Elite Dating Sites – Love in this age has become a rare commodity. The advancement in technology has made online dating possible. Many singles can now download dating apps or register onto dating websites online and connect to thousands of other singles from across the globe.
While most of these sites and apps are free, there are those that are targeted for a special group of clientele, the ‘Super-Rich’. These apps have set the bar higher and have put strict requirements that simply ask you to stick to your lane if you do not meet a certain income level perhaps.
For the rest of us 99’ers, we’ll have to stay satisfied with our QuickFlirt.com & Loveaholics.com for now, but I’m sure there’s a cupid just around the corner for us.

Top 10 – ‘SUPER Exclusive’ Elite Dating Sites Made For The 0.01%

Check out our list of 10 “Super Exclusive Dating Sites” that are tougher than getting into Harvard!

1. Luxy – Tinder Minus The Poor People

Luxy Millionaire Dating Site tops our list. Just from the name, you can tell that this dating service is meant for a certain criterion of deep-pocketed individuals. Luxy is a dating site and also an app that helps to connect singles to rich and wealthy men.
Luxy Dating App

They simply put it that they do not link you up with sugar daddies but with men who you might have a connection with and be able to provide you with the finer things that life has to offer. Some of the joining requirements include:

You can join with a free account but other members are given the ability to vote you in or out of the website, usually within 24 hours of signing up.

The premium fee is about $58 which is very high compared to the regular dating sites.

2. Raya – The Dating App For Celebrities

Raya is an exclusive dating app that seeks to connect only a certain group of people who generally have great social media influence apart from being wealthy. The app selects its “chosen few” through assessing their social media accounts like Instagram, meaning that the number of followers you have could play a huge role.

Several celebrities have been spotted on this app including Kelly Osborne, Joe Jonas & famous Super-Model Cara Delevigne. The joining requirements include:

You need to subscribe with a fee of around £6.50, approximately $8 after you have been referred to by a member of the Raya community.
The app requires a link to your social media accounts, meaning your online presence and number of followers play a role in the process of vetting.

3. The League

The League is a dating app that was basically created to link up professionals. Mostly scholars from the Ivy League belong to this caliber.
The waiting list of potential members is at least 100,000, which essentially tells you that they are quite selective of who they allow to get into their circle.
The League
The League targets to match professionals and like-minded scholars. Its joining requirements need you to be a scholar or a business-oriented person, otherwise, you will be on the waiting list forever.

4. Mensa Match – Dating For ‘Super Geniuses’

Mensa boasts of having only a handful of the world’s population as members. With at least 110,000 members globally, Mensa is a dating site that is meant for the geeks who have an IQ of 130 or more. If you are lucky to fall within the 2.1% of the world’s population with such intelligent genes, then you might just slide in this exclusive dating site.

5. Beautiful People.

Just as the name suggests, if you do not fall into the category of the most attractive on the planet, simply get a life. Beautiful people dating app shocked the public when it deactivated more than 3000 of its members’ accounts that according to them had put on excessive weight during the festive season.
For you to be a member of this exclusive dating site, you need to be perfectly tanned and have more than just average looks.

6. Tinder Select.

We all know of Tinder, but there is another version of Tinder called Tinder Select whose joining criteria is still under speculation but what is known is that you need to be invited by someone who is already a member of Tinder Select. But if you are so invited, you are not allowed to nominate another person.

7. Secret Diamond Club.

This is a dating site that is for the wealthy guys and exceptionally beautiful women that was founded in Denmark. In order for you to be eligible as a woman, you need to submit 3 photos of yourself and wait to be voted in.
If you happen to pass this hurdle and you are voted as being super attractive, you pay less compared to those judged less attractive who can pay up to £30 a year. The men are required to pay at least £6000 for local membership and £60,000 for an annual subscription.

8. Toffee Dating.

Toffee dating site is for the millennials who went to private schools. If you went to those unknown government school, do not even dare apply to join. This app was created for people who are from similar backgrounds.
Toffee Dating Apps
For you to qualify, you need to specify which private school you went to and what kind of sports you enjoy. This will earn you a toffee date with the exclusive who’s who.

9. What’s Your Price – Blurring The Lines

This dating app is not an escort service as it may appear, the creators simply make it unique by ensuring that the amount of money and time that a woman spends on her make-up and dinner dress is reimbursed after the date, hence the name “what’s your price”.

The paid dates is a way that the creators of the app make it unique and exclusive for those who can afford to pay for those designer clothes.

10. Kelleher International

This dating service has been in existence since 1986 and is one of the oldest exclusive dating services for the elite singles. The site targets clients who are successful, smart and wealthy considering its subscriptions start from $25,000 a year just for a particular location. If you need to add an extra location, you will have to add another $5000. This is way too expensive for the average single guy who honestly seeks to find true love.

In the event you find your match on this site, you will have to cough up additional fees. Joining requirements include them scrutinizing your bank balance that is why it is an “exclusive dating site”.

In a nutshell, finding love online is not easy, but whoever said that money cannot buy you happiness had not encountered these super elite dating sites. Your net worth determines the kind of date you get for the men and for the ladies, you must be a real trophy to behold. Now you are in the know.