A part of SBS’ Good Sunday lineup, ‘Running Man’ is a Korean variety show that was first aired on July 11, 2010. Having aired more than 240 episodes, Running Man is one of the longest-running variety shows. The Korean show has gained immense popularity on an international level and gained fans from all across the world. The reason is its unique combination of zany humor and athletic competition. All the members of the program have a great sense of humor, a great relationship with one another and a fierce sense of competition. Millions of fans tune in every week to watch this show.

Top 10 Best Running Man Episodes

It is quite impossible for the show fans to select the absolute best Running Man episodes as all of them are extremely funny and entertaining. However, here we present a list of the top 10 highest rated ‘Running Man’ episodes of all time.

10. Episode 8 – The Leisurely Tea

Running Man Best Episodes

This episode was perhaps the funniest Running Man episodes and a turning point for the cast members. It was in this episode that the members realized that they can create funny moments only with the help of each other. The leisurely tea was quite entertaining. The object of the game was to break the chopsticks with their hands but it took much time to complete the mission as they messed each other up.

This game revealed that Yoo Jae Suk could turn any situation funny. Though Ji Suk Jin is considered the weakest member most of the time, he is the one YJS looks upon for support in creating funny moments.

9. Episode 18 – Adventure in Australia

Best Running Man Episodes

The three-episode special had a slow start but it turned out to be really entertaining as the events unfolded. The guests of the episode were Rain and Kim Woo Bin. They, accompanied by the ‘Running Man’ cast, traveled to Australia to carry out a series of tasks. The tasks were not only exciting for the performers but quite amazing for viewers as well. Scuba-diving for treasure, traveling back to gold-mine days and much more in the special episode provided a lot of humor and entertainment to the viewers.

The funniest part of the episode was watching world stars Woo Bin and Rain dressed up like kangaroos. Other exciting things were Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin trying to thread beads amidst their terror on a plane ride over the ocean and Lee Kwang Soo teaching innocent Kim Woo Bin how to cheat in order to win.

8. Episode 104 – Running Man vs. Idols

Highest Rated Running Man Episodes

Though it was not for the first time that the entire Running Man cast competed as a team, it was certainly for the first time that the concept of appearance versus humor was flagged in the show. The members fought a battle against Big Bang and it was the first instance that the whole group competed against another.

Since Big Bang consists of just five members, the Running Man team got a handicap and clipped two members. The episode was special as the entire team pitted against a group of guests having an equal number of members.

7. Episode 163 – Stealing the Princess’ Heart

Episode 163 – Stealing the Princess’ Heart

The beautiful and the talented, Song Ji Hyo is not so appreciated by the cast members as they see her every week. The episode turns Ji Hyo into a princess for one day and gives numerous laugh moments as everybody struggles to win her heart. The guests were G-Dragon, Seungri, and Daesung of BIGBANG.

One of the funniest moments in the episode was when the world-famous guests were covered in mud during the game in a flooded field. Gary gives a kiss to Song Ji Hyo and turns the episode into one of the best Running Man episodes ever.

6. Episode 140 – The Running Man Virus

Funniest Running Man Episodes

This episode appears on our list because of the funny laugh-out-loud moments and impresses the fans of super funny Kwangsoo specifically. The plot of the episode was that the world was infected by a terrible virus taking away the happiness and laughter of the people. Members of ‘Running Man’ were supposed to find a remedy and get back the laughter of mankind before getting infected themselves.

However, Kwangsoo got infected by the virus and was in complete rage throughout the episode. This gave the viewers some of the most exciting moments of the episode. With a cool setting and clever plot, the episode is certainly a must-watch.

5. Episode 131 – The Boxers

Funniest Running Man Episodes

One of the highest rated Running Man episodes, this one marked the appearance of a Korean-Japanese wrestler, Chu Sung-hoon is known for his appearance in the show ‘Superman Returns’. Also appearing in the episode was the amateur boxer and actress Lee Si-Young. The two guests played an interesting game with the show’s cast members and that made it so interesting and entertaining.

They played name tag-hunting along with other games to gain supplies for the main game ddakji. The game was so hilarious. Sung-hoon did not know anything and his teammates had to help him.

4. Episode 155 – The Ghost Mystery

 Episode 155 – The Ghost Mystery

This was a hilarious episode of the Running Man and began with every member being a high school student, even the guest Suzy of miss A. They played some light-hearted games around the school building and then things took a darker turn. The members had to find out which students were part of the couple destined to be together. They move around in search of magical mirrors for clues.

What added to the thrill were the scary announcements made occasionally like one of them would die if they looked behind or one of them would be out if they screamed. The episode got more hilarious as they desperately looked for the answers in the dark building while being scared to do anything as the warnings were heard.

3. Episode 74 – Merry Merry Christmas Special – Super Powers

Running Man Best Episodes

Of all the funniest Running Man episodes, this was the epitome of laughing stock. It was clearly one of the most hilarious moments in Running Man. All the members were given different superpowers. This made them very careful in eliminating other members. It was a part of the Christmas celebration and started with the common fun between the members.

The producers put every member in separate rooms where they acquired a superpower. These powers gave the ability to have four clones, control time and much more. Each of the superpowers was awesome and scared the members from eliminating others without knowing their special abilities.

2. Episode 42 – Battle of the Best

Episode 42 – Battle of the Best

Though it was not the first time the show did not have a guest, it was the first time that members were set against each other to decide the first-ever individual winner for an episode. Kim Jong Kook being the strongest at all the time is a constant target of other members. This episode was the first individual competition and led to the birth and solidification of the strategy of ganging up against Kim Jong Kook before defeating others.

The strengths, potentials, and weaknesses of each member could be seen and confirmed in this episode. KJK was the strongest, KG and Haha stuck together and YJS and SJH were the cerebral ones. Each player had so much potential. Haha could remain faithful, YJS was strategic and KG could pull out surprises.

1. Episode 127 – Snake Race

Best Running Man Episodes

This Running Man episode has the best nametag-tearing battle in terms of chaos. The episode was conducted at Jangsado Sea Park and one of the team had to eliminate the snake while the other protected it. There were numerous confrontations when the members were seen going at it in one location. What makes the episode special is the event of Kim Jong Kook meeting his match.

Many guests have proven they could take Kim Jong Kook in a one-on-one nametag-tearing battle. However, he is not just physically strong; he is a very smart player. This made it difficult to find a match for him in both the fields. This episode showed that finally, he met his match in the form of Jung Yong Hwa. He has appeared numerous times in the show and has proved that he can run as well as think. His appearance in the Snake Race proved that he has physical strength as well.

Though there are hundreds of funny, fantastic ‘Running Man’ episodes, the above mentioned are definitely the 10 best Running Man episodes which are sure to make you laugh and fall in love with the cast members. Their friendship and love for each other and the great sense of humor is what makes the show so great and popular.