If you are a major conspiracy theorist, or if you even enjoy reading about conspiracy theories, it is pretty impossible for you to have glazed past Illuminati or the Illuminati symbols. The Illuminati are like the forefathers of all conspiracy theories, and they apparently seem to have a hand in everything, from Princess Diana’s death to Lady Gag’s VMA Performances’ to movie productions like Black Swan, everything. I know, they must lead a pretty busy lifestyle to be so influential, right?

If you have only a passing knowledge of the Illuminati or Illuminati symbology, you might be under the impression that they are a group of occultists who drink blood from skulls and aim to dominate the world through mass media mind control. In actuality through, the Illuminati — Latin for ‘the enlightened’ — weren’t a pernicious group of individuals with an affinity for human blood and dark caves but were rather scientists, artists, and writers like Leonardo Da Vinci and the likes, the ones who paved the way for the world towards enlightenment. Hence, the name ‘Illuminati’, that is, to illuminate, the enlightened.

Somewhere around the 16th and 17th Centuries though a couple of secret societies did start coming up proudly emblazoning the title of Illuminati, such as the Spanish Society Alumbrados, and others who held either revolutionary or anarchic ideas (depending on how you look at it.)  Many of them were persecuted, but this is how the concept of the Illuminati seeped into Popular Culture so much that Madonna is now widely believed to be the ‘High Priestess’ of the Illuminati, a claim to which she had the simple response that she’d be glad to be one of ‘the enlightened’ and be ranked amongst greats like Leonardo Da Vinci. Anyway so if you’re super into catching occult signs and symbology in Music Videos, Movies, Dollar Bills, etc, then the following Illuminati Symbols might be of interest to you.

Top 10 Illuminati Symbols, Signs, And Their Meanings

Here’s a list of the 10 most popular Illuminati Symbols and what they mean.

#1.  The Owl – Wisdom

Illuminati Symbols -Owl

The Owl is perfect Illuminati bait. It can see in the dark, and it represents wisdom and secrecy. Considering the Illuminati are reputed to be a secret society bent on world domination from behind the shadows, you can see how this symbol might appeal to the Conspiracy Theorists. It is a perfect representation of the serendipitous ways of the Illuminati’s.

It’s the rationale behind people thinking that the Founding Fathers were Illuminati, as they inscribed an owl into the single dollar bill!

#2.  The Pyramid – World’s axis

The Pyramid- illuminati symbology

One of the reasons The pyramid is seen to be such a powerful symbol for the Illuminati is because of its representation of a hierarchical power structure, with the One Percenters of the world residing close to the apex, the top is reserved for the all-seeing eye, which we shall get into shortly. It represent’s the world’s axis with the highest point symbolizing enlightenment.

Basically, the base i.e., the masses, are the ones holding up the Elite, to be ruled by them. Another interpretation is that the 13 steps symbolize the 13 Bloodlines. It also conveys the message that Illuminati is solid organization just like the structure of the pyramid.

#3.  The All-Seeing Eye – The ruler

The All-Seeing Eye - illuminati symbology

This is probably the most important symbol of the Illuminati, and conspiracy theorists freak whenever anyone puts on eye makeup so much as resembling this symbol. The eye represents’s illuminates as being on the top, the one who see everything and rules the rest, on the path of enlightenment.

It is placed at the apex of the pyramid generally, representative of the “Eye of providence”, or Satan’s Eye, or the “Eye of Horus”, or that of God, depending on  whom you ask and what’s the context.

#4.  666 – Homage to Satan

666 - illuminati symbology

This will be very familiar to any horror movie buffs or followers of the Omen series, in which the devil spawn Damien has 666 embossed on his head.

It represents the number of the devil, and the Illuminati are said to often worship the symbol as an homage to their master, Satan himself.

#5.  The Eternal Flame – Illuminati’s immortality

The Eternal Flame - illuminati symbology

Satan, that is, the Devil according to the Bible was the Fallen Angel. He rebelled against the tyranny of God and was smacked down to Hell. His angel name was Lucifer, i.e., the Bringer of Light.

As such the Eternal Flame held by the Statue of Liberty is said to be an homage to the Bringer of Light, a representation of the immortality of the Illuminati and Satan himself. Illuminati considers their organization to be eternal and undestroyable. Other than the Statue of Liberty this logo is also seen on Standard Oil’s logo and the Columbia Pictures logo.

#6.  Baphomet – Illuminati God

Baphomet -illuminati symbology

This is a goat-headed Pagan Demon God, who made his/her first appearance in the transcripts of the inquisition of the Knights Templar, a historical secret society. He is a representation of the Devil that the Illuminati worship.

Because of the Goat Head, theorists go into a tizzy whenever a video comes up with horns in them. For example, in Lady Gaga’s famous ‘Bad Romance’ video, she climbs on a bed with a music producer. On top of the bed, one can see Goat’s horns attached to the wall. This got people coming to the conclusion that the video was a representation of Gaga sleeping with the Devil himself in order to achieve Fame.

#7.  Skulls – Reminder of mortality

Skulls -illuminati signs

The Skull and Bones is an eternal reminder of mortality and death in the freemasonry culture. It can be seen as a passive-aggressive warning to Initiates that they only have a short while to fulfill their goals of illumination.

It also represents the secret island where all the meetings are conducted.  At the entrance of their room at Yale, the below text hangs which gives a better idea of the message conveyed by the skull – “Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar or king? Whether poor or rich, all’s the same in death. ”

#8.  Distorted Cross – Taunt at Jesus

Distorted Cross -illuminati signs

The Cross of Jesus Christ is often corrupted in typical Illuminati symbolism, they may be inverted, or double-crossed, etc. This is another famous motif in recent Pop Star videos like Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’, and Gaga’s ‘Alejandro.’ Both of which are a favorite amongst Occult circles.

An inverted cross is seen as an homage to Satan or a taunt at God. Its is believed to be present at the tombs of the famous personalities belonging to Illuminati society. It’s also sometimes referred to as Saint Peter’s Cross. Saint Peter was the first Pope and he requested that after death  to be crucified upside down the Cross , opposite to that of Jesus.

#9.  The Nazi Salute – Illuminati Salutation

The Nazi Salute -illuminati signs

The Nazi Salute or The Bellamy Salute is a popular hand sign of the Illuminati which is why people assume that the whole of World War 2 was orchestrated by them and that Hitler was just a big dummy who was a puppet controlled by the Illuminati.

Who were the Illuminati, you ask? Why the big bankers and all of Switzerland of course! Since they’re the only ones who profited from the war. However, amongst Hitler’s long list of aberrant individuals was also included the Freemasons, so, it’s up to you, believe what you like.

#10. As Above, So Below – Hell on Earth

As Above So Below -illuminati signs

This is a hand sign, with the right pointing upwards and the left pointing down to the ground. Loads of ancient statues represent this, and it is seen as a representation of the Illuminati desire to turn Earth into living Hell.

Illuminism is a system of dualism which intends to reverse everything.

So, these are just a handful of the many Illuminati symbols and signs. However, we’d like to hear from you down in the comments section about what you think, and if you’ve seen any of these Illuminati symbols. Do you think Madonna and Lady Gaga are devil worshipers, or do you believe they just like to taunt such associations, or is it all a whole lot of bull? Do you believe Hitler was a puppet, or not? What about Obama, do you think he tucks Malia in at night then retrieves to a cave to drink blood with hooded figures? Or, gasp, do you think he’s already initiated, Malia! Comment down below and feel free to go crazy with your theories, we love and respect (well, maybe not that) all of them. We’d love to hear from you on your views about Illuminati Symbols!