It’s that time of year!

Christmas is upon us, it’s one of the most magical and generous times of the year. It’s a time for family, giving, appreciating what you have and feeling good. Most of the Earth’s population celebrate Christmas but how much do they know about the old tradition? Here’s 10 amazing facts that you never knew!

If you do know these facts then high-five!



10. Green Santa

Santa Claus is perhaps the most recognisable figure when it comes to Christmas but what most people don’t know is that he was originally Green! Well he did have a different meaning back then before Coca Cola changed him to suit their advertising. It’s still quite remarkable to see such a well-known character so differently.



9. White Christmas

You know it’s getting to Christmas not just by the date but by Christmas songs popping up everywhere. In shops, on the radio, on social media etc, there’s no escaping it. What is fascinating to know is that the song “White Christmas”, released in 1942 by Bing Crosby, is not only the best selling Christmas Song but the best selling single of all time!



8. Santa’s Wealth

At an age of 1,651, living at the North Pole and with thousands of Elves as his workforce, Santa Claus must be rich. How rich would you think he is? $50billion? $500billion?!

Nope, Forbes ranked him as the most wealthy fictional character ever created with an accumulated wealth of infinity!



7. Dogs

Dogs are great friends of us humans and will give their entire lives to their owners. It’s sad that when it comes to human traditions, they can be left out. However, it’s estimated that 7 in 10 dogs will receive a christmas present this year and be a lot more involved in the festivities!



6. Busy Santa

If Santa was real, I’m sure we’d all be aware of the sheer size of work he’d have to do on Christmas Eve. When put into numbers, it’s a lot more staggering! It’s estimated that Santa would have to visit 1300 homes per SECOND in just the US alone!



5. Will Ferrell

Elf has become a classic movie and a staple around Christmas time. Will Ferrell put in an amazing acting performance but his dedication went beyond that. During filming, he consumed so much sugar he became ill and started getting migraines!




4. Carol Singing Record

I’ve never seen or took part in any carol singing myself but I know it’s still popular throughout many regions over the world. The record for the most carol singers at once was a staggering 15,000 in December 2013 by a group called CENTI.



3. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, the gift of solitude by France to the United States which has beacon a symbol of unity and freedom. What you didn’t know is that the Statue was a christmas present from the French, they also have one themselves! Albeit much smaller..



2. The Grinch

Elf is a brilliant family Christmas movie but The Grinch tops the list. It’s a great movie based off of the books by Dr Seuss but something that is very overlooked is the Grinch’s colour. When he was first created he was drawn in black and white. There was never any indication that his skin was green, it was likely created by others with Seuss’ permission later on.



1. Jesus’ Birthday

Although pretty much only Christian’s celebrate Christmas for Jesus Christ’s birthday, it’s widely regarded that the 25th of December was the day he was brought into the world. This has been disproven by many theorists and credible historians. In fact it’s been suggested that the date of Christ’s birth was more around spring time.