Stories of reincarnations and past lives have been around since time immemorial. They’re the very cornerstones of Hindu and Buddhist philosophies. However, even though there is certainly a lot of healthy skepticism in this day and age regarding everything that cannot empirically be proven a 100%, every once in a while a new story breaks onto the surface that gives even the most fervent of skeptics a pause.

Here’s a list of some of the most fascinating or most famous reincarnation stories that we could dig up. Is reincarnation for real? You tell us.

10 Most Famous Reincarnation Stories

Here is the top 10 famous reincarnation stories that I have come across.

  1. Child Reincarnated

Reincarnation Stories

This is based on a story shared in the Epoch Times by a woman whose 3 year old son referred to his biological father as his “new daddy.” Now this was of course strange in itself. However, what makes the story really strange is that fact that when asked to elaborate, he said that he likes his “new daddy” because his old daddy was mean and killed him by stabbing him in the back.

  1. Hiding in the Attic

Attic -Reincarnation Stories

Bruce Whittier had frequent dreams about being a dutch Jewish man hiding in his family home. He said his name had been Stefan Horowitz, a dutch Jew who’d been found and taken to Auschwitz where he died.

As tragic as they tale is, it becomes quite a bit stranger because Bruce once recorded having dreamt of a particular distinctive clock. He drew it in great detail. He even dreamed about its exact location. He went to the location of his dreams and actually found it in an antique showroom. When asked where the clock came from, the dealer said that it had been bought from the property of a retired German Major in The Netherlands.

  1. Child and Grandpa

Reincarnation Stories

This story builds on the eerie nature of the previous one. Gus Taylor’s grandfather Augie had passed away a year before his birth. However, when he was just 18 months old he made claims that he was his own grandfather. This could initially be written off as a child’s warped perceptions of the self.

However, things then took a turn towards the inexplicable. Angie’s sister had been murdered several years prior and her body had been dumped in the San Francisco Bay, no one had ever mentioned this in the presence of Gus, being the 18 month old child that he was. However, he knew about all the details of this case.

The strange and wonderful thing about both these cases is that they are dependent on the narrations of children clearly too young to have a strong enough understanding of the supernatural, enough for them to bother concocting such a story.

  1. Serial Killer Dreams

serial killer -Famous Reincarnation Stories

This is based on a post that someone had made on reddit. While this has not been verified, and in fact even the identity of the person who made this post is anonymous, it’s still no less spooky for it to be ignored.

The anonymous user admitted to having been haunted by dreams ever since he was a child. In the dreams he would find himself in the 40s or 50s and he had a deep bloodlust and desire to disable young women with medium-length jet black hair, murder them and bury them under his property in an old farm house in the middle of the woods.

He never verified the existence of such disappearances or such a serial killer, however he reported sometimes being taken over by an aftertaste of those impulses. He said that in his present life he wouldn’t hurt a fly, but even so sometimes he can’t shake off the feeling of having been a serial killer once before. This is one of the most terrifying as well as famous reincarnation stories.

  1. The Fighter Pilot Child

Fighter pilot-Reincarnation Stories

This is another extremely fascinating and strange theory because of its reliance on a child who clearly seems to know way more than he should.

At a very young age, James Leininger started narrating his love for fighter planes. That is nothing strange, lots of young boys love toy planes. However, this was different because he could go into extreme specifics of a how a fighter plane worked, so much so it left his parents startled by his wealth of information. They didn’t know much about planes. Eventually he started having nightmares in which he would picture himself dying and being shot down by a plane with a red sun on it – a Japanese plane.

Not only that, he even told then the name of his plane – Corsair – and the boat from which it launched – Natoma. Both these names were verified, along with his own alleged name in the past life – James Huston.

  1. Child Detective

Reincarnation Stories

Another in the series of strange past life stories by children. This one is about a 3 year old child from the Golan Heights who led the police to the house of the man who murdered him in his past life.

He belonged to the community of the Druze – a community that believed in reincarnation and believed that birth marks were indicators of how one had died in an earlier life.

In this case the child had a long birth mark on his skull, which he said was the area the blade of the axe had penetrated. His story was verified later when he really did lead the police not only to the house of the killer, who eventually confessed, but also to the burial spot of his past life avatar. The body was found beneath a pile of stones with an axe wound exactly the shape and position as his birth mark.

After hearing about this famous reincarnation stories I am sure we all would be skeptical about any birth marks in our body.

  1. The Barra Boy

Barra Boy- Reincarnation Stories

This is the story of Cameron Macauley born in Glasgow, Scotland; who claimed he actually belonged to the island of Barra, off the coast of Scotland. He started narrating incidents and details of his past life from the age of 2, including details about his black and white dog, his parents, their names, and how they had died.

He even drew a picture of his older house by the beach. Eventually he was taken to the island for closure, if nothing else, and they did find the white house near the beach, exactly as he’d drawn it and in it they found a picture of the black and white dog and a car just the kind that he’d described.

  1. Death by Bath Tub

Reincarnation Stories

This is the story of Pramod Sharma, born in India 1944. Since his childhood he spoke of his wife and her cooking in Moradabad, a village 145 kilometers away from his present home. He never liked having curd because he said that it made him ill and he hated being submerged in a bath as that’s how he’d died earlier.

Eventually he was taken to Moradabad, and all the details of his story were corroborated. The shop he claimed to have owned named “Mohan Brothers”, their occupation – making cookies – and they even learned of the fate of the man who’d owned the shop, he’d died in 1943 shortly after taking a bath and after gorging on curd which gave him gastrointestinal illness.

  1. Mother Child

Famous Reincarnation Stories

This is another famous reincarnation stories which was shared in the Epoch Times about a a girl child whose grandmother had passed away a year before her birth. One of the first things to ever come out of her mouth, according to her father, was “I am your Mother.”

  1. Jenny Cockell

Jenny Cockell- Reincarnation Stories

This is one of the most famous reincarnation stories out there mostly because of the great detail in which its been verified. Jenny was a Northamptonshire housewife who always felt like she had been a woman by the name of Mary in Ireland before who’d had several children. Jenny throughout her life, felt guilty for having abandoned those children.

Eventually, as an adult she decided to follow her intuitions and traveled to Ireland. This is when she realized that she wasn’t just imagining all this after all, because all that she saw felt familiar, and looked exactly as she’d pictured it in her mind. She tracked down the fate of Mary Sutton’s various children, and started sending out letters to churches and orphanages.

Long story short, she tracked down most of her children from her past life, overcame their skepticism with great minute details of the games they played as children and their habits, and made them a family again.

These famous reincarnation stories are thrilling for sure. But the thought of having glimpse of past life of ourselves is quite a haunting thought especially if it is not so rosy past as in the above stories.

Any more interesting stories about reincarnation that you would love to share. Leave a reply in the comments section below.