Richest KPop Idols (UPDATED 2018) – KPop has managed to make inroads into the global music industry over the past few years. A lot of Korean pop stars currently reign over the hearts of teenagers and youths across the world. Korean Pop Idols or K-Pop Idols are South Korean music artists generally cast by agencies through auditions. The development in the music industry is leading to a rise in the number of K-pop idols.

With their growing popularity, these young idols also rake in the moolah, and they deserve every penny considering the amount of effort it takes to survive and thrive in this highly-competitive industry. Most of them stick to extremely stringent diets, often avoiding all foods with meal replacement diets.

The Korean music industry is one of the largest and the most popular and there are tremendous K-pop idols in the entire world. The massive popularity of K-pop across the world has let the country’s top idols make great fortunes. Apart from singing, the personality and charisma of these Korean Stars are what attracts fans in large numbers.

Top 10 Richest KPop Idols (Salary & Net Worth) – UPDATED 2018

The idol competitions and shows give a chance to these talented pop stars to delight their fans with their singing skills. K-Pop fans would definitely want to know who the richest Kpop idols of the world are. From ticket and album sales to brand endorsements and merchandise, here is the list of the top ten richest K-Pop Idols.

10) Goo Hara – Net Worth $9.5 Million

Goo Hara Net Worth

A South Korean artist, actress, singer and dancer, Goo Hara is best known as a member of the Korean pop girl group Kara. She worked as a model for online clothing brands before starting her professional music career in 2008. She has also appeared in the Korean TV series City Hunter where she portrayed the President’s daughter, Choi Da-Hye.

In 2015, Hara released her debut album Alohara. Much of her popularity and wealth comes from her acting in City Hunter. She has also worked in numerous other TV shows including Strong Heart, Running Man, Inkigayo and more. She has managed to become one of the richest K-pop Idols through her work in singing and acting.

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9. Taeyang – Net Worth $10 Million

Taeyang Net Worth

A popular name in our list is that of a South Korean singer and songwriter Dong-Young Bae. A member of the famous band Big Bang, Taeyang likes playing various musical instruments like piano, drums, and guitar. He got trained for about six years and it was in 2006 that his career got a jumpstart.

He released his first album with the band. As a member of Big Bang, he released eight live albums and seven studio albums. The group had several number one hit singles in Japan and Korea. Taeyang’s debut studio album Solar of 2010 topped the charts in Korea. After the huge success of Solar, he has given many back-to-back hits to the Korean music industry.

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8. Yoona – Net Worth $11 Million

Yoona Net Worth

The beautiful lady on our list of the richest Kpop Idols, Yoona is a highly reputed South Korean singer and actress. She got trained in acting, dancing and singing for five years during which a choreographer inspired her to start her career in singing.

Her journey to success was quite difficult as she had to go through hundreds of auditions for commercials, drama, and music video. Her efforts paid off in 2008 when she was recognized for her lead role in the drama ‘You Are My Destiny’. After this, she got lots of opportunities in drama and appeared in more than 20 commercials. She soon became the first overseas endorser of Alcon Taiwan. She is a famous rapper and ad model and a member of the South Korean girl group Girl’s Generation.

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7. Sandara Park – Net Worth $13 Million

Sandara Park Net Worth

Another South Korean singer and actress on our list of the richest Kpop idols is Sandara Park known popularly by her stage name ‘Dara’. Born in 1984, Dara is a multi-talented artist, a famous actress and a fashion and beauty icon. She has received the honor of the ‘Pambansang Krung-Krung ng Pilipinas’.

Sandara Park began her career in music with an EP titled ‘Sandara’ which topped the charts and sold over 100,000 copies. She has recorded an anthem ‘In or Out’ which became a worldwide hit. She debuted in acting with a movie ‘Bcuz of U’ which won her the Best New Actress award at the PMPC star awards. She has also worked in comedy films and even judged a show ‘Pinoy Boyband superstar’ and currently hosts ‘Get it Beauty’.

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6. BoA – Net Worth $14 Million

BoA Net Worth

A highly renowned South Korean singer and actress currently active in Japan and South Korea, Kwon Boa is known by her stage name BoA. She was discovered by SM Entertainment talent agents when she accompanied her brother at a talent search.

The first Korean pop star to break through in Japan, BoA is recognized as the Queen of Korean Pop. She released her debut album ‘ID; Peace B’ in 2000 and her Japanese debut album ‘Listen to my Heart’ in 2002. She is the only foreign artist in Japan whose albums could sell more than one million copies. She is one of those artists who are famous for appearing on the ‘Oricon’ chart continuously for her studio album.

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5. Lee Ji Eun (IU) – Net Worth $15 Million

Lee Ji Eun (IU) Net Worth

A very famous Korean songwriter, singer, and actress, Lee Ji Eun is popularly known by her stage name ‘IU’. Right from her childhood, she dreamed of becoming an international singer. She signed a contract with LOEN Entertainment and got trained in singing.

She started her professional career at the age of 15 with her debut album ‘Lost and Found’. She gave many hit albums in her career including Gangnam style, Growing Up, Hold my Hand, IU and IM, A Flower Bookmark and Modern Times. Her 2010 album ‘Real’ raised her to popularity and success as a National star. Her hit titled ‘Good Day’ stayed on the top of the Gaon Digital Chart for five weeks. IU has been listed in the Annual Korean Celebrity in 2012 at the third position.

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4. Jung Ji Hoon (RAIN) – Net Worth $18 Million

Jung Ji Hoon (RAIN) Net Worth - Richest Kpop Idols

Next on our list of the richest Kpop stars is the multi-talented artist, Jung Ji Hoon known popularly by the stage name ‘Rain’. This South Korean singer, songwriter, actor, and music producer successfully transitioned to Hollywood where he starred in the famous action movie Ninja Assassin.

Being a hit in USA and Asia, Rain is getting increasing popularity for the last 15 years and has accumulated a huge net worth. In his career, Rain gave many concerts, seven albums, and 28 solo songs. His third Korean album named ‘It’s Raining’ released in 2004 was the biggest hit of his life. He has his own entertainment company as well as a clothing line.

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3. G Dragon – Net Worth $30 Million

G Dragon Net Worth

Famous by the stage name, G-Dragon, Kwon Ji-Yong is a renowned singer, composer, songwriter and fashion designer. He was the member of the famous Korean K-pop group Big Bang.

G-Dragon has composed 22 songs to date. Each of his albums has gained a lot of popularity and publicity. His 2002 album Heartbreaker gained a lot of attention with over 2,00,000 copies sold worldwide. Dragon received several awards and accolades for his outstanding performance. He was listed as the most influential person in the Forbes Asia Magazine. He is widely recognized for his influence on fashion trends, youth culture, and Korean music. Dragon has written and co-written 23 number one songs on the Gaon Digital Chart.

Due to his successful career, G-Dragon has affirmed his place in the Richest KPop Idols list, his earnings and net worth only continue to grow higher.

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2. Choi Si Won – Net Worth $36 Million

Choi Si Won Net Worth

The second richest Kpop Idols on our list is the famous model, actor, singer and songwriter, Choi Si-Won born in 1987. He is a member of the popular South Korean boy band Super Junior and its subgroup Super Junior-M. He is one of the first South Korean artists to be featured on Chinese postage stamps.

Choi Si-Won has also appeared in many Korean and Chinese films and TV shows. Choi Si-Won’s family net worth is more than $500 million as they own the Hyundai Department Store Chain. During the early times of Twitter in Korea, he was the king of twitter followers. His advertisements can be found in China, Korea, and even Thailand.  

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1. PSY – Net Worth $45 Million

Richest Kpop Idols - PSY Net Worth

The top on our list of the richest Kpop idols in 2018 is Park Jae Sang, known popularly as PSY. He is a famous Korean lyricist, singer and record producer. The ‘King of YouTube’ is famous for his music album ‘Gangnam Style’ that created a big buzz on YouTube with over one billion views.

PSY could successfully create a history and turn into an international superstar with his efforts. He was recognized by MTV as ‘Viral Star of 2012’. He could achieve better fame and name from his live stage performance in a globally telecasted New Year Celebration 2012. PSY is a talented and versatile artist whose music is famous throughout the world.

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The talent of these Korean stars does not just lie in Korea but spreads across the world to get them immense fame and popularity. Their style, personality, voice, and songs have entertained the whole world and people across the universe love hearing them. They make money from their talent and get listed as the top richest K-pop Idols.