The two words “Creepy” and “Pasta” have nothing in common, but put together, they can make you lose your appetite! Creepypasta are horror stories generated and shared across internet with the sole intent of creating fear in the mind of the reader. This term is actually derived from “Copypasta” which is generally used to refer to content that goes viral through copy-paste.
Listed below are top 10 most popular creepypasta short stories. Go ahead and check out at your own risk!

10 Most Popular Creepypasta Short Stories

Hold your breath and sit still while you read the description of these creepiest of creepypasta short stories. After reading the brief description if you are able to amass the guts then go ahead and read the story in detail by clicking the Read more link at the end of each description.

#1. The Slender Man – Feared Character

most popular creepypastas
The “Slender Man” is viewed as one of the most popular creepypasta short stories. There are many stories around different versions of Slender man. As the name suggests, the feared character here is a tall slim man with awkwardly long limbs that are more than two in number with few extending like a tree’s branches. One of the stories around slender man is about a girl who wakes up at midnight and starts feeling restless and uneasy for reasons not known. She looks out through the peep hole on the door just to calm herself down but soon wishes she never had done that. What happens next will keep you away from peep hole tonight and many more nights to come. Read more.

#2. Jeff the Killer – A Serial Killer

Most popular creepypastas - Jeff the Killer
If you have never come across the story or picture of Jeff the killer till date, you are one of the few lucky ones. This Creepypasta story is about a serial killer who hides in the dark and whispers to its victim, “Go to Sleep” before killing everyone in the house. The appearance of Jeff as described is enough to cause quite a few sleepless nights and make you shiver whenever you hear the words “Go to sleep”. His face is smooth and white, has a huge grin and his eyes are dark and ominous, and has no lids. The original story involves a person called Jeff whose face gets burnt in a fight post which he goes insane and kills his family before disappearing into the night. Read more

#3. Expressionless – Patient at the Hospital

Expressionless - creepypasta short stories
If you are a doctor or a staff at the hospital, this one will haunt you for a while. You may think twice before approaching anyone even remotely similar to the character described. This is again very interesting and one of the most popular creepypasta short stories. It is about a woman who appears at a hospital in white gown covered in blood and a kitten clenched between her teeth. She resembled more of a mannequin than an actual human. She had a flawless face smeared with makeup. But what was even more strange was that there were two things missing on that face – eyebrows and expressions. Its only when she smiles that you notice that her teeth are unusually long and like spikes. What happens to the doctors and staff and whether they can treat her is for the story to tell. Read more

#4. Behind Closed Doors – A Family Story

Behind Closed Doors - Most popular creepypasta short stories

Behind Closed Doors is one of the most popular creepypasta story with a weird and unpredictable ending. Events in the story are being narrated by a boy who lives with a family who have adopted him. Family consists of a husband, wife and a daughter who is almost the same age as him but is more of a younger sister to him. On a particular Wednesday night, there is an uninvited and unexpected guest at the house. A rugged man with small beady eyes. What follows next is murder, abduction and strange physical transformations. So if you believed that you are safe at your home, think again !! Read more.

#5. The Rake – An Human Like Creature

Most popular creepypastas - The Rake

In 2003, in the northeast U.S, there was an incident reported about a strange human like creature. There was lot of talk about this in media post that but strangely the related documents and information was somehow lost. But later, when there were more incidents reported, further research started on this topic. There was information on various sightings of this creature called “The Rake” from the first time it was spotted and reported, in 12th century. The incident related to this reporting goes somewhat like this. A couple wake up in the midnight to see a strange creature that looked like a huge hairless dog sitting on their bed. After staring at the husband’s face for a while, the creature darted towards the children’s bedroom. The frightened couple ran after it but they were not fast enough. Read more.

#6. The keyhole – At Hotel Room

The KeyHole - creepypasta stories

Most of the horror stories involves someone who is curious enough to tread the forbidden path and this is one of those cases. The incident is centered around a man who checks into a hotel for few nights. After handing over his room key, the woman at front desk warns him about a room that has no number and is locked and asks him to stay away from it. But by the second day of his stay, curiosity got the better of him and he peeps in through the keyhole of the room. The series of events that follows will keep your curiosity about locked rooms very much in control! Read more.

#7. No End House – Haunted House

No End House - Most popular creepypasta short stories

Haunted houses and mansions have been background of spooky tales from a very long time. Many a times, there are challenges around the place and many people take it up for various reasons like money, proving a point or just for the heck of it. This particular story is about a young man who takes up a challenge to complete a tour of a haunted house to win the prize money. The three obvious outcomes are: – He completes the tour and takes home the prize money, backs out half way or the worst, doesn’t get to complete. But what happens is quite different from these options and messes real bad with your mind and brain. This is one of the most popular creepypasta short stories and is sure to give you sleepless nights. Read more. 

#8. Fallen Angel –  Psychological Complication

Fallen Angel - Most popular creepypasta story

Horror stories and psychological complications often go hand and hand. This is simply because when what a person sees or believes is different from what the majority of people around him see or believe, he is categorized as a person with psychological issues. This story is about a person who seems to be undergoing treatment at some hospital for psychological problems though he feels that he is absolutely normal. He is having nightmares and describes one of them in particular in detail. It is about a dead person. Someone related to him. An Angel. I am not sure if he is sane but the story will drive you insane for sure. Read more. 

#9. Incubators – Nurse at the hospital

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This story is not really about daemons or ghosts or anything supernatural but its spooky in a different kind of way. The kind that will haunt your sleep for a very long time and hence unavoidable in the list of most popular creepypastas. A nurse completes her degree and gets her first posting at a reputed hospital which is famous for its surrogacy programs. What she sees and hears are not what you expect to see or hear at a hospital. Things become worse as she completes first year of work and is granted access to restricted areas of the hospital as well. That is when she finds some horrific evidence about the concerns she had in mind for some time. Read more. 

#10. Ben – Story About 3 Friends

most popular creepypasta story

Stories about friends out in the dark and mysterious things happening to them is one of the most common type when it comes to scary tales. You would have come across many such stories about friends in a haunted house, forest or graveyard. This one has 3 friends who are partying in some remote place in Greece. They get lost one night and end up in an isolated cabin with a huge window without curtains. If you consider cabin in woods as the best option when it comes to romantic vacations, this story will force you to think twice about it.  And of course this is one among the most popular creepypasta short stories that is viral in the net. Read more.

Hope you enjoyed reading the above illustrated most popular creepypasta short stories.