Whether you believe in astrology or not I’m sure most of you have taken the time to go through your horoscope at least once for the sake of curiosity, and one cannot deny the fact that zodiac sign traits and characteristics written by astrologers are often disturbingly accurate. You can’t have a $40 billion global industry running for centuries when people don’t see any value in it, so I’m sure there is some value to the article I am writing today on Capricorn traits.

The science behind astrology and its effectiveness are a debate that would go on for at least the next few decades, which is why the information within this article about Capricorn traits is strictly based on facts, data analysis, and extensive research.

Top 10 Capricorn Traits

In this article, we have collected and analyzed large amounts of data with regards to Capricorns‘, identifying certain common and interesting facts, traits, and characters. Not everyone might agree with the Capricorn traits mentioned below, but since it is based on extensive data analysis you will surely agree with some of them.

1) Extremely Organized

Capricorn traits - Extremely Organized

A commonly observed trait among Capricorn’s is that they are extremely organized, the degree to which this may apply does vary, but on the whole, they tend to be more organized than people of other Zodiac signs.

For some, this might extend to over obsession with order, cleanliness, and organization, along with a compulsive need to control everything, which can have an adverse impact on interpersonal connections and mental health but is quite favorable in office and professional settings.

2) Rigidity / Inflexibility

capricorn traits - rigidity

Feeding off their obsession with cleanliness, order, and organization, rigidity is a commonly observed trait among Capricorn’s. They try their best to avoid change or anything that could force them out of their comfort zones. Again this is a trait that can be useful in certain settings but can hold them back as they refuse to see the world outside their black and white terms.

People with such traits tend to do well in jobs that are of repetitive nature, but in almost all jobs a reluctance to change can never be beneficial. Taking up acting, dancing and music as a hobby can help shake this off!

3) The Lone Wolf (Independent Workers)

independent workers - capricorn traits

In general, Capricorn’s dislike group assignments and teamwork, which is again caused by their compulsive need to control everything, which isn’t always possible in a group setting. They usually like work where they’re alone responsible for the completion and outcome of the task without having to deal with the chaos and complications of teamwork.

Capricorn’s do their best work as individual contributors, freelancers or solo entrepreneurs, which is generally the career path followed by many of them.

That being said, there are millions of Capricorn’s who are outstanding leaders, team players, and coordinators, so this surely does not apply to everyone, it is just a trait observed among a large number of people.

4) Loyalty

loyalty - capricorn traits

Loyalty comes naturally to most Capricorn’s, especially at an interpersonal level. They are usually willing to swim oceans for friends and loved ones without expecting anything in return. Most of them maintain very few relationships which mean the world to them.

Compared to other signs, Capricorn’s very rarely cheat or betray those who love them. This again is based on general data, so it doesn’t have to be accurate for you!

5) Persistence

Capricorn traits - patience

Capricorn’s have a high tolerance to delays, problems or any suffering, this quality makes them very successful in entrepreneurship where patience and persistence are key. Most Capricornian’s in general display traits of patience usually much more than people of other signs, but showing high endurance under difficult circumstances depends entirely on a person’s upbringing, experience, and environment.

At extreme levels, this highly beneficial trait may also be considered stubbornness, which fits quite well considering other common Capricorn traits and characteristics in this list.

6) Dictatorial Tendencies

dictatorial tendencies - capricorn trait

Most Capricorn’s love control, they try all they can to control every situation they are in and considering many of the other Capricorn traits mentioned above, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they have dictatorial tendencies.

While working in teams, they don’t try to involve everyone in the decision-making process or consider the views of others, instead, they have a tendency to impose what they feel is right. This is one of the main reasons why they avoid working in teams, let alone leading one.

They possess the skill to become excellent leaders while expressing their ideas and creating mass movements, but their lack of empathy usually acts as a hindrance. The fact that 6 out of 11 most prolific dictators of the last century were Capricorn’s makes this a strong trait.

7) Materialistic

capricorn traits - materialistic

A commonly observed characteristic among Capricorn’s is that they love to accumulate wealth throughout their lives, even though this is a common trait among most people, Capricorn’s usually have higher materialistic tendencies than other Zodiac signs. Apart from this, they also have the habit of hoarding materialistic possessions even if they are no longer required.

They usually suffer from certain types of financial and nonfinancial insecurities, which often feeds such behavior among Capricorns.

8) Insecurities

insecurities - Capricorn trait

I’m sure most of you have asked the question ‘Am I Good Enough?’ at various instances throughout your lives, but for some this becomes a second nature and has the potential to influence many major decisions and choices throughout their lives. This sense of conscious insecurities is often high in Capricorn’s compared to other signs.

There isn’t a person amongst us who doesn’t have insecurities – some are just better at dealing with them, while others are good at hiding them, but for some others forgiving the past, creating a positive self-image and developing trust at the moment is extremely hard, which is what causes insecurities.

Capricorn’s usually have to put in a great deal of effort in accepting and trusting themselves, something that requires planning and practice.

9) Mental Illnesses

capricorn traits - Mental Illnesses

Millions across the world suffer from various forms of mental illnesses, almost all Zodiac signs have certain types of psychological illnesses common among them based on their traits and characteristics. This has been the case for centuries, but for the first time in history, such illnesses have stopped being a taboo, allowing people to openly talk about it.

Due to their controlling nature and obsession with order and cleanliness, OCD and depression have a high incidence of occurrence among Capricornian’s. This depends on how strong the above traits and characteristics are in a person if he or she displays control freak type tendencies they could be suffering from some form of OCD.

These illnesses make it hard to lead a normal life and impact one’s professional and personal life negatively, so it’s necessary to seek professional help in dealing them as soon as the symptoms start to appear.

10) New Age Spiritual Inclination

capricorn new age spiritual traits

Since they are mostly skeptics and rationalists, Capricorns rarely take traditional forms of religion and worship seriously, but they surely have questioned the secrets of the universe and the reason for their existence at some point in their lives, leading them towards pseudoscientific religious practices and new age spiritual movements.

These new age practices generally tend to empower practitioners with the knowledge and skills which were once reserved for certain parts of the society and bring together various aspects of different religions on one common ground, helping people better understand the world around them, the universe in general and about themselves.

This is a point that would contradict many of the Capricorn traits mentioned above since Capricorn’s are generally reluctant to change and try to impose their views on everything they do. But apart from that it also reinforces their need to take control of their soul and spiritual practice, and it can be said that since such ‘Spiritual Ideals’ are inherent to them, they aren’t moving out of their comfort zones while moving away from traditional religious practices.

On To Our Readers

Being a Capricorn is certainly something to be proud about, some of the most successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, political leaders and scientists of the past century were Capricorns, few notable examples include, Bradley Cooper, Howard Hughes, Eddie Redmayne and even Nicholas Cage.

There is a good chance that many of you might disagree with the traits mentioned above, in any case, we would love to hear from you in the comments section regarding your experience with Capricorn and Zodiac signs in general.