the number being proof of a Satanic theme to the dollar bill, however, that is just lunatic ravings by people who probably don’t realize that it actually denotes the 13 original founding colonies.

Which is why there are also 13 steps on the Pyramids, 13 stars above the eagle which is holding 13 arrows, and 13 leaves with 13 berries on the olive branch.

The bald Eagle itself stands for Victory, along with a break away from ‘material crown’, aka, Democracy — The US asserted its independence by breaking off from the Monarch of England. The juxtaposition of the Eagle holding olives and arrows in its talons is itself significant because it symbolizes a desire for peace, but a willingness to fight for it should it come to that. So you see, none of it is actually a tryst with the devil!

7. Shiva On A Dollar Bill

shiva on dollar bill

Although it seems unlikely, some say that the back of the dollar bill actually features the Hindu God Shiva, known as “The Destroyer”. It can be seen on both sides of the “ONE”, encased in webbing, hair tied in a bun.

Now it is likely that it could be a by product of having too much going on in a single dollar bill, such that some colluding lines may come together to seem like something else if you read into it, like constellations. Though I’m yet to read of any explanation for what Shiva might be doing at the back of a Dollar bill.

8. Forever Alone Face On A Dollar Bill

forever-aloneIf you look closely towards the base of the pyramid, on the right side of the third row, you will be able to see a face which looks suspiciously like a “forever alone” face. This face which has been popularized by meme culture of late.

Which is why it’s highly unlikely that the founding fathers were in on it. Unless you know, they’d also mastered time travel in their tryst with the Devil and their only take away from Millennial culture was it’s memes!

9. Owl On A Dollar Bill

Owl in the Dollar BillOn the upper right-hand corner, next to the large “1”, if you look real close, you might be able to see an owl perched atop. Many consider this to be a symbol of the Freemasons.

Many think it’s an anti-counterfeit measure, while many others believe it is not actually an owl at all.

10. Spider On A Dollar Bill

Spider on the Dollar BillMany believe that figure is actually a spider! No real reason or explanation for the presence of a spider seems to have been offered.

This may be to have them revealed too easily when the bill was first designed. It is also believed that if you rotate the image it becomes the sign of Piracy, the skull and cross bones

Whether you believe in these or not, it is still quite a fun exercise to simply let your mind wander, speculate and come up with crazy theories. So go ahead and do so about dollar bill secrets. Do you believe that the Founding Fathers secretly worshiped the Hindu God Shiva and were a part of a Masonic cult? Or do you think all this is just a bunch of hooey?