A good beard style can tell a lot about an individual. Beard plays an important role to make oneself presentable and attractive to the people around him. On the other hand, a wrong choice of beard can do exactly the opposite. If you carry a beard style that is not suitable for your personality and profession, it will lessen your beauty instead of making you look more handsome.

Besides, the complexion of our skin is also a thing to be considered while having a beard style. A beard style may suit someone having fair skin whereas that might look entirely odd in case of a black man. That’s where you need our help. Here is an awesome list of the most attractive black men beard styles.

Top 10 Best – Black Men Beard Styles – 2018

There is some common attribute of a black man. Most of the black men have curly hair as a genetic characteristic. And, a large number of black people like to have a bald head. So, we have to choose a beard style that looks good with curly hair and also suits a bald head. Besides, the skin tone is also a concern in this regard.

Keeping all these things in mind, we have gathered the best beard styles made for black men. Learn more black men beard styles here: http://beardstyle.net/black-men-beard-styles/

1. Chinstrap Beard

black men beard styles - Chinstrap Beard

The name says it all. This kind of beard covers the chin and follows the contour of the jawline. You can try this beard style which was made popular by US ex-president Abraham Lincoln.

2. Goatee Beard Style

black men beards - Goatee Beard Style

A goatee is equally popular to both white and black people. The hair that grows only in the middle part of the chin is called a goatee. Goatee beard deserves a little care to look beautiful.

3. French Style

black man beard grooming - French Style

French style beard refers to the beard having a circle shape incorporating the participation of a mustache. The mustache and beard jointly take this circular shape. This is also known as French style.

4. Bead and Bald Head

Black men beard Styles - Bead and Bald Head

This is one of the most popular beard styles for black men. A bald head with a full beard can bring out the best look of a black man.

5. Designer Stubble

Designer Stubble

Every man and woman out there love this beard style. This is the easiest way to look the coolest. Trim your long beard to a shorter size or grow a beard for 3-4 days and you will get the best designer stubble one can get.

6. Long and Full Beard

Long and Full Beard

If someone wants to show his ability to grow hair he can don this beard style. Let your beard grow to the fullest brim. Then, pick the perfect cheek lines and neckline to give it a well-groomed look.

7. Balbo Beard

Balbo Beard

A Balbo beard needs to be trimmed and looked after very well. Once you get this type of beard it will make a strong and bold statement about your aesthetic taste. Because this is the best beard style according to the opinion of the beard enthusiasts.

8. Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard

Another famous brand style is Van Dyke beard style. This is actually the combination of a mustache and a beard. Both these things end up being a sexy beard style which can impress anyone at the first sight.

9. The Mutton Chops

The Mutton Chops

This style was in vogue for many years but it has become the most popular after Hugh Jackman portrayed this in the X-men movies. This is a bold and expressive beard style which can be a good choice for the black men.

10. Ducktail Beard

black men beard - Ducktail Beard

Ducktail bread has been one of the most donned beard styles by different black athletes and celebrities over the years. Let the beard of the chin area grow as long as possible so that it resembles the shape of a duck tail. Then specify the beard lines to get a neat and clean beard style.

Every beard style demands some maintenance and extra attention. If you can’t take proper care of the beard, better keep your face clean shaven. Put your beards on only if you have enough time and sincerity to groom the beard as the beard style calls for.