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Net Worth (2018)Salary & Earnings
$3 Million$750,000
How Does Dove Cameron Make Money?
TV Series / Movies$540,000
Endorsement / Sponsorships$60,000
Influencer Marketing$40,000
Other Income Streams$35,000

Dove Cameron Net Worth: A well-known singer and actress, Dove, at the age of about 20, has a net worth of $3 Million, more than most American actors and celebrities. She is famous for playing a double-role in the Disney Channel’s sitcom ‘Live & Maddie’. Apart from the Disney series, Dove has worked in TV shows such as ‘Monsterville’, ‘Cloud 9’, ‘Bits and Pieces’ and more.

Dove Cameron Net Worth

Dove Cameron Net Worth – UPDATED 2018

In 2015, Dove portrayed the role of Mal in the TV movie ‘Descendants: Wicked World’. She was also featured in a few episodes of the TV series ‘Shameless’, ‘Malibu Country’, ‘The Mentalist’ and ‘Austin & Ally’.

This talented young actress does equally well in singing too. She released a cover of ‘On Top of The World’ as a promotional single and it peaked on the Billboard charts. Her second single ‘Better in Stereo’ debuted on the Billboard charts and became Cameron’s first No. 1 hit. Her next single ‘Count Me In’ also peaked at number 1 on the Billboards charts.

Her first non-Disney film ‘Barely Lethal’ released in 2015 was a great hit too. Her television film ‘Descendants’ gained huge fame and featured her two first Billboard Hot 100 songs. The cover song ‘Genie In A Bottle’ received 22 million views in less than one month of the release. Cameron formed a band with Ryan McCartan and released many singles and albums in 2015 and 2016.

Cameron wishes to begin releasing music and she is currently working on her debut album. Her debut single ‘Talks About’ is due for release in 2018. She has earned a handsome amount of money over the past few years and has accumulated a net worth of about $3 million. Being a singer and an actress, she has multiple sources of income. This Disney Star is worth listing on our top 10 richest stars from the world of Disney.

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